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IssaEl21 02:45 PM

The '' Millennium '' Book By ( M.Z,York )
The most recent articles that have appeared in a series of Periodicals or Newspapers that our member are sending us . after we mentioned that Nibiru is coming , Newspapers and magazines all over the world , In all that different languages have been printing articles confirming the ( Existence ) of ( Nibiru ) and its whereabouts . Maybe now that The Euro-Americans are writing about it in their papers , You will have a little more faith in it .

They are simply talking about The Crystal Cities that were mentioned in Revelation 21 ; 24 ( Refer To '' The Book Of Revelation '' Chapter 21 & 22 ; '' Nibiru And Anunnaqi , Fact Or Fiction ? ; El's Holy Injiyl '' Scroll # 174 ) . The scroll is entitled '' This Is The Year 2000 A.D. And This Is What To Expect , '' Because I feel it couldn't be at a better time . For many years that is from 1970 A.D. Until now .

I have been trying to teach the African - Americans , And anyone else who would listen , About what to expect in the year 2000A.D. As As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi , or as Imaam Issa , Or as Rabboni Y'shua , Or as Dr . York , Or Reverend Dwight York , Or as Dr . Malachi Z.York , Or Nayya ; Malachi Zodok York -El , Or Amun -Nubi - Ra - Akh - Ptah ( Also spelled Amunnubi Rooakhptah ) , Or as I am known now , Neter ; A'aferti ATUM - RE ,

I have been teaching then that The Luciferians ' Time of ruling for 6,000 Years would be up in the year 2000A.D.Which is equivalent to the year 6000 A.D. Of History ( His - Story ) . Also . How we had only 30 years to raise the 144,000 which I refered to as Al Mukhlasiyna <arabic >'' The Purified Ones '' As mentioned in Koran 15 ; 39 - 40 , Where it states that '' Shaytaan '' < arabic > And his evil foe is lying in wait to get everyone off the path .

That he ( Satan ) will and has made evil fairseeming except for those led by Al Mukhlas < arabic > , Who will be called The Mukhlasiyna < arabic > '' Today this Mukhlasiyna is called The Ancient Egiptian Order ( Refer To '' The Holy Tablets '' , Chapter 6 , Behaymaw , The Human Beast , The Judgment , Tablet 17 , Verse 1 - 38 , Scrool # 172 ) .

The Luciferians use names and symbols to shield their dirty religion and their evil practices . We change names and symbols to protect ourselves from their attacks before that Great And Dreadful Day Of The Lord '' ( Malachi 4 ; 6 ) . I wrote a book entitled Eeviathan 666 '' Edition # 28 Back in the year 1971 A.D. And has now been revised into two parts . Entitled '' The Spell Of Leviathan '' ( The Spell Of Kingu ) 666 '' , Scroll # 15 , Where I tried to prepare you for these last days and times .

I taught you of the Secret Societies yet still you didn't listen . Now the media is saturated with all kinds of people such as Jordan Maxwell , Terry Cook , Who masquerade as Ted Loman , and Anthony J . Hilder ; Michael Lindemann , Steve Allen , William '' Bill '' Cooper . A . Ralph Epperson , John Coleman , Roy Allan Anderson , William Josiah Sutton , William Guy Carr Epperson . John Coleman , Roy Allan Anderson , William Josiah Sutton , William Guy Carr , And many other teaching from the things that I taught for years .

I used to say , '' The Hour Glass Is Almost Empty '' And '' Time Is Running Out '' , However . There is no more time the end is not coming , It is HERE NOTW! The Ancient Ones have given you another and Last Chance to be Sincere and want to Re - Align yourselves with your Etherian parents . If you fail , The Luciferians will get another 6,000 years back to rule the world again , And they will be more Sophisticated with their Devilishment than they ever were before . Which would mean of course that you have failed , And my coming was in Vain .

For I Came Giveing You What You Wanted , So That You Would Want What I Came Here To Give , However . You wanted and chose what the devil had to give . And betrayed your Ancient Ancestors . Whose Wholeheartedness concern was to bring you back home . Maybe now you'll see what was so important about the year 2000 A.D. In 1996 A.D. This book was still warning you and trying to prepare you for the Calamities that were to come . Now this is the year 2000 A.D.

IssaEl21 02:47 PM

The '' Millennium '' Book By ( M.Z,York )
And this book has beome a book of Prophecies Fulfilled because when you look at the state that the whole world is in , It only confirms everything I have said . Time is now still catching up . The Alignments Has Happen . So if You wonder why the world is going crazy . Its because The Planets Have Already Aligned As Of May 5th 2000 A.D. It will also happen Again In The Years 2002 Going Into 2003 A.D. Just Like Aligned In The Year 1960 And Again In 1962 A.D. People don't believe that . In the Book Of Revelation , When they tell you it's about buying and selling , It tells you in Chapter 18 , That people will not buy and sell no more .

When it speaks about The Number Of A Man , They're taking about Human Being Working With Computers . They're talking about this day and time . They want you to Believe that they have a Solution . They want you to Believe they're ready , So that you don't get prepared . The whole current Program , This whole new Non - Racial thing you are starting to see , A lot of African - Americans on commercials and everything . Is so because Fear Of Retribution .

