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IssaEl21 01:57 AM

El's Holy Torah Translated By M.Z.YoRK
( Genesis Chapter One )

First Read Genesis Chapter On Verse 1 .In You Bible .
In the quote above , The word ''Beginning which in the aramic hebrew is Raysheeth , means the first time of something , So when it is said ; In The Beginning God Created ...'' It is falsely translated they use creatw but in the aramic hebrew where they have create , There is the word Bara which really means '' To Re-Create , To Pro-Create or simply the making A Re - Construction . The Pro -Creation period , Bara , Is not the same as the word Khalaqa <arabic> for creation or the creation period which is found in The Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) word Khalaq meaning To Create ;

The same as the Hebrew Khalaqa simply because it wasn't The First Time Bara Is the word used in Genesis 1 ; 2 In reference to the Re -Construction period of Tamtu or Tiamat after it had become Tohoo - Empty , and Bohoo -Desolate As Jeremiah 4 ; 23 - 28 , Which was removed make clear . Bara - Also means ' The maker ' From which they get the 12th Attribute Al Baariy <arabic> meaning The Maker , Which it found in El's Holy Qur'an 87 ; 54 As your maker Baari-Ikum . This is the same word as Bara In Genesis 1 ; 1 , So you see , They played games with words . Thus the creation story that was conveyed to you in Genesis Chapter One is not the original creation story , But A Re-Creation or Re-Construction which is Bara <aramic> Meaning '' To Pro - Create , Not Khalaqa '' To Create ''

The Missing Verse
Most people were never told that the 6 Verse of The Book Of Jeremiah 4 ; 23 -28 Was intentionally taken out of Genesis 1 ; 1 , I will now insert it back in its proper place . You Be The Judge .

I saw the Planet Earth and Hin-nay 'Lo , it was To -hoo 'Empty ' and Bo-hoo 'Desolate ; and the Shaw-mah-yim 'Haavenly Skies , and Yeen 'They ' had no Ore 'Light.

I saw the Har 'Mountains 'and lo they Raw-ash 'Trembled ' and all the Ghib-Aw 'Hills ' Qaw-Lal 'Moved Lightly .

I looked and lo , there was no Aw-dawm 'Adamite -Earthling 'and all the Ofe 'Fowls of the Shaw - mah-yim 'Heavenly Skies were Naw-dad 'Gone ' .

I looked and lo, the ( Land Of Kadmon ) Kar-mel 'Fruitful Garden was a Mid -Bawr 'Wilderness ' and all the Eer'Cities ' of it were Naw-thats 'Broken Down at the Faw-neem 'Presence of A Yahweh , and by this fierce anger .

For thus has A Yahweh said , the Kole 'Whole Eh-rets 'Planet Earth will be Shem -aw -maw 'Desolate ' but I will not make a total Kaw - law 'End .

For this reason will the Eh-rets 'Planet Earth ' Aw-bal 'Mourn and the Shaw - Mah -yim 'Heavenly Skies Mah-al 'Above be Qaw-dar 'Black ' because I have Daw-bar 'Spoken it . I have Zaw-mam 'Planned ' it and will not be Naw-Kham 'Sorry neither will I Shoob ' Turn Back from this decision.

Now Read Verse 2 . In You Bible .
In the first day of creation , When the Eloheem asked for light to exist , The sun was already created prior to that 93 billion years ago . There was a black dust cloud which encircled around the earth , Which did not allow the sun's light to penetrate into the earth . So in Genesis Chapter 1 , Verse 14 - 16 , When it speaks about the sun's light shining forth , And it mentions the creation of The Sun , Moon , and Stars , Meaning that now they were able to see the skies because the black dust cloud caused by The Meteorite that hit the earth 2,250,000 Years ago was moved according to Genesis 1;2 .

