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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
Ques ; How Does A Square Force Field Move Around A Circular Or Beehive Object ?
Ans ; ; There Are 8 Corners On A Square . In Any Direction That One Moves Then The Others Will Move . If A Square Is Revolving At A High Speed , It Turns Into A Circle . However , If A Circle Revolves At High Speed It Still Looks Like A Circle . Whenever The Crystal City Is Caught On Camera It Looks Like A Square .

Ques ; Will The 144,000 Be Under The Spell When This Occurs ?
Ans ; No ! They Have Been Pre -Encoded To Break The Spell By Awakening At This Time With The Help Of The Facts I Put Out . That Means That Their DNA Structures Were Genetically Designed To Go Off , At The Sound Of My Voice And Reading The Scrolls , Like An Alarm Clock At A Designated Moment In Their Own Lives In Order To Accomodate More Facts And Right Knowldge , Right Wisdom , And Right Overstanding . That Is To Say The Current Human Being Was Prepared To Engage . The Time For Genetic Alignment Is From The Year 1970 A.D. To The Year 2,000 A.D. It Was Thrown Off By 3 Years In 1940 A.D. To 1943 A.D. With The Invention Of A Time Machine In The Philadelphia Experiment . This Is The Awakening Period For This Cycle . You Must Be Returned .

Ques ; Is That Why It Seems Like Time Goes So Fast Now ?
Ans ; The Dimensional Shift Time And Space Anomalities ( Irregularities Are Being Experienced On Your Planet At This Very Moment . Most People Have The Sense That There Isn't As Much Time As There Used To Be . This Is Usually Expressed As '' My How Time Flys '' ! Have You Ever Asked Someone What Time It Is And They Say , 3 ; 00 P.M. Then What May Seem Like To You 20 Minutes Later , When You Ask And The Time That Has Past Was Actually 1 Hour And Ten Minutes You Say To Yourself , Where Did All The Time Go . Or Have You Been In A Situation Where You Have Many Things To Do During The And You Can't Seem To Get Everything Done In The Day Like You Used To ? Its Not Because You Don't Work As Hard As You Used To , You Just Never Seem To Have Enough Time In The Day To Get All The Things Done . The Reason For This Sensation Of Less Time Is Because There Is In Reality Less Time . In Order For A Dimemsional Shift To Happen Space Is Collapsing To Create A New Dimensional Time . Conversely , Space Is Collapsing To Create A New Dimensional Reality And It Is Up For Grabs . That Is Between Each Of Your '' Tick '' And '' Tocks '' There Is A Space Of Time , Called In Music , A Rest . You Don't Use It ; So Its Up For Grabs . There Is A Vortex That Opens Up Every 10 Years . Because Time Is Speeding .

Ques ; What Is A Vortex ?
Ans ; According To The Definition It Is ; '' A Whirling Mass Of Water That Sucks Everything Down In The Center ; A Violent Whirl Of Air , Cyclone '' Taken From The Thorndike Barnhart Advanced Dictionary , Page 1141 . Since We Are Dealing With Time And Not Water It Would Pertain To Air Or Space , But The Same Principle Applies With A Tunnel Instead Of A Whirlpool . 1943 - 1953 - 1963 - 1973 - 1983 - 1993 - 2003 <> This Is An Illustration Of The Vortex That Opens Every 10 Years Since 1943 A.D. What Was Once 60 Minutes Is Now 15 Minutes . Your Time Is Deceiving You And Has Been Literally Shortened Since 1940 A.D. Every Year It Makes A New Opening In The Vortex And Different Beings Are Coming In And Out . There Are More Chances Now . Than Ever Before Of You Being Snatched Left And Right . You Can Get Caught In Time . Your Going Through A Time Continuum Change .

