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Pa Neter Ra 07:37 PM

What is Sovereignty?

My Thoughts

The word Sovereignty is perhaps one of several misinterpreted ideas throughout Conscious Communities. Sovereignty is not any one race’s patent but rather it is an idea that can be traced to something that actually exist in Nature. When an idea is evoked in the mind of a human being it is a summons of an objective fact. However, one of the reasons to get the wrong idea about an idea is that human beings often fail to come up with the correct word or right concept for the idea. As a result, they lose grip of the idea itself and become forgetful and less attentive. Being mindful of the origin of ideas has been a challenge for the Enoshites over the ages. Since the birth of Enos, the son of Seth, men have been compelled to call (qara) upon the name of their LORD (Genesis 4 v 26). The calling upon the name of the Lord was later echoed in the Koran, as Muhammad was also compelled to call (iqraa) upon the name of his Lord. So, by the pen man was taught what he knew nothing of.

From a Biblical context, the first notion of Sovereignty comes into view when the Elohim delegates to Adam dominion and control over the airspace, land, and sea. Sovereignty is not only recognized globally on this planet but also Sovereignty is an interplanetary recognized concept. An aspect of the Elohim’s sovereign spirit is placed within each of us and that aspect is uttered in the ancient Aramaic-Hebrew word EL. This sacred power is affixed to various names exemplifying strength, might, and power (e.g., Immanu-El, power within us). The ideas of power, strength, and might are subjective evocations of an objective truth, which is traceable to a thing in reality. In other words, the term EL and many of its overtones are traceable to strong trees such as oak trees (‘Allah) and teil trees (El-ah). Both of which are present in nature.

In addition, the Syriac-Arabic word for God (Allah) is traceable to the Aramaic-Hebrew word for OAKS (‘Allah). Refer to the book of Joshua chapter 24 v 26. Hence, the word Allah or ‘Allah is traceable to an objective fact or objective truth outside and independent of the Mind. It is interesting to note that one of the 99 attributes of Allah or ‘Allah is “The Owner of Sovereignty.” Many great civilizations depicted their empires and their worldviews as some type of Strong Tree or Tree of Life (e.g., Yaxchi). The mystery of God is finished.

In Liberty and Truth

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun, 11th Elder)
The Great Peace Society of American Muurs
9 x 13

Cahokia (City of the Sun)
Be Ever Wonderful

Pa Neter Ra 08:47 AM

What is Sovereignty?
What is Sovereignty?


Above, I had re-aligned (calibrated) the idea of Sovereignty with an ancient standard. Subjectively, sovereignty displays power, might, and/or strength of the polity. Objectively, these connotations can be traced to a thing that exist in nature. Recall the Aramaic-Hebrew term EL is often used to mean GOD and via extension Oak Tree and Teil Tree. These things in nature are Objective Truths that exist outside and independent of the Mind. As I had mentioned above, strong trees exemplified empires, nations, and even worldviews. For instance, the Royal and Noble Serpents (Tutul Xiu, Chanes, Ah-Tza) in the western hemisphere, taught that the world was mathematically layered and held together by a strong tree. There are thirteen planes above the world and below the world there are nine planes. Symbolically, the ancient arithmetical worldview of the ancient ones became the foundation for nation building brought into union by the Great Peace. For instance, Article seven of the United States Constitution stipulates that ratification of the convention of nine (of the thirteen) States will suffice for the adoption of the Constitution. The stipulated ratification alludes to the ancient worldview of the Royal Serpents (Olmec), which is the World Tree. Moreover, the Haudenosaunee (people of the long house) forged a federation from the adoption of the Great Peace. This ancient Law contains three great principles (a) sound, (b) right, and (c) reason. Historically, the acceptance of Sound Right Reason (i.e., Right Thinking) as an alternative to War and violence became the medicine or remedy for resolve amongst the warring tribes on Turtle Island. The Great Peace incorporates 117 Laws and the natural object for the Long House is a White Pine Tree, the Great Tree of Peace. Once again, we see the significance of the Tree as not only a powerful binding symbol in Nature but also the Tree is an instrument of Nation Building or Government.

It is plain to see the mathematical significance of the numbers nine and thirteen in the product 9 x 13, which equals 117. This value equates to the alpha-numeric sum for the seven lettered word NUWAUPU (The Seven Seals), which is Sound Right Reason. In addition, we find in Nature the disposition of Sound Right Reason in the differential rotation of your Sun. It rotates every 27 days at the equator and takes progressively longer to rotate at higher latitudes, up to 39 days at the poles. The common factor for the differential rotation is THREE; thus, the remainders are 9 and 13 respectively. The mathematical paradigm of your Holy Bible (EL Bib Yloh, al-bab ilah) is based on your Sun’s differential rotation. In view of this, the Holy Bible is a coded study of the cycle of the Sun. For example, the Old Testament has 39 books (sun's rotation near its poles), whereas the New Testament contains 27 books (sun's equatorial rotation). The 39th book of the OT is the Book of Malachi, which speaks of the Sun of Justice with medicines in its wings and the 27th book of the NT speaks about the seven churches in Asia. We have revealed the answer to the equation 9 to the 9th power of 9 (Nubian Number) in the year 2000 AD and have planted it in the womb of this Planet's resonant cavity at 7.8 cycles per second. The 78 digit sum is 342, which equals nine and the mean of the equation is 193, which equals 13. So, in the paradigm of supreme mathematics the world tree is made manifest in this New Order of the Sun. May the Great Spirit continue to breathe life into our good thoughts. I hold the number 9 in one hand (Sphere) and in the other hand the number 13 (Cube).

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet Asra-EL)
Great Peace Society of American Muurs (144,000 Chosen ones)
For the Re-Birth of the Order of the Sun
13 x 9 (Divine Love)

The Aiyn Principle
Cream of the Planet

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