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IssaEl21 06:41 PM

The Degree Of Christ ~ ism
Introduction ~ Amunnubi Rooakptah as Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re took you on a long journey on a shory path . We are now under the folds of H.T.M. In the school of egyptology . H.T.M. stands for H . = Helliopolis ; Atun -Re , T - Thebes ; Amun -Re , M, - Memphis ; Atum -Re , The triad of Re cities . H.T.M. spells out the initials of the original triad of Ancient Tama -Re . The three Re or Suns , namely ; Atun , Whose principal city was Heliopolis , The greek word meaning . '' City Of The Sun '' , and originally called Annu . The second deity , being Amun , whose principal city was Thebes the greek word being meaning '' Diospolis The Great '' and originally called Wa -Set or Newt '' The City '' , The third deity being Atum whose principal city was Memphis meaning '' Cult Center Of Ptah '' And Originally called Hettahka . These deities are the triad of Ancient Tama -Re , And their principal city spells the initials for H.T.M. Where we received our name .

There are three great Tama -Rean ( Egyptian ) cities ruled by Ra , or Re , In Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) . Koran 3 ; 13 , They say Ra'a meaning '' To See'' , In Aramic ( Hebrew ) , Genesis 21 ; 16 , It became Roi , The sun deity . In the ancient lodge there is a symbol ( The Ankh ) , And the crucifix or the person on the cross was not Jesus or Horus . He was called Asaru . The Egyptian name of Osiris , And Haru is The Egyptian name of Horus . 1 . Osiris 2 . Horus 3 . Isis these are the triad , Your trinity which I will go more indepth with , Within this scroll .

Three Great Cities ( Heliopolis , Thebes , Memphis ) , Which are the significance of H.T.M. Tama - Ra is the ancient name of Egypt . Which is why we call our land , Tama - Re , Egypt Of The West , The Holy Land , The New Atlantis , A Triad of Elements ; Ta-Earth , Ma -Water , Re -Sun . The ancient land of Tama -Re was governed and ruled by a Pharaoh or A'aferti ; ( Which Is The Nuwaubic Name For Pharach ) , Which is why we have Neter ' A'aferti Atum -Re , Our A'aferti for this day and time .

It is time that we Nuwaubians set the record straight and Re -New Our -Story . Make note that there is no such word as Their -Story , Only History '' His -Story '' Which he says of us , And Mystery '' My -Story '' , Which we say of us . When The Euro -American is making reference to the story of the original woolly haired beings , Moors , They refer to it as History , Meaning '' His -Story '' , And when making reference to their story , It's called a Mystery '' My -Story '' , Because they really don't have a beginning in the origin of things ,

Throughout this text you will see the tittles Neter Shil Neteru , Neteru , Tama -Re , Tama -Rean , Eluh , Netert , And Neter Which Will Take The Replacement Of The Following . 1. Neter Shil Neteru = God Of Gods , The Most High , Elyown Elyown El , Or Deity Of Deities .
2 . Neteru = Angels , Eloheem , Or Anunnaqi . 3 . Tama -Re = Egypt . 4 . Tama - Rean = Egyptian . 5 . Eluh = Eli . These titles are being used because they are the original names of the tittles that were stolen and grafted into the three monotheistic Religions .

The scroll entitled The Degree Of Christ ~Ism '' is a combination of all the scrolls in the Christ Series that were ever written by myself . The Supreme Grand Master Amummubi Rooakptah as Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re . This scroll was put forth together ( To Enlighten ) you upon the many ( Misconception Of Christism ) . The research and information which I found on the subjects of who you call '' God '' Angels '' and '' Prophets '' , Was so extensive that it will ( Undoubyedly Question The Authenticity Of The Religion Of The Christians ) . I will give you proof behind each question and tell you why you should , Or should not accept them . In this scroll , I will give you a full Overtsanding and go more in -Depth about that which has hidden by the story tellers such as Flavius Josephus , And other fabricators of Religion long before The Bible History Ever Existed .