Ques ; What Is Time Continuum ?
Ans ; The Best Way To Try And Explain A Time Continuum Is If I Said To You , Do You Remember Your Birthday ? You'll Say Yes . Do You Remember The Things You Did ? You'll Say Yes . The Fact That You Can Keep Referring To The Day In Your Mind To The Point Where You '' Lock In On It '' , Makes That Day Continue On For As Long As You Remember It , So In A Sense It Never Ends . This Is What Happens With A Vortex And Principles Of Time . '' Now '' Is An Actual Event That Began In The Midst Of The Created Nothingness Of Your Time Zone . You See We Had To Create A State That You Call Nothingness Or Void And Emptiness . In Order To Create Something In It . At That Very Point Is ''Now '' . It Does Not Refer Simply To Living In The Prsent . Although That Is Strongly Recommended , A Time Warp Is Truly Occurring And Will Continue To Accelerate Until '' Now '' Is Fully Reached , And The Dimensions Can Finally Interface , Nothingness And Something Or The Tick , Which Is Something , And The Space Between The '' Tick '' And '' Tock '' , Which Is Nothing To You , Become One Again Much Like A Ship Landing In A Spaceport At A Predetermined Time And Moment . Now There Is More '' Now '' Then There Was A Few Months Ago , And Even More '' Now '' On The Way Right Up To The Year 2003 A.D. Your Time Warp Started In 1940 A.D. With The Philadelphia Incident Which Will Be Explained Later . Because They Did Not Have A Computer They Needed 3 Years To Create One On August 12 . 1943 A.D. Called The Rainbow Project . This Experiment Is What Caused A Vortex To Open Up Causing Extraterrestrials To Come Into This Dimension Because Of The Magnetic Pull From The Big Generators That Sypplied The Energy For The Invisibility Project In Philadelphia The Vortex Can Be Opened By Extre - Terrestrials From The Sixth Density From Their Time Reference . On Such Incident Occurred On June 6 , 1966 A.D. Which Was The Birthdate Of 13Sons Who Were Born To '' To Devil '' . All Types Of Malevolent Beings Came Through To Earth During This Time ( Refer To Leviathan 666 Edition # 15 ) .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
Ques ; When And How Did All Of These Incidents Come About With The '' Time Machine '' And The Vortex Getting Locked Up ? Ans ; Let Me Start From The Beginning . There Were Crafts Logged As Being Seen Over The White House In Washington D.C. In 1952 A.D. Extra - Terrestrials From Pleiades A 7 Star Or 7 Sun Systern In Orion The 16th Galaxy , Came Representing A Group Of Beings Called The Ashtar Command And The Beings From Aldebaran . These Beings Were Questionable Beings . Both Were Humanoids And Have Less Water In Their Bodies Giving Them A '' Pasty '' Appearance .

The Ashtar Command Met With The Late President Eisenhower , 34th President Asked America '' To Lay Down Their Arms , '' As Your Former President Harry S . Truman Once Had ; But Valiant , Also Called Val Thor , Who Was From The Planet Venus , And Came To America To Stay On March 16 , 1957 A.D. To Stay At The Pentagon Until March 16 , 1960 A.D. And Said , '' Don't Trust The People From Aldebaran ( Aryans Blonde Hair Blue - Eyed ) . '' The Government Said ' We Can't Lay Down Our Weapons Because Of Outside Threats And We Don't Know If We Can Trust You . The Beings From Pleiades Said , ' We Will Prove To You That You Can Trust Us And Stay Here And Help You . They Made Contact With Layman ( Regular Civilians ) Like Billy Meiers ( Refer To '' Are There ( U.F.O.S ) In Our Midst ?

'' , Scroll #84 And Ruth Mc Gowry Many People Reported Having Been Contacted By Extra - Terra - Astrials . Some Of Their Stories Were Fabricated ; Other Were Authentic . These Extra - Terra - Astrials Wouldn't Deal With Politicians Because Their Motives Were Wrong . Dwight David Eisenhower Served From 1953 - 1961 A.D. / Harry S . Truman Served From 1945 - 1953 A.D. / Valiant Thor Extra - Terrestrial From Venus / Madame Blavatsky Founder Of The Theosophical Society .

However , The Bewings From Aldebaran Became Highly Insulted And Went Back In Time And Had A Meeting Of Psychics With An Organization Called The Thule Society . A Woman Named Madame Blavatsky Who Was Born Helena Petrovna von Hahn , Branched Off , Headed The Theosophical Society . She Was A Well Known Witch , Two ( 2 ) Witches , Who Were Also Psychics , By The Names Of Maria Autish And Zigrum , The Thule Society And Madame Blavatsky Came Together And Selected Adolf Hitler In 1913 A.D. To Be Their Contactee , Or Man On This Planet Earth . Valiant Thor Arrived With Crew Members , Donn , Tanyia And Jill . They Landed In Alexandria , Virginia Where He Was Met By Two Police Officers With Their Weapons Drawn . Donn , Tanyia And Jill . Were Still On The Craft Called Victor 1 . He Made It Clear To Them That He Didn't Intend Any Harm .