Now Read Verse 3 - 5 . In You Bible .
( The Two Waters , Clouds , And Oceans )
The earth atmosphere or air is composed of the fases - ammonia ( Which is nitrogen and hydrogen ) . Methane ( Which is carbon and hydrogen ) , At this point , The earth was still a burning hot mass , And there was a mixture of gases which formed rings around the earth . These many rings which contained heavy carbon and minerals had rings that had hydrocarbons still farther from the earth . The outermost ring was water . Air is a mist . It was separated from . The purpose of The Rawqeeah 'Firmament' was to part the waters above and below it , Meaning that it separated the waters which were surrounding the Planet Earth , From the waters which were upon the planet earth , It separated is calledv The Asteroid Belt or Necklace of the sky . This firmament extended , And it became known today as The Shawmahyim meaning Sky 'Now Read Verse 6 - 7 .The Collection Of Waters In You Bible . Also Read Verses 8 - 13 .

IssaEl21 01:59 AM

( Genesis Chapter One )
( The First Calender For Seasons )
In the quote below , Genesis 1 ; 14 , The word light in Aramic ( Hebrew ) Mawore , means 'Illuminating Light , This word Mawore , means 'Illuminating Light , Means that Light was now able to Shine through , Becaise Illuminate means '' To Supply With Light '' This Light which is the Sun , Is The Gawdole meaning '' Great ' Light , And then you have The Moon and Stars which were also Made Visible . This Mawore , means 'Illuminating Light As mentioned In Genesis 1 ; 14 , Is different From The Ore '' Light '' Which in mentioned in Genesis 1 ; 3 , So the point again as I Stated before , That this Genesis 1 ; 14-16 , Is just merely saying that now the Sun , Moon , And Stars Which were already Created Million Of Years ago , Are now being made visible because of the movement of the black dust cloud Genesis 1 ; 2 , Which caused the light to Mawore means 'Illuminating , Shine Through . Now Read Verse 14 , The Sun's Light Shines On The Planet Earth Again Then Read Verses 15 - 19 .

How can there be Days and Nights beginning all the way from Genesis 1 ; 3 , to Genesis 1 ; 13 , If the Sun , Moon and Stars were not created , or made visible to give light upon the earth until The Fourth Day , or The 28,000th year in the creation of Earthling Genesis 1 ; 19 , This obviously must be talking about two different kinds of days which as I stated before in Psalm 90 ; 1 - 4 , As The Eloheem Adonai's Days ( Which Is 1,000 Years ) , And now Earthling Days Genesis 1 ; 14 - 19 ..Which are ruled by seasons , Days , And years , So the point is that there are two different time periods being discussed here .

Genesis Chapter 1 Is a blueprint of Genesis Chapter 2 because , In other to create something . He had to first create The State Of Nothing , In order to place something in it . As the lightest Atom was the hydrogen atom , And now they have the Quark . It was in a state of Nothingness Before Becoming Something Lighter Than The Lightest Atom . And beyond The Quark , Nothingness Still Exist Today Until Discovered . Thus The Beginning Was Made To Exist By The Science Of The Square And The Circle . Now Read Verse 20 . Refilling Of The Seas And The Skies ...

Re-Creation Of Whales And Dinosaurs ..( Re-Creation Of Whales And Dinosaurs )
Early earth was composed of Gaes ; Ammonia , Methane and Water . The cooling of the earth and the subsequent falling of the vapor rings , Allowed these gases to reach the water that were upon the earth . The exposure of Ultra-Violet Rays from The Sun , Caused these gases to form simple , Organic Molecules , Which formed larger molecules , Until protein was formed . It was this formation which resulted in the prototype of The Living Cell -46 Billion Years Ago . The stage after the creation of the first cell , In the lab of shimti , Was located on Lahmu ( Mars ) . This cell or cells were then placed inside the Vulcan ( Maldekian ) Deity , The Dolphin whose real name is The Huwt . It was these cells that were transplanred and transported into The Seas of this planet .

This transportation involved the development of the first animals 24 Billion Years Ago . After these were the single celled organism known as Protoza ( Proto Meaning First In Time , And Zoa Meaning Animals ) . The first single - celled animal to originate was the amoebae . The next group pf animals were The Metazoans . 24 Trillion Years After the metazoans are composed of Tissues , Organs , And system , These animal multiplied and diversified , And over A Period Of 19 Million Years Evoluted Into Many Types Of Creatures And Animals . This was the first creation of life on the Planet Earth .