The reason The Bible and The Koran are able to be dissected is because everything in it has been left unexplained . According to Religions there is no logical reason for how Mary ( The Mother Of Jesus ) Conceived a male child all by herself . There is no logical reason why God , or Jesus , Has to threaten you with Hell and tell his followers to kill people who oppose him in order for you to have faith in him . Christians claim that A Trinity exists in The Bible , when it doesn't . Yes , You can find the words '' The Father , The Son , And The Holy Ghost And These Three Are One '' In the 1st Book of John 5 ; 7- 9 in any version of The Bible . However , If you were to consult the original manuscript of the original Aramic or Syriac Bible , You would find that these words Don't Exist And that They Were Added In .

IssaEl21 06:43 PM

( '' don't believe me , check it out ! '' )
( '' DON'T BELIEVE ME , CHECK IT OUT ! '' ) I Being A Muslims , A Christian , And A Jew . Have been there , Done that , And now , I'm into reality , Of Right Knowledge , Right Wisdom , And Right Overstanding simply called '' Nuwaubu , I've been through all of The Muhammadan's Rituals , Hebrews Rituals , Christians Rituals , Walking Their Walk and Talking Their Talk . Prayed Like They Do , Studied all their Books and Hadiths , Traveled To All Their Holy Cities Spoke To Their Leaders , Scholars , Teachers and Elders , Thus I am able to Dissect ,Question , Point Out , And Prove To The '' Naive , New Christian Converts ' And Especially My People And '' The Wanna Be Converts '' All Of Christians Falsehoods , Trimmings , Corrections Secrets , Abrogations , Additions , Mistakes , Etc .

The Monotheistic Religions namely Mosesism , Christism , and Muhammadism have grafted from The Tama-Rean ( Egyptian ) Mysteries Christianity was simply one of our many degrees which we had intensely Studied . Now , Is indeed the time for all Falsehood to go . I don't care how long it has been around , If It Is Not True , Then It Simply Gots To Go ; No matter what Religion , Creed , Faith or Domination , None which can be proven . If It Is Not The Facts , It Is Not Going To Survive , As I Amunnubi Rooakptah as Neter ; A'aferti Antum -Re has said so many times before that I am here , Simply to '' Set The Record Straight'' , And lead the way for us , The Moors , Therewith you will find Mosesism , Within the doctrine and structure of The Triad Religions , Mosesism , Christism , And Muhammadism lies the secrets to The Tama -Rean ( Egyptian ) Mysteries . And we as in The Ancient Tama - Reans Are Reclaiming Our Rightful Rituals , Stories , Etc .... And Re - Establishing Them In Their Proper Place , Order, And Pracrices .

Therefore , I will walk you through , From the very beginning of Jesus birth to his So-called Crucifixion and Death , Which will help clear up the many Question and Misconceptions that people have on Yashu'a ( Who Is Mistaken Called Jesus ) . I translated this Book based on The Pro-Christian Propaganda , And their particular Denominational Opinions , With it's many Denominations and their Own Customs .

They Tell The Whole World That . '' They Are To Follow These Customs'' . Meaning The Whole World Is Supposed To Change Thousand's Of Years Of Culture , For A 2,000 Year Old
, Christian Culture ? What Foolishness ! You're Telling Me To Stop Being An Egyptian , With All Of The Gigantic Pyramids , Maps , And All Of The Other Achievements That Date Back To Over 25 , 000 Years Ago , And Stop Being A Sumerian , With All Of The Glorious Astronomy , Laws , And Architecture ; Or A Native American , With All Of The Mighty Pyramids , Mounds , And Arts ; Or A Chinese , With All Of The Silk , And The Great Wall ; Or A Yoruba , With All Their Many Deities , That Goes Way Back . Thousands Of Years Before The Christian Culture ?

To help my people from Under The Spell , I have been Writing Books , Making Audio and Vodeo Tapes , Holding Question and Answer Classes Called '' Newcomer's Class '' And using many other Avenues To Propagate The Facts . Since 1970 A.D Until Now 1999 A.D. I've been Publishing A Series Of Scrolls Entitled '' The Christ Series '' , I felt that The '' Christ Series '' Scrolls were scatterred about and most people haven't received them all . So I decided to Combine All The Christ Series Books Into One Scroll With Updated Information , And more figures and diagrams . This way , When you are reading this scroll , You will feel the full impact and power of '' The Christ Series '' , ( If You Are One Of Those People Who Want Facts , Because You Are Tired Of The Legends And Myths , Then You Are Ready To Read This Scroll In Its Entirety With An Open Mind .