He Was Put In The Back Seat Of The Police Car And Was Escorted To Washington D.C. And Was Met By The Secretary Of Defense Along With Six Of His Staff Members . When He Came To Earth He Spoke To Dwight David Eisenhower Who Was President At That Time And Vice President Richard Milhous Nixion , Valiant Thor Was Liked By Nixon Because He Appeared To Be Very Sharp And Quick - Witted , Nixon Knew Of Extraterrestrials And It Was A Part Of The Cover - Up . He Is Not A Caucasion He Was Tanned . He Is A Hindu Not A European . People Are So Quick To Accept Him As Apart Of Their Race . Just Like Billy Meiers Who Is Supported By All Amorites , Val Thor Was Beige , As Said Previous He Is A Venerian ( Venusian ) .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
In An Article Written In '' UFO Universe '' , Winter 1995 Edition , Page 6 It Is Said That He And Comedian Jackie Gleason Saw Captured Bodies Of Extraterrestrials Beings And I Quote '' ... Two Other Sources Allege That Nixon Brought Comedian Jackie Gleason , A Close Personal Friend , With Him To Homestead AFB , Florida , In 1973 A.D. To View Alien Bodies In Cold Storage . One Of The Sources Is Beverly McKittrick , Gleason's Second Wife , Who Said That Gleason Was Visibly Shaken By The Experience . But Would Neither Confirm Nor Deny The Report When Quesationed By Others . The Other Source Is Bentwaters Principal Larry Warren , Who Met With Gleason Years Later In Upstate New York To Discuss The Bentwaters Incident . According To Warren , Gleason Recounted Being Driven To Homestead AFB By Nixon Alone Late One Night Around Midnight .

The Startled Sentry Waven The President Through , And They Drove Together To A Remote Part Of The Base , Nixon And Gleason Were Allowed Entry And Viewed Alien Bodies In Deep Freeze . As Related To Warren , Nixon Provided Little Information On The Origin Of The Of The Visitors To Gleason . Whether Or Not He Was Sworn To Secrecy , Gleason Made No Public Comment On The Incident At Any Time For The Rest Of His Life .

Val Thor Was Capable Of Reading Minds , Had Super Natural Power , Clairvoyance And Telepathy . What Struck Most People As Strange About Valiant Thor Was That He Didn't Have Any Fingerprints And Was Able To Demateralize Or Make Himself Invisible . While He Was Here He Warned Humans Of The Self Destructive Path They Were On , There Were Certain Individual That He Warned Like Robert '' Bobby '' Kennedy To 'Be CAareful ' Because There Was A Plot To Kill Him . It Is Obvious He Didn't Listen . Bobby Kennedy , Was A Firm Believer In IFO's

( Identified Flying Objects ) , And Carried The Amalgamated Flying Saucer Club Of America Directed By Gabriel Green , A Yucca Valley , California Contactee . In A Letter Written To Publish Gray Barker , Kennedy Wrote '' Like Many Other People In Our Country , I Am Interested In The UFO's The Prominent Astronomer Has States That There Is A Probability , That Their Is Life In The Universe , I Favor More Research Regarding This Matter And I Hope That Once And For All We Can Determine The True Facts About Flying Saucers . '' It Is Said That Kennedy Was Assassinated Because He Was Too '' New Age .

Ques ; You Mentioned The Thule Society Was A Secret Society . Did Other Secret Societies Branch Off From This Society ? Ans ; They Had 24 Evil Elders And They Branched Off And Became Druids , The Rosicrucians , Astara , The Elks , Knights Of Templars , Knights Of Columbus , Shriners , Eastern Stars , Freemasons , Ku Klux Klan , Skin Heads , The Boosters Club , The Alhambra , The Ayran Race Groups The Tall Cedars Of Lebannon , The Boy Scouts , Fraternities , Sororities , And The Theosophical Society . Collectively . Which Is The Eclipse Of The Sun Of Righteousness . The Illuminati Have No Concern With Race . Nationality Creed , Or Movement . They Work Only For Themselves The Aim Of The Illuminati Is To Subject All Mankind To Sovereign Tyranny . The Meetings Of The Thule Society Led To The 3rd Rite ( Reich ) . Who's Power Still Rule The World Today .