They were all destroyed by the ice age and volcanoes , earthquakes , War and bloodshed between the tribes of earth and even beings as Maldekians and Vulcans who lived beneath Tamtu . One of the original names of The Planet Tamtu ( Earth ) was called Tiamat by The Anunnaqi , Name after the wife of Apsu , Parents of Anshar and Kishar , Parents of Anu and Antum The Maldekians came to this planet and took residenence under the seas from Maldek , The 11th Planet Ruled By The Dracons or Dragon people called Reptilians or Luciferians , Haylaians .

So Tiamat ( Tamtu ) or Tam the water planet was Destroyed 17,250,000 Years Ago . The Second creation or Re - Population ( After The Large Meteorite Hit 2,250,000 Years Ago ) Consisted of two types of survivors ; The prehistoric Amphibious Animal , And the intelligent pre-historic man called Tamtuians . The Intelligent Pre-Historic man survived . Because he was instructed by the Elders , The Eloheem And those that listened survived to go underground into shelters . This is where they survived until the Temperature became suitable , And the air was clean to return to the surface . Now Read Verses 21 - 23 , Also Read Verse 24 -25.

IssaEl21 02:00 AM

( Genesis Chapter One )
The Breeding Of Life Forms . Notice from the quotes above when it speaks about creation , The A Eloheem Anunnaqi saw that things were Agreeable , But When It Comes To The Creation Of The Earthlings Which Are The Adamites , They Did Not Say That It Was Agreeable . Now Read Verse 26 .

In the quote below , Genesis 1 ; 27 ,The Eloheem Anunnaqi Ninti Pro- Created Homo -Sapiens , First called Nubuns , Then became Nubians of the Adamites from the Homo - Erectus , Which had Six Ether Hair , And The Original Anunnaqi With Nine Ether Hair To LQQk Like Herself . Using Her Own Divine Seed , Ninti ; Giving Nubians , Nine Ether , And Acting Like Herself . The Anunnaqi Pro-Created Them Into One They Called Adam , Called Also Qadmon , Or Zakar , Who Had Eight Ether , And Nekaybaw Called Also Hawwah , Or Eve , Who Had Nine Ether ; So In Genesis 1;27 , When They Speak About The Cloning Or Pro-Creation Of Adamites , You Know It Was Plural , Because The Word Used Is Athum , Meaning ''Them '' In Plural , Not Dual .

There is a point that is being ignored in The Torah which refers to the Human as ''The '' Adam Ha-Awadawn , A Common term defining a certain specie , which is The '' Homo '' from the latin meaning ''Man '' And ''Sapiens '' , From the latin '' Sapere '' Meaning '' Wise '' , Which come from the same root as Seraphim and Serpent , Called by The Anunnaqi , Lulu , Which in Ancient Syretic means 'Fowl , Ugly , Deformed ' This was grafted from The Cuneiform , And 'Amelu means 'Do , Worker , Also from the syretic into The Arabic . Both words can be found in The Aramic Hebrew As well , And was the Cuneiform Expression Lulu Amelu ''Primitive , Worker , Or Fowl , Ugly Doer '' A name given to the person Adam which Qadmon ( Kadmon ) By The Eloheem Anunnaqi .

In Genesis 2 ; 19 , The word Adam is being used as Ha -Adam , In The Aramic Hebrew . But you know it is referring to Qadmon because they use the Tense '' He '' , Which is a pronoun , Wherein as in The Beginning of the same quote it say ; '' And Out The Adawmaw ( Ground ) And the word Used here is Ha - Adawmaw , Meaning '' Of The Ground Or Earthling ; From the same root Adam . The Adawmaw are the earthling as used in Genesis 1 ; 25 , Where it say ... And EveryThat Creepeth Upon The Adawmaw ( Ground ) After Huw ( His ) Meen ( Kind Or Specie ) . ...

This Adawmaw again is the earthling , The people of the ground who were Awsaw ' made after their Meen 'Specie Or Kind , And the tense being used is Huw meaning 'His 'Meen Specie '' There is also mention in El's Holy Quran In 23 ; 45 Where it say ; '' And Surely He Khalaq Created ', Al Zawjayn The Pairs ' Al Zakar 'Forgetful Male ( Zakar / Adam / Qadmon ) And Untha Second Part Female ( Nekaybaw / Hawwah ) '' The Koran of the Mohammedans Puts it in singular form and they leave out the fact that in The Torah , From where they copied this story , The Hebrew makes it clear that there in Genesis 5 ; 2 , Is added ; '' Male And Female Create He Them And Blessed Them And Called Their Name Adam '' .