IssaEl21 06:44 PM

( '' don't believe me , check it out ! '' )
When I pointed out years ago that The Copy Of The Bible that you are Holding In Your Hands Today is nothing more than a scroll written by a group of men , Or that '' Jesus Had A Wedding In Cana '' ( John Chapter 2 ) Which is something that is right in your Bible , I Became A Blasphemer when i stated that the Writings Of Paul , Mark , and Luke were ( Men That Never Even Knew Jesus , I Became A Mad Man . When I Proved That Jesus Wasn't Really Crucified And That It Was Only Made To Seem That Way . I Was Pushing It Now , And When I Finally Said That The Entire Jesus Story Is Nothing More Than Stories Copied From The Ancient Tama - Reans ( Egyptians ) , I Had Finally Gone Overboard .

[ The New Testament , The Church And Christianity Were All Creations Of Calpurnius Piso's Family , Who Were Roman Aristocrats , The New Testament And All The Characters In It , Including Jesus , All The Josephs , All The Mary's , All The Disciples , Apostles , Paul , And John The Baptist ( Are All Fictional . The Piso's Created The Story And The Characters And They Tied The Story Into A Specific Time And Place In History . Then They Connected It With Some Peripheral Actual People , Such As The Herods , Gamaliel , The Roman Procurators , Etc.
But Jesus And Everyone Involved With Him Were Created ( That Is , Fictional ! ) Characters . The Whole Story Of Jesus Was Made Up As A Big Play By The Romans , And Jesus Was Made A Hero Savior By Piso . The Story Of Joseph In Egypt Was Rewritten , Then Inserted Into The Gospel Of Jesus . Isn't That A Coincidence ? The Story Came From Tama - Re ( Egypt ) , And This Is Something I've Been Telling You For Years . ]

All Ancient Intelligent Societies had a systerm based on facts , Often times over a period of times as positions of power changed and individuals with Vivid Imaginations began to rule .They would add and subtract from the facts to create fictions , fables , And myths which sometimes included themseves . All were rooted in some facts and the fact that all calculations , Numbers , Time , And space began at some point , All agree that there is a point of origin , And that as things expanded or spiraled away from it . It began to lose it's pure essence . That is every new time the story is told , It gets further away from the truth

IssaEl21 06:45 PM

( '' don't believe me , check it out ! '' )
It all started in the middle of the first century A.D. when Rome's upper class encountered a growing problem . The Jewish Religion was growing Faster and Fsster every day , converting more people to their Religion the Jews had more than 8 , 000,000 followers . 10% of the population was of the empire and 20% of the population lived in East Rome , Judaism's standards and decency did not agree with the sacred Roman institution of Slavery , Aristocaracy
, or how they fed , lived and ruled '' The Roman's . They feared that Judaism would become the Chief Religion of The Empire . The Roman Author Annaeus Senrca . Tutor and confidant of The Emperor Nero , Suggested in a letter to his friend Lucilus and said that the lighting of candles on The Sabbath should be Illegal .

Piso was married to Arria the younger sister . This made Lucius Piso's wife the Great - Grand - Daughter of Herod the great . Piso wanted to strengthen his wife's family's control of The Judaens . The Piso's searched for a solution to the two problem . They found the problem in The Jewish Holy Books , And that was the start for both the fast spread of Religion and for the devotee's refusal to be governed by Roman's Puppets . The Piso's imitated , But marveled at The Jewish Belief in their Holy Books . So they felt that The Jewish Scroll would be the ideal method to satisfy The Judaeans And Strengthen Their In -Laws Control Of The Country .