The Ashtar Command ....Origin ; ---- Originally From Aldebaran And Are Now In Orion
Height ; ---- 5 To 6 Feet ....Skin Texture ; ---- Rubbery ....Hair ; ---- Blonde Hair .....Head ; ---- Human ... Face ; ---- Human .... Eyes ; ---- Blue Eyes To Gray .... Nose ; ---- Long ....Mouth ; ---- Long ..... Ears ; ----- Long ... Neck ; ----- Long .... Body ; ----- Long .Arms ; ----- Long ...
Hands ; ---- Long ... Torso ; ---- Long ... Legs ; ----- Long Genitals ; ---- Long Feet ; ------ Long
Appearance ; ---- These Entites Are Very Human Looking .
Nature ; ---- They Say They Are Here To Help Save The Planet Earth .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
Communication ; Their Leader Ashtar Sheran , Aseur . Blond -Haired Blue -Eyed Being Came To Earth And Are Still Here On The Planet Earth . Originally This Nordic Type Are Also In Pleiades , But Have Been Known To Wear Insignias From Arcturus And Venus . You May See An Insignia And It May Confuse You , Because Some Of These Beings Are Sharing Planets , Since They Were Cast Out Of Illyuwn That Which Encompasses Pleiades .

For Example , You Can Be A Nigerian And You May Fight In A War Or Pledge Allegience To Another Country And Wear Their Symbol . There In Antarctica , Hitler Was Introduced To A Cavern In The Earth . It Was Not Shamballah , It Was In Side A Tunnel , Where He Encountered Beings From Aldebaran ( Humanoids ) , Pleiades ( Humanoids ) , Andromeda ( Grasshopper - Like , '' Predator '' Looking Beings ) , Dracos ( Reptillians ) And Other Beings From The 6 Star Or 6 Sun Constellation Of Orion , Where There Were Disagreeable Beings . They Were Responsible For The Translations Of The Bible That Added Orion , Pleiades , Arcturus To It , As Found In Job 9 ; 9 , Job 38 ; 31 And Amos 5 ; 8 . These Are The Same Beings Responsible For The Mistranslations Of The Bible And The Whole '' God '' And '' The Devil '' Concept .

This Went Into The Koran Of The Muhammadans And Sufi Or Mutasawwifs And The Kabbalah Of The Jews . According , These Same Caverns That These Beings Dwell In , Were Found By Admiral Richard E , Byrd In 1947 A.D . Adiral R.E.Byrd And His Associates Flew 1700 Miles Beyond The South Pole Base , When They Saw A Valley Not Covered In Ice The Weather Is A Steady 76 Degrees Farenheit , Later , On April 5 , 1955 A.D. He Was Authorized By The Navy To Launch An Exploration Trip To The Inner Earth , He Flew 2300 Miles From The Navy Base In Antarctica To Find The Entrance To The Center Of The Earth It Wasn't Until July , 1958 A.D. That A Report Was Given By Byed Saying A Vast New Land Had Been Discovered .

The Details Of It Were Never Released Officially ; However , Pieces Of Information Were Later Printed In A Certain Magazine Stating That There Were '' Blue Green Lakes Of Warm Water .... ( With ) Black Lines Which Resembled Blast Marks '' . These Blast Lines Would Be Evidence Of Aircrafts Being Launched From This Inner Earth Base To The Surface Of The '' Outer Earth '' . Location Of The Inner World Called The '' Rainbow City '' Because Of The Reflecting Light From The Inner Sun Known As The '' Southern Lights'' Or Aurora Australis . Admiral E . Byrd Is Not The Only Person Who's Seen The '' Inner Earth '' , Lt . Commander David Bunger Landed His Sea Plane In The Lakes And Commented That The Water There Was Warmer Then That Of The Oceans .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
Ques ; How Did These People Come To Live Inside The Earth ?
Ans ; The Existence Of Races Of People Living Inside The Earth Is Nothing New . You Find Stories In Ancient Teaching Of The Norweigans , On One Part Of The Globe . The Hindus In Another Part , As Well As The Greeks , The Egyptians And The Mayans . For As Many Different Types Of People Or Beings On The Earth , There Are As Many Below The Earth . This To Is Also Recorded In The Bible In Revelation 5 ; 3 , 13 . And I Quote ; So There Was No One In The Orion Skies Not The Elders , In The Crystal City With All Their Advanced Intellect , Had The Ability Or Authority To Open The Seven Seals And No One Upon The Planet Earth , No Human Being And Not Under The Planet Earth , Located In The Center Of The Earth In The City Called Aghaarta , Waalhaala , Or Shamballah ,