IssaEl21 02:01 AM

( Genesis Chapter One )
The words '' Their and '' Them is plural , Not dual and it's talking about the group of people , Which were Adamites or Qadmonites ( Kadmonies ) , Which is a tribal name . And there were behaymaw of Genesis 1 ; 25 , Which were the beast of The Sawdah '' Outer Field '' When you go down to Genesis 1 ; 26 , You will see this Awdawm as Mankind , Human Being which is simply the cloning of The Homo Sapien , Where it say ; And Eloheem ( God ) Said , Let Us Awsaw ( Make ) Awdawn ( Adamites ) [ Homo Sapiens ] Falsely Translated As Man ) In Our Teshlem ( Image ) , After Our Demooth ( Likeness ) ; And Let Haym ( Them Not Him ) Have Dominion Over The Fish Of The Sea ...

This quote is making it clear that this is speaking about the cloning of Homo Sapiens . . Notice after The Eloheem Awsaw '' Made or Fashioned 'The Adamites , It Says '' And Let Haym Them Have Dominion Which is ruleship over The Dawg . Which is being translated as ( Fish ) , But the root gives you Dawgaw , Meaning Multipication of living things in The Sea '' .. This is saying The Adamites were here to rule the reptilians of The Sea ;...

( The Deity Dagon )
The name Dawg is the first part of the Philistime Deity Dagun Dawgohn As found in Judges 16 ; 23 , And 1Samuel 5 ; 2-4 , The Fish Man . Another Name For Dagon is Leviathan as mentioned in Job 41 ; 1 , Which describes The Reptilian and how he is worshipped by the seed of Enosh . Also this Leviathan , Liwyawthawn ..From The Aramic Hebrew means '' Sea Monster , Dragon , From the root word Lawwaw , meaning 'To Unite , To remain . Leviathan is mentioned in Psalms 104; 26 , And Psalms 74 ; 14 , Where it speaks of breaking the head of Leviathan , Which takes you back to Genesis 3 ; 15 , In reference to the serpent and his seed and how the seed of Eve would bruise the serpent's Head, As in breaking the head of Leviathan .

And Isaiah 27 ; 1 , Literally calls Leviathan The Piering serpent , And the word for serpent there is Nakhash The Same as Genesis 3 ; 1 for The Devil . These are the Luciferian as mentioned in Isaiah 14 ; 12 , Where It States '' How Art Thou Fallen From Heaven O Lucifer ( Haylal ) Son Of The Morning ( Shawkar ) , How Art Thou Cut Down To The Ground ( Ehrets Meaning The Planet Earth ) Which Didts Weaken All Nations , ... And Verse 13 , Tell you how he wanted to be above the throne of the stars of El , Which would be above all the other Eloheem or Anunnaqi . This 13th Verse is why 13 is considered a bad luck number to many .

So as Genesis 1 ; 26 , Declares that this Man ( Adam ) , To be created in the Image And After The Likeness Of The Eloheem , Is Homo Sapiens or Adamites , Because it uses the pronoun , Them '' And its a plural form , Not Singel form which shows that this is not talking about The Eloheem fashioning Qadmon , But again I make note that it is in The Plural form using '' Them '' , Meaning '' The Adamites , The Lulu Amelu ' , Now in Genesis 3 ; 17 , It is speaking about Qadmon where is says ; And Unto Awdawm ( Adam ) Which Is Qadmon Or Zakar ) He Said , Because Thou Hast Hearkened Unto The Voice Of Thy Wife And Hast Eaten Of The Tree , Of Which I Commanded Thee , Saying , Thou Shalt Not Eat Of It ; Cursed Is The Grournd For Thy Sake ; In Sorrow Shalt Thou Eat Of It All The Days Of Thy Life . ''