IssaEl21 06:46 PM

Ques ; Who Was The Play Authorized By ?
Ans ; The Play Was Authorized By A Historian Name Arius Calpurnius Piso ; But Originally Joseph Ben Mathaias , Whose Pen Name Was Flavius Josephus ( 37 A.D. - 93 A.D. ) . The Name Piso Was Supposedly Derived From The Latin Word '' Pistor '' Which Originally Meant '' One Who Ground Or A Miller Or Baker '' , Piso Was The Most Prominent Family In The Calpurnian Clan . This Man , Piso , Along With Other Roman Scrbes Are The True Authors Of Your Bible , They Created The Stories And The Characters ; As Previously Stated , They Tied The Story Into A Specific Time And Place In History . Before I Go Into Detail , Let's Define The Word Author .

The Word Author Comes From '' [ Middle English Auctour , From Old French Autor , From Latin Auctor, Creator , From Auctus , Past Participle Of Aug / Re, To Create '' , And These Men Being Authors Of You Bibles , You Give Them The ( Authority And Dictatorship To Control You Life ) .

Atrius Clapurnius Piso Wrote In Order The Following ; The Gospel Of Matthew 70 - 75 C.E. And The Gospel Of Luke 85 -90 C.E. In The Gospel Story He , Piso , Inserted Himself By Playing The Role Not Only Of Jesus , But Of All The Josephs , As Well . He Particularly Enjoyed Assuming The Identity Of Joseph . He Wished To Create A ( Jewish Hero ), A Savior , In ( Fictional Form ) , He And His Father Before Him , Felt The Identity Of A Second Joseph Secretly , Rearranged , As The ( Four Hebrew Letters - Yud Vov Samech Fey ) Which In That Language Spelled The Name Joseph . Thus , They Saw Themselves As The Joseph . That Is Why So Much Of The Story Of Joseph In Egypt Is Secretly Redone And Inserted Into The Gospel Story Of Jesus .

Piso Created A Composite Figure Of Jesus . He Inserted Redrawn Pictures Of Joseph In Egypt , And Other Jews Of The Bible ; Element From Essenic Writings ; And Characteristics Of Various Pagan Gods , Piso Plagiarized The Hebrew Scriptures . He Especially Borrowed From Isaiah Whose 44th Chapter Was Most Helpful To Him Because That Is Where He Received Most Of His Ideas Of Jesus From . His Idea Of Making ( Jesus A God To Whom Everyone Bowed , Worshipped , And Prayed To , ) Came From Isaiah . The Idea For ( Jesus Cross Came From Isaiah , ) Later They Created A Second Hero By The Name Of ( Paul , And Made Him Fulfill The Acts That They Forgot To Have Jesus FAulfill In The Gospel ) .

IssaEl21 06:47 PM

Ques ; Who Are The Authors Of The New Testament Books ?
Ans ; The Authors Of The New Testament Are Arius Calpurnius Piso , His Son Fabius Justus , And His Granddaughter's Husband , Pliny The Younger . All Of These People Played Many Parts In The Play . The Family Also Put Their Friends Into The Story . Justus Inserted Cornelius Tacitus The Roman Historian . Piso , His Sons And Pliny Moved Through The New Testament Under Various Names . In The Gospels , Starting With Matthew , Jesus ( Josephus ) Has Basically Only Three Disciples ; John , James And Simon Peter , All The Other ( Nine Disciples Are Shadowy Alter Egos Of These Three ) . The Three Are Really His Three Sons , Julius , Justus And Proculus , Inserted Into The First Gospel Which Was The Gospel Of Mark . Which No Longer Exists , When They Were Still Little Boys . In Addition , His Fourth Son , Alexander , Appears As The Fourth But Less Important Disciples Andrew , The Brother Of Simon Peter . When Piso Plays Joseph , The Three Main Disciples Are His Three Real Sons And Jesus Is His Literal Son .