Not Even The Dunaakials , The Teros , The Flugelrods , The Deros , The Duwaanis , Nor The Benevolent Ones , Could Open The Little Scroll Nor Look Into It . Verse 13 , And All The Created Beings Which Are In The Ouranos Orion Skies , Who Are The Angelos Or The Anunnaqi , Eloheem . The 24 Elders , And The Four Living Creatures , And Upon The Planet Earth And Under The Planet Earth , And Such As Are In The Sea And Who Are In It ; I , The Newsbearer Yowkhanan John , Heard All Of Them Together Saying ; 'Blessings ' And Hornor , And Glory And Authority Be To Him ( Melchizedek )
That Sits Upon The Seat And The Lamb Forever And Ever .

The Beings That Live In The Inner Earth Range In Size From As Small As Pygmies , Dwarves And Midgets To Giants Who Size Ranges From 10 - 19 Feet Tall . You Have '' Good '' Or '' Benevolent '' And '' Bad '' Or '' Malevolent '' That All Dwell Within The Earth . Richard Shaver , A Visitor Called Them '' Teros '' Deros '' ( Refer To '' Mission Earth And The Extraterrestrial Involvement '' , Scroll # 82 ) These Inner Earthling Have Lived There Since There Was A Canopy Of Water Surrounding The Planet QI ( Earth ) Or What You Know As The '' Noah Story '' In Genesis Chapter 7 And 8 , When The '' Sons Of God'' Came To Earth And Had Children Genesis 6 ; 2 And I Quote ; And The < Bane > 'Son's Of The Disagreeable Eloheem Anaqites Saw The < Bath > Daughters Of The Adamites That They Were Very < Tobe > Agreeable ' And Beautiful In Their Hearts , And They < Law -qakh > '' Took Them By Force To Be Their Wives , All Of Those They Chose . The Seed Of Anath , Nekaybaw's Eve , Mother , The Hawilahites Or The Dogon Tribes Of Mali .

Once The Waters Were Let Loose On The QI ( Earth ) , These Children , Who Were Part Human And Part Extraterrestrials , Went Into The Inner Caverns Of The Planet Earth Until The Water From The Flood Subsided . Some Of Them Resurfaced And Some Remained In The Interior Of The Earth .

Ques ; Has Anyone Actually Seen The Inner Sun ?
Ans ; A Man Named , Dr , Nephi Cottam D.C. , Along With A Friend , Went On A Small Escavation In A Small Fishing Boat And Sailed The Ocean Into A Huge Canyon , And Saw A Sun Shining From Inside The Earth . The Ocean , As It Flowed Into This Cavern Turned Into A Small River That Flows From One End To The Other , Or From The North Pole To The South Pole . The Poles Are Not The Only Openings For This Inner World . Many , Openings Are Found In Caves And Such Places As Mammoth Cave , Kentucky ; The Mountains Of Tibet ; The Pyramids Of Giza , Egypt And Mato Grosso , Brazil . ( Refer To '' Leviathan 666 '' Edition # 15 ) .

Ques ; Where Do They Get The Energy That Powers Their World And Their Crafts ?
Ans ; They Are An Advanced Society With Advanced Technology . The Proof In This Is Clearly Seen By The Use Of '' Flying Saucers '' , The Knowledge Of Splitting Atoms Is A Fairly Recent Discovery For Earth . Earth Is Primitive Compared To The Level These Beings Are On . They Use Power Called Blast - Electricity Whose Source Is From The Compression Of Air And Its Connection With Electricity . This Ties In With The Shifting Of Weights Which Was The Secret To The Building Of The Pyramids . The Only People That Have Come Close To The Level Of Technology Are Certain Scientists That Were Selected To Particpate In An Experiment To Create Invisibility .