IssaEl21 02:02 AM

( Genesis Chapter One )
The important word being used is ''Thou '' Has Hearkened ... or Thy wife .. This is using the singular form '' Thou '' Which is different than Genesis 1 ; 26 Which is using the plural form '' Them '' If you go to Genesis 5 ; 1 , You will see that the words begin with ; This Is The Sayfer ( Book ) Of The Toledaw
( Genealogies ) Of Awdawm ( Adam Which Is The Qadmonites ) In The Day That Eloheem ( God ) Bawraw ( Re-Created Falsely Translated As Created ) Awdawm , ( Adam Falsely Translated As Man Which Are Homo -Sapiens , Earthings ) In The Demooth ( Likeness ) Of Eloheem ( Gods ) Awsaw ( Made ) He Him ,'' This Is Making A Direct Differentiation Between The Qadmonites , Which Were Adam's Tribes And The Homo Sapien Which Was Before Them . Now Read Verse 27 In Your Bible ;....

Adam was The Fifth Adam , The Fifth replenishing or the first of a new set of four cycles . He was told to Fawraw 'Breed ' And Rawbaw 'Multiply , And Mawlay ' Refill '' Tamtu , Called Also Timat , Or The Planet Earth , Which Is After The Meteorite Hit The Planet Earth 2,250,000 Years Ago , Which Made The Tamtu , Or Timat Boboo'Empty 'And Tohoo 'Desolate 'According To Genesis 1 ; 1-2 , Apsu And Tiamat Were The First Adam , From The First Moon Cycle , Or The Siver Cycle . The Second Adam Were Lahmu And Lahamu , They Came From The First Sun Cycle . The Third Adam Were Anshar And Kishar . They Came From The Second Moon Or Silver Cycle . The Fourth Adam Was Anu And Antum , They Came From The Second Sun Cycle . Now Read Verse 28 - 30 ;...

Zakar and Nekaybaw were appointed as vegetarians , Herbivores , Not Carnitvores , Flesh Eaters That Eat Of The Blood Of Other Living Creatures , But To Manintain Their Olive Hue By Chlorophyll Of The Herbs ; Being Born Copper Red To Purify Into Olive Tone Green . Now Read Verse 30-31 ;...

In El's Holy Quran Chapter 39 ; 54 which ties in with Genesis 1 ; 31 - 32 , It states after the six days of creation ( Which Is The Six Days Of Creation Of Earthling's Time Not The Eloheem Adonai's Time ) , Your Rabb '' Sustainer ' who in the Torah would be A Yahuwa Or Allah established himself on the Arsh ' Throne . So , According , To Genesis 1;32 , All the Tsawbaw 'Heavenly Host , Living Being 'Were Prepared or Finished After The Sixth Day Of Creation Of Earthling's Time According To Genesis 1 ; 31 The Host Helping The Eloheem Adonai With The Creation Of The Earthlings Was Malaaikat or Anunnaqi Angelic Beings . Now Read Verse 32 ,;....

According to Genesis 1;33 , On the seventh day , Which was the end of the period of creation , The word used in this quote for The Eloheem resting is Shawbath which means '' To desist . Not rest like in fatigue or sleep . This desistings is when The Eloheem left earth to go through the orion skies and back on To Illyuwn , The Heavenly Abode which took 3,600 Years , Which it called a Shar , A unit in The Anunnnaqi's Time , It will take from Illyuwn which it 3,600 + 3,600 Which Equals To 7,200 Years . 7,000 Years for the ending of The Creation Period called The Last Day , And The Extra 200 Years From The 7,200 Years is where Eloheem remained on earth after The Expulsion of Qadmon ( Adam ) and his family as Adamites from The Enclosed Garden into the outer world called Sawdeh , Genesis 3 ; 22 Makes it clear that The Man ( Qadmon ) had become like the Yahuwa Eloheem , Having his own will power to make decisions .

IssaEl21 02:04 AM

( Genesis Chapter One )
The us being Cherubeems and Serapheems then In Genesis 6;6 , This Yahuwa called Tammuz had to repent Nawkham , For being involved in the making of This Human Being that has become Disagreeable like the cheubeem , Showing that A Yahweh was still on Earth . Up until that time , even after The Invasion of the Nefileems and The Gbibbore . After This Period Of 200 Years , They departed . went back to Illyuwn meaning '' Place On High '' as mentioned in El's Holy Quran 83;19 , Were Still Coming Back And Forth To Earth . So When Genesis 1 ; 33 speaks about The Eloheem Desisting , It Is Just Saying that they finished The Cloning And Pro-Creation Of The Earthling And Departed For The Throne . Now Read Verse 33 ;....