Then When Piso Plays Jesus , His Sons Became Jesus Brothers , Thus , Yashu'a Has Four Brothers ( Matthew 13 ; 55 ) , Who Are Really Sons Including Alexander . The Father Plays All The Josephs . First He Is Joseph The Carpenter , And Later He Is Joseph Of Arimathea Who Buries Jesus . Joseph The Carpenter Drops From The Story When Jesus Starts His Ministry Because Piso Cannot Be In The Story As Two Main Roles Simultaneously , Then Joseph Reappears After The Crucifixion To Bury His Literal Son. Then In Acts Of The Apostles , He Reappears As Joseph The Levite , Whose Name Is Quickly Changed To Barnabas ( Acts 4 ; 36 ) .
Thus He Plays Both The Son ( Jesus ) And The Father ( Joseph The Carpenter , And God ) , The Father And The Son Were In Fact One . Justus Was His Father's Main Sucecessor . He Also Takes Moses Sister Name Miriam And It Put It Over Mary's Name , He Also Added A Female Called Elizabeth . A Few Years Later Around The Year 105 C.E. Justus Writes The Gospel Of John .

Shortly After Writing The Gospel Of John In 105 C.E. And Playing The Lead Jesus In It , Justus Under The Name Of Paul ; Assisted By His Son Julianus Writes The Epistle To The Colossians . And In It , They Refer To Justus As '' Jesus '' Who Is Called Justus ' , The Family Began Writing The Acts Of The Apostles . So Far , They Have A Hero Who Says He Comes Only To The Lost Sheep Of Israel . Now They Need A Second Hero , Someone Who Yashu'a Will Instruct From Heaven To ( Open The New Faith To The Non -Jews ) . Justus Will Start That Story And Create And Play The Part Of The New Spokesman Paul . Between 100 C.E. And 105 . C.E. While They Were Writing The Epistle And The Gospel Of John , The Pisos Where Creating The Birth Of The Christian Church .

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The Degree Of Christ ~ ism
Ques ; So Are You Saying That The Christian Church Is Based ( On Fictition Stories ?)
Ans ; By now you should Overstand that Josephus was really Calpurnius Piso and that he was the founder and author of The Jesus Story . Joseph wrote himself as the father , As Jesus , As his Three Sons and as The Three Main Disciples . Calpurnius Piso inserted Himself and His Family repeatedly by numbers and other methods into The Gospels . He was the leader of the play and had most of the important parts because he wanted to have power over The Jews . So now you see , The whole Jesus Story Is Fake And So Is The Christian Doctrine .

My children allow me to produce there Facts , And lay them forth before your eyes that you may know Right Knowledge . Allowing yourself to become like Those Disciples In Yashu'a Time , Spreading Facts Throughout The World . So That Others May Know The Truth , And It May Make Them Free? I , your Pharaoh or A'aferti ; Amunnubi Rooakptah as Neter; A'aferti Atum-Re have come again for a Renewal Of Your - Story , Not His -Story . One like me is sent every One Hundred Years To Reform . I have come bearing A Two Edge Sword That I May Cut Up Lies , So That All Falsehood Will Perish . Let me explain for all of those people who see that the whole Bible was a play that was Plagiarized By The Piso's , and that it is nothing but a story . Now before your eyes I will relay to you the true story of The Messiah Yashu'a mistakenly called Jesus , Whom The Neteru , Had sent Two Thousand Years Ago .

IssaEl21 06:51 PM

( The Messiah Yashu'a Speak Forth To Your )
I , Messiah Yashu'a have sent My Neteru , The Anunnaqi , The Nommo , The Eluls , '' Those who Anu sent from heaven to Ta ( Earth ) '' To testify to you all these incidents in the congregation . These Neteru The Anunnaqi , The Nommo , The Eluls , It is these four Ancient And Supreme Races Of Beings who are responsible for bringing The Homo - Sapien Into Existence And Clicking On The Light Call '' Ba - Soul ' ,

Which id that state of Expression I am the descendant and of the same Race As The Beloved And The Lamb And The Early Star . And The Soul Of The Bride Says ; Come , And Let Him That Hear Say ; Come , And Those Who Are Thirsty ; So Let Them Come , And As For Him Who Wants , So Let Him Take Of The Water Of Life Freely . For Surely , I Bear Witness To All Who Hear The Words Of This Prophecy In This Scroll . If Anyone Adss To These Things , So Anu '' He Who Is Above , The Heavenly One '' Will Add To Him The Plagues Of The Things Written In This Scroll . If Anyone Takes Away From The Words Of The Scroll Of This Prophecy , Anu He Who Is Above , The Heavenly One '' , Will Drop His Share From The Scroll Of Life And From The Holy City , And From What Is Written In This Scroll . ( The Witness Says This ; Yes , Surely , I Am Coming Soon Amon '' Come On Messiah Yashu'a . The Grace Of Our Rabbi , The Messiah Yashu'a Be With You All . Blessed Is The Man That Endureth Temptation , For When He Is Tried , He Shall Receive The Crown Of Life , Which The Adonai Hath Promised Them That Love Him .