They are Afraid . You know why ? Because The Almighty manifested in us a Generation Of Warriors , And in came a generation who Don't Fear Them . Our kids became The Hip Hop Generarion . Before them came the Brakdance Generation , And when The Hip Hop Generarion came , Then came The Hard Core Rap Gangster , Rap Gun Tating Warriors . Our younger generation have their own philosophy ; Thorns Banging On Drums and Jumping Off Stages .

Nine Ether came in with The Nine Millimeter . Somebody knew something ! All the young kids was walking around with Nine Millimeter , During the same time that Nuwaubu was coming in with NINE ETHER , And these kids will kill you now . They are in the neighborhoods shooting each other . You know what's going to happen when it turns to vigilantism for survival ? Euro - Americans know they don't stand a chance with how angry you are for all they have done to you .

IssaEl21 02:48 PM

The '' Millennium '' Book By ( M.Z,York )
We know how hard we try to be Racist . As Nuwaubians , Which is the Culture of Ancient Tama - Re ( Egipt ) , And The Yamassee Native Americans Of The Creek -- Yamacraw Nation , In our hearts we work at making ourselves Racists ; And how easier it is to make that transition , And how much more easy it is when the lights go out , because we can see in the dark . The United Stateds Air Force had to use an Old Brigade of Black Air Men because we can see in the dark under pressure . So if the light go out , They ain't got a chance in Hell . When the stuff hits the fan , That's Racism .

Now that we are Not Racist , We are here to protect them , And there are still people that want to hurt us . We are the last African - American Organization to exist everybody else has fallen away , The Isley Brother , Nation of Islam thy're gone . There is no more organization once you leave . Just look around , Find one . Find another organization with people growing as fast as you with A Language , A Land , And a Culture . And you want to know why they are pointing the finger at you ? Because now that they are all shaved down , They realize finally who their father is .

They didn't know whether it was Us or Yahweh or Farrakhan or the Black Madonna . They didn't know who they were , But now they know who it is . Now they know the problem . They know the people that got the TRUTH ; But it is said that , '' Truth Will Last And False Things Will Perish . Everybody else has fallen away . We've predicted on a yearly basis the events that would take place , And even who will be Assassinated and Dying , And when the Earthquakes , The Landslides , The Tornadoes , The Diseases , The Pestilence , The Plane Crashes and every area of Strange Tid Bits that really . Thew people off . Then people said . ''You've got to be crazy '' . Because I said '' We Used To Grow Our Own Limbs , I used to say that Women Were Here Before Men , Now scientists say women were here before men . Mitochondria DNA .

Women Are The Gods , Men are the brute force . We were meant to go out and hunt . Science Is Proving What We Say Everyday . How do you think they feel ? They Don't Want Another Generation Of Us . Imagine what a little boy would be if he was raised speaking His Own Language . When he is Not Trinidadian . He's Not Jamaican . He's Not Puerto Rican , He's Not Cuban , He's Just A NUWAUBIAN , Imagine when we said we are A New Race Of People . We are on a mission and that Mission Is Survival , We got to survive . We'll learn to survive .

IssaEl21 02:50 PM

The '' Millennium '' Book By ( M.Z,York )
We will make it through The Millennium . We never had much , Anyway . Nothing from nothing leaves nothing , So we know how to live without . We know how to sleep on the floor , We'll go without a blanket . We'll sleep on the floor . We can Survive Eating the same thing everyday and sometimes eat nothing . We'll still produce the best babies and still produce The Best Basketball Players , The Best Boxers , The Best Thinkers , That's why they don't need us because We Have Improved Our Ability In Every Other Arena , Now THE MIND .

When they got us on the golf course . Tiger Woods said , '' Light Stuff '' . When they got us on the basketball court , Michael Jordan Said '' Light Stuff '' , Muhammad Ali , '' Light Stuff '' . Then we have The African - American Women like the late Florence Griffith Joyer , The Sprinter known for Flash and Fire . She won Three Gold Medals and A Silver at The 1988 A.D. Olympics in Seoul . The sister Venus and Serena Williams have excelled in Tennis , Where Serena has become The First African - American to win the U.S. Open since Arthur Ashe ( 1968 A.D. ) And The First Black Woman to claim the title since Althea Gibson ( 1957-58 A.D. ) .

Then there's The Mind Game , Which by the way the Top Chess Player in the world is an African - American , Maurice Ashley became the nation's 470th Chess Grandmaster on March 15 . 1999 A.D. And the first African - American to earn that rank from the Inernational Chess Federation . Now we have to start thinking for ourselves and coming up with our own stuff . Now they're saying , '' Man . They came up with their own language ... '' . It's Our Language . It Came From Us . For Us , So We Can Do Our Own Thing And break away from The Spell Of Amam ( Kingu ) .

The Millennium Book Part 1
Conferred By Supreme Grand
Hierophant S.G.H. 720th Degree
Amunnubi Raakhptah ( Atum -Re )
Mir '' Pyramid '' No. 9
More In Next Post .....

ninurta999 11:14 PM

Can you post about pan and Quincy Jones?

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