The First Holy Day The Sabbath , The 7th Day , The 49,000 Years was called Qodesh ' Holy ' after the place Qadesh , Known as Jerusalem The Cloning process of Homo - Erectus to Homo - Sapiens took 600 years Qodesh is where the actual breeding ceremony of the two chiefs brining their wives together , And the breeding of the children for 19 years took place . The male child Qadmon called also Zakar and Adam , The Kuthite and Hindu was three years older than the female called Nekaybaw , Hawwah , And Eve . She was a Hawilahite and Ptahite . He was 21 and she 18 years of age when they moved from Qadesh also Kadesh . The Sabbath was Sanctified by The Eloheem Anunnaqi , And we keep that day Qodesh 'Holy ' By reading from The Holy Tablets as A form of Zakar 'Remembrance '' . Now Read Verse 34 .

Translated By
Dr . Malachi Z . York
For H.T.M.

IssaEl21 02:08 AM

Genesis Chapter Three
The Name Nakhash - Aramic - Being Used For Serpent Simply Means A Whisperer . The Word Serpent Is A Derivative Of Seraph - Aramic - Meaning 'Burning , Fire ' Seraphim - Aramic - Meaning 'Firty Serpent ' , A Symbol Of Protection , To The House Of The Most High , Those That Were There To Serve Yahweh , As Used By Moses In Numbers 21 ; 9 , Where You'll Find The Word Serpent Yet In Hebrew Nakhash - Aramic - To Protect The Children Of Israel In Their Travel Through The Wilderness Out Of Egypt , Where It Is Called A Uraeus , Or Cobra , Representing The Goddess Radjet , A Symbol Also Born By The Egyptian Deities Amun -Ra And Har ( Horus ) , And Has Been Adopted As The Caudesus , Used As A Symbol Of Health , And Called The Kundalint , The Sleeping Serpent . Also Read Genesis 3 ; 1 . .

Some Christians Claim That Eve Ate Of The Apple Of The Tree In The Enclosed Garden , However If You Look At The Quote Genesid 3 ; 2 , It Says ; '' ... We May Eat Of The < Feree > Fruit Of The < Ates > Trees Of The Garden , .... And The Aramic Hebrew Word Used For Fruit Is < Feree > Meaning ' Fruit , Offspring , Produce Of The Ground . This Is Not The Same As The Word Used In Song Of Solomon 2 ; 3 , Where It Says ; As The < Taffooak > Apple Tree Among The Trees Of The Wood ...

And The Word Used Here Is < Taffooak > Meaning ' Apple Tree . In Ashuric ( Arabic ) It Is Tufaha . This Word Is Not Used Anywhere In The Torah . When It Mentions The < Feree > Fruit Of The Tree In Genesis Chapter 3 , It Has Nothing To Do With An Apple . Yet , The Fruit Of This Garden Was Called An Apple For The Well Known < Rimmown > -Aramic - Prmegranate Apple Worn On The Kohane Priest Robe In Exodus 28 ; 30 - 34 And Exodus 39 ; 26 . This Symbplic Apple At The End Of The < Meheel > - Aramic - Robe Was A Poppy Seed Also Called < Qat -Arabic - The Pomegranate Resembles The Poppy Seed And Is An Intoxicant Producting A Flower That Is Yellow , Rose Pink , Scarlet , Red , Orange Or White , That Is Pleasant To The Eye As Well . The Poppy Seed Is Also Used As Food . It Is Used As Flavoring And Yields A Oil To Make It Good , And Then The Poppy Seed Is Transformed Into Opium , That Eludes One Into Thinking They Are Wise , Genesis 3 ; 6 . This Is How The Name Apple Got Confused With The Pomegranate Apple Of That Day Which Is A Replica In Appearance To The Poppy Plant . Also Read Genesis 3 ; 3 - 5