Yashu'a Showed Me The Water Of A River Of Which Is The Water Of Life , Glittering As Crystal Coming Out From The Seat On Anu , He Who Is Above , The Heavenly One '' Of El Eloh And Tammuz , The Lamb . In The Middle Of What Looked Like A Market Street Of It And One Both Sides Of The River , Was A Tree Of Like Which Gives Twelve Fruits Every Month , And The Leaves And The Tree Were To Heal All Nations . All Who Were Cursed Did Not Exist Anymore , But The Seat Of Anu ;; He Who Is Above , The Heavenly One '' And Tammuz , The Lamb In It , And His Servants Who Serve Him . They Will See His Face , And His Name Is In Their Foreheads . There Won't Be Shadow Hours There , And No Need Of Light From A Lamp , Nor Any Light From The Sun ; Because Of The Illumination To Them And They Will Rule Forever And Ever .

And He Said To Me , That These Words Are Faithful , And Are Facts Beyond Any Doubt And The Adonai . The Thehos , Of The Souls Of The Newsbearers Sent His Anunnaqi '' Those Who Anu Sent From Heaven To Ta ( Earth ) '' To Teach His Servants , That Which Must Come About Soon . This Is It , I'm Coming Soon . Blessed Is He Who Guards The Words Of This Prophecy In This Volume . And I , The Newsbearer John Son Of Zebedee Saw And Heard These Things . And After I Had Heard And Seen , I Fell Down To Prostrate In Front Of The Feet Of The Neteru Who Was The One Who Showed Me All This . So He Said To Me ; Don't Do That , Because I Am A Servant Like You , And Like Your Brothers The Newsbearer , And Those Who Guard The Words Prophesied In This Scroll . So Prostration Is For Anu . '

' He Who From Above , The Heavenly One' Only . And He Said To Be ; Don't Seal The Words Of The Prophecies In This Scroll Because The Time Is Near . As For Him Who Is In Ignorance , So Leave Him In Ignorance , Also And He Who Is Defiled , So Let Him Be Defiled Also , And He Who Is Righteous Then Let Him Be Righteous Also , And The Holy , So Let Him Be Holy Also . Here I Come , I Am Coming Soon And My Reward Is With Me , In Order To Reward Everyone According To All They Have Done . I Am The First Letter And The Last Letter , The Beginning And The End . The First And The Last
. Blessed Are They Who Wash Their Robes In The Blood Of The Lamb , So That There May Exist Authority Over The Tree Of Life , And May Enter Into The City By Way Of The It's Doors . And Outside Are ( Dogs , Sorcerers And Fornicators , And Killers And Those Who Serve Idols And Everyone Who Loves To Do Nothing , But Lie ) .

IssaEl21 06:52 PM

The Description Of Yashu'a
Many ( People Believe That ( Jesus Christ ) Looks ( Like A Caucasian With Blod Hair And Blue Eyes ) . However , The Bibe Describes Him As A Moor , Having Brass Burnt Skin , Woolly '' Lambs '' Hair And ( African Features ) , As The Original Tama- Reans ( Egyptian ) . Establishing The Lineage Of A Person , Determines What Race He Or She Is . Let's Look At The Lineage Of Jesus Mother ,Mary , Who Was Told To Hide Her Baby In Tama -Re ( Egypt ) Amongst The Tama -Reans ( Egyptians ) Who Were Dark -Skinned People Called Hamites ( Khemit ) . Mary Was The Daughter Of Joachim Son Of Matthan And Anna . Both Of Her Parents Were Descendants Of The Tribe Of Judah , Who Was The Son Jacob . And Jacob Was The Son Of Abraham , The Chaldean ( Syrian ) , ( A Dark -Skinned People . Many People Think That The Image Of Jesus Christ Came From One Of The Biblical Descriptions Of Him . The Fact Is , Nowhere In The Scriptures Will You Find A Description Of The Messiah Jesus Christ Seen Today , Having ( Blond Hair And Blue Eyes ) . However , In The Biblical Books Or ( Revelation And Daniel ) It Gives A Description Of Jesus Christ As You Call Him . However , In The Biblical Book Or Revelation And Daniel , It Gives A Description Of Yashu'a .

