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Breaking The Spell Radio Celebrating the Birthday Of Paa Munzul
Paa Munzul
In conjunction with the Birthday of Paa Munzul Nazdur: Amun Nabab Rayay Akh Ptah Djedi a.k.a. H.E. Dr Malachi Kobina York born Tuesday, June 26, 1945 A.D. in Takoradi, Ghana West Africa.

The Breaking The Spell Radio Show will be presenting a Nuwaubian International Link-up event. Our special guest host Amun will be broadcasting live from the US via live link-up along with the Breaking The Spell Hosts Shepses, Khnum, Ptah and Amun Hotep who will be broadcasting live from Omega Fm’s London studio. This special edition of the show will continue to highlight the Master Teacher’s current legal standing, to celebrate his birthday and to celebrate our New Year!

You are invited to join in or listen out for numerous guest that will be coming in live from all over the World on this our New Year’s day!!!

This will be broadcasted live to the world on omegafmradio.com and to London on 104.1fm. Contact details to go live and send your shout-out are:

Studio line: (+44) 20 8904 1462

Text Line: (+44) 7950 787 581

Skype breakingthespellradio

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