Partaking Of The Tree Of Lust Refer To Genesis 3 ; 6 . In Genesis 2 ; 7 Qadmon , Called Also Adam , Or Zakar , And Nekaybow , Called Also Hawwah , Or Eve , < Ahyin > 'Eyes Because < Fawkakh > Open , And They Became Aware . Their Private Parts Were There , But Nudity Was Not Looked At As Shame , Except In The Land Of Nud , Which Is Nod In Aramic ( Hebrew ) . The Moment They Got Intoxicated , They Both Inherited Stimulation ; That's Why They Say , '' And They Knew That They Were Without Clothes '' . Qadmon Adam , Or Zakar Had Got An Erection , And Nekaybow ,Hawwah , Eve's Mammilla Teat That Is The Nipples Of Her Areoli , Mammaries Erected , Thus They Began Lusting After Each Other . The Eloheem Wanted To Raise Adam And Eve To A Certain Age And Prepare Them Before They Would Have Children , So There Wouldn't Be No Imbalancement Or Defects . Now That They Took Of The Intoxicating Fruit Of The Tree, Their Eyes Became Open .

IssaEl21 02:09 AM

Genesis Chapter Three
Now , Notice Their Eyes Became Open . Now , Notice What It Says ; Their Eyes Became Open And They Knew That They Were < Awrone > Naked '' , It Didn't Say , The Eyes Became Open , And Right Away They Knew About Agreeable And Disagreeable '' , The Drug Stimulated Them And They Became Sexually Attracted To Each Other . So What They Did Ws . After They Indulged In Sex , They Sewed Fifs Leaves Together , And Covered Their Private Parts . They Made A Apron . So Of Course , Lust Shifted From The Actual To The Suspense ; Meaning No Longer Was Eve Stimulated By Merely Looking At His Penis , She Was Now Stimulated By The Thought ; And No Longer Was Adam Stimulated By Looking At Eve's Vagina And Breast ; But He Was Now Stimulated By The Thought . Interest Shifted From The Physical Act Of People Walking Around Naked To The Hidden . So It Changed To Lust , Which Is Rooted From The Word Luster 'To Be Attracted . Refer To Genesis 3 ; 7 - 13 , The Punishment Verse 14 .

Make Note Of The Hebrew Word Zehrah - Aramic - ' Seed ( Genesis 3 ; 15 ) Being Used For Both Eve's Descendants And The Serpent's [ Nakhash ] Descendants . It Is Clear At This Point According To The Scriptures That This Serpent Of Genesis Chapter Three , Has Descendants Meaning A Genealogy , A Family , A Wife , And Children . This Is Not A Snake , But The Word Being Used For Serpent Is Nakhash - Aramic - Meaning '' Whisperer ' , A Talking Being With A Larynx And A Voice Box Who Spoke To Eve In The Garden . One Who Lived Before Her And Obviously Learned How To Speak From Someone Or Somebody , And Spoke A Specific Language That She Overstood . Also Read Genesis 3 ; 15 - 17 .

The Reading Of The Akasha Records Beneath The Asa , Ates - Aramic - Tree Is Symbolic Of The Tree Alphabets , Also Called The Tree Of Toth , Which Reveals The Mysteries . It Was Recorded In A Form Of Cuneiform Called Ates - In Aramic ( Hebrew ) And Asa In Ashuric Syriac ( Arabic ) , Meaning 'An Upright Stick , Staff , Cane , Because The Script Was Based On Vertical And Horizontal Wedges As The Branches Of A Tree . The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil Is Symbolic Of The Receiving Of Will ,

The Decision Making Process That Leads One To Be Agreeable Or To Make The Decision To Disagree . This Is What Was Contained In The Akasha Records That Was Not For They Eyes Of Adam . Yet , He Did Read It And His Eyes Were Opened Transforming From Immortal As A Deity To Mortality As A Human , From A Being Without Destiny To A Being Destined . Also Read Genesis 3 ; 18 - 21