IssaEl21 06:54 PM

Ques ; So Exactly What Did Yashu'a ( Jesus ) Look Like ?
Ans ; If One Wants To Know What Yashu'a Really Looked Like . The Great Prophet Dani'el Recorded It This Way ; In Dani'el 7 ; 9 Gives A Description Of Yashu'a ; And I Quote ; '' White I Was Looking , Thrones Were Put In Place . One Who Had Been Living Forever Sat Down On One Of The Thrones , His Clothes Were White As Snow , And His Hair Was Like Pure Word . His Throne . Mounted On Fiery Wheels , Was Blazing With Fire .......... ''' This Is Recorded And Believed To Be The Description Of The Ancient Of Days , Known To Be Melchizedek , Yet , Believes To Be Yashu'a .

Revelation 1 ; 14 - 15 , Of The Kings James Version Of The Holy Bible Also Gives A Description Of Yashu'a And I Quote ; His ( Head ) And His ( Hair ) Were ( White Like Wool , ) As ( White As Show ) , And ( His Eyes ) Were As A ( Flame Of Fire ) . And His ( Feet Like Unto Fine Brass ) , As If They ( Burned In A Furnace ) ; And ( His Voice As Th Sound Of Many Waters '' ......
These Description Are Describing Jesus ( Hair Like Wool , Eyes Of Fire , And Feet ( Skin ) Of Burned Brass Are All Dark -Skinned People . Also His Brother Simeon Is Called Niger ( Black ) In Acts 1 ; 13 , So Why Are Most Pictures Of Jesus ( The Total Opposite? Racism .

This Great Being Had ( Nine Ether , Wooly Or Kingly Hair Texture ) . But The Greeks Are Responsible For This Great Deception . They Altered Words From Their Places As They Translated From The Aramic To The Greek , Which Gave You Your ( Mis - English Translation ).
Read ; In The Scroll Of Revelation , The First Degree Verse Fourteen Through Fifteen , You Can See How The Greeks Mistranslated The Description Of Yashu'a . It Reads ; ( His Head And His Hairs Were White Like Wool ) , This Is The Point Of Deception . The Implication Here Is That There Was A White Glow That Was Around His Head And His Hair Was Like White Wool . However , Wool Coming From The Sheep Can Also Be ( Be Brown And Black ) . Also Revelation's Story Was Taken From Daniel's Story , For Revelation Was Revealed In 96 A.D. And Daniel's Was Revealed In 536 B.C.E. Many Thousands Of Years Before . It's Danie'ls Clearly States ; ( And ( His Hair Was Like Pure Wool ) . Back To Revelation . Read ; ''( As White As Snow , And His Eyes Were As A Flame Of Fire ; And His Feet Like Unto Fine Brass , As If They Burned In A Furnace . And His Voice As The Sound Of Many Waters .

Without The Intentional Alteration Of The Texure Of His Hair . The Scroll Of Dani'el Make It Plain That He Had Wooly Hair . The Rest Of Revelation Describes A Person Who Has Red Eyes
Not The Pupil But The Sclera , Common In Nubun ( Moor ) People Only . Again It States That His Feet Were Like Fine Brass That Would Be Polished Brass , Brass Is A Combination Of Fifty Percent Copper Which Is Reddish Brown In Color And Zinc . A Dullish Grey . This Combination Would Produce A ( Brownish Color ) . But Revelation Says These Same Brass Feet Had The Appearance Of Being Burnd . That Would Mean That It Was Nor A Brass Color Any Longer , But Brass After It Had Been Burned . This Would Produce A Very Dark Hue .

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