IssaEl21 02:10 AM

Genesis Chapter Three
The Knowldge Of Agreeable From Disagreeable ~ A Yahuwa Of The Eloheem Said Behold , ( Talking To The Cherubeems ) Now Adam Has Become As < Ekhawd > - Aramic - ' One ' Of < Naw > 'Us ' , A Disagreeable Being For He Was Already Created Agreeable . So This Could Only Mean He Became Something New , Which Would Be Like The Disagreeable Cherubeems ; His < Ahyin > 'Eyes ' Are < Fawkakh > 'Open . When It Says One Of Us , It's Implying As One Of The Cherubeems , Those Guarding The East End Of The Enclosed Garden As In Genesis 3 ; 24 . He Now < Yawdah > 'Knows , Meaning He Has Will Power Now . He Has It In His Nature . The < Naw > Being Used In The Hebrew For Us , Also Implies That There Were More Than One Yahuwa Involved In This Situation . This Was The 24 Yahwehs Or Elders Which Were In The Garden Of Eden , 12 Agreeable ( Serapheems ) And 12 Disagreeable ( Cherubeems ) Called Luciferians .

So Adam Now < Yawdah > 'Knows Pleasure From Pain , Sober From Intoxication , Right From Wrong And Disagreeable From Agreeable . He's Been Confronted With Deception , Because He's Been Deceived . He Tried To Lie And Pervert Thoughts . He Is Just Like < Ekhawd > - Aramic - ' One ' Of < Naw > 'Us ' , [ Those Disagreeable Ones , And Us Agreeable Ones ] . In The State That Adam Is In , He's Not Entitled To What He Was Created To Get ; His Divinity As A Etherian Again Which Would Be Eternal Life . He Must Pass Through Stages , And This Stage That You're Passing Through Is A 6,000 Year Period From Adam's Expulsion Without His Barathary Gland And His Four Higher Senses Of Divinity Namely ; 1 . Intuition , 2 . Clairvoyance , 3 . Phychometry , 4 Telepathy . And From The Enclosed Garden Of Delight Until The End Of This Era , Also Read Genesis 3 ; 22 - 23 .

IssaEl21 02:11 AM

Genesis Chapter Three
The Eloheem Had To Force Zakar / Adam And Nekaybaw / Eve Leave The Enclosed Garden Of Delight . They Never Mention That In The Bible . The Aramic Hebrew Word Used In Genesis 3 ; 24 Is < Gawrash > Meaning 'Evicted To Drive Out . They Did Not Want To Leave , So They Drove Them Out . That's Why In Genesis 3 ; 24 . They Put Cherubeem , The Second Order Of Angelic Hierarchy .

As The Two Cherubeems , Also Called Kerubim , That Protected The Mercy Seat ( Exodus 25 ; 18 - 20 ) , Or Cover Of The Ark In The Holy Of Holies . Their Symbol Was Of The Kareb Meaning 'Near Ones , Or The Kerubi Of The Assyrians , Karab - Bull Headed With Extended Wings , In Egypt In Front Of A Naos As Protecors , Faces Of Men , Bodies Of Bull With Extended Wings . Disagreeable Angelic Beings , The Wicked Ones . And It Is Necesary To Put Wicked Beings To Guard The East End Of The Gate , Because Adam Was Going To Try To Get Back Into The Garden , So They Had To Protect It . The Order Of Cherubeems [ Men , Warriors ] That Did Not Like Adam , But Knew They Were Stationed At The East End Of The Garden . Why The East ? Because The Easterm Side Of The Garden Of Delight Was Facing Nod ,

The Persian Gulf Area From Which Nakhaas Entered . The Western Side Of The Garden Of Delight Was Pointing Towards The Nile . They Were Worried About The People At The Tigris And Euphrates , That's Where Adam And Eve Were Put Out . They Ended Up Migrating Towards Sawdeh - Aramic - , The Outer Field , Called Sudan , Nubia , The First Cuwsh - Aramic , Kish , Genesis 2 ; 13 , Where You See Ethiopia , In Hebrew You Find Kush , Long Before The Cush Of Genesis 10 ; 6 Was Born . Adam Wanted To Get To The Tree Of Khayyim - Aramic - Divine Life ' , People Have Ben Seeking That Tree , And They Call It The Fountain Of Youth , And Have Been Trying To Find Ways To Preserve Life . In Actuality It Is Symbolic Of Herbivorism .

Translated By
Dr . Malachi Z . York
For H.T.M.

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