I Know This May Sound Crazy But The Facts Must Be Put Forth . As You Read Futher . You Will See How All Of These Pieces Fit Together So That You May See What Really Happened . Now The Scientists , Namely Nikola Tesla , Dr . Eric John Von Neumann , And Albert Einstein , Dr Emil Kurtnauer , Thomas Townsend Brown And Others Were Being Brought Into America . They Started Bringing All Of These Scientists To Los Alamos , New Mexico , Wright - Patterson Air Force Base , In Ohio And Dreamland In Nevada , They Also Set Up The Institute Of Advanced Research At Princeton University In Princeton , New Jersey . Between 1910 - 1930 A.D. Were Their Big Years , Which Is When All Of This Started Taking Place .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
They Chose Philadelphia As The Site To Test The Project Of Invisibibility , Because It Was A Navy Base . The Institute In New Jersey Was Strickly Used As A Place To Meet . Although They Had Many Great Minds , They Still Needed More Mathematicians And Intellectual People To Accomplish What They Set Out To Do . Dr . Nikola Tesla Physicist And Electrical Genius ( 1856 - 1943 a.d. ) ... Dr . Eric John Von Neumann Genius In Mathematics ( 1903 - 1957 A.D. ) , One Of The Most Outstanding Scientist In The Project Was Nikola Tesla . He Was Born At Midnight On July 10 , 1856 A.D. In A Remote Section Of An Austro - Hungarian Province , Now Called Yugoslavia . He Is Of Serbian Origin . His Father Was An Orthodox Priest Revered Milutin Tesla . Dr . Thomas Townsend Brown Physicist ( 1905 - A.D. - ) Dr . Albert Einstein Physicist And Inventor ( 1879 - 1955 A.D. ) His Mother Was An Unschooled But Highly Intelligent Woman By The Name Of Djouka . ( Refer To Nikola Tesla - The Venerian Scroll # 132 )

Tesla Attended The Technical University At Graz , Austria And The University Of Prague . At Graz He First Saw The Gramme Dynamo , Which Operated As A Generator And , When Reversed , Because An Electric Motor And He Conceived A Way To Use Alternating Current To Advance . Later , At Budapest , He Visualized The Principle Of The Rotation Of Magnetic Fields And Developed Plans For An Induction Motor . In 1882 A.D. Tesla Went To Work In Paris For The Continental Edison Company , And While On Assignment To Strassburg In 1883 A.D. , He Constructed , His First Induction Motor . Tesla Sailed For America In 1884 A.D. In May 1885 A.D.

George Westinhouse , Head Of Westinghouse Electric Company In Pittsburgh , Bought The Patent Right Of Tesla's Polyphase System Of Alternating Current Dynamos , Transformers , And Motors . This Caused A War Between Thomas Edison's System Of Direct Current And Tesla - Westinghouse's System Of Alternating - Current Approach , Which Eventually Won Out .Tesla Soon Established His Own Laboratory . He Experimented With Shadowgraphs Similar To Those That Later Were To Be Used By Wilhelm Rontgen When He Discovered X-Rays In 1895 A.D. Tesla's Experiments Included Work On A Carbon Button Lamp , On The Power Of Electrical Resonance , And On Various Types Of Lighting .

Tesla Gave Exhibition In His Laboratory In Which He Lighted Lamps Without Wires By Allowing Electricity To Flow Through His Body , To Relieve People Fears Of Alternating Currents . He Was Often Invited To Lecture At Home And Abroad . The Tesla Coil , Which He Invented In 1891 A.D. Is Widely Used Today In Radio And Television Sets And Other Electronic Equipment . The Year 1891 A.D. Also Marked The Date Of Tesla's United States Citizenship . Westinghouse Used Tesla 's System To Light The World Columbian Exposition At Chicago In 1893 A.D. His Success Was A Factor In Winging Him The Contract To Install The First Power Machinery At Niagara Falls , Which Bore Tesla's Name And Patent Numbers .

The Project Carried Power To Buffalo By 1896 A,D. Tesla's Believed Thought In Motion Could Be Captured On Screen . Tesla's Conceived The Idea Of Thoughtography / Thought - Photography Many Years Ago Tesla Was Reported As Saying '' I Became Convinced , That A Definite Image Formed In Though Must , By Reflex Action , Produce A Corresponding Image In The Retina ( The Inner Membrane At The Back Of The Eyeball That Is Sensitive To Light And Receives Optical Images ) Of One's Eye , And Possibly Be Read By A Suitable Apparatus , '' This Is What He Experienced As A Child While In School . He Was Able To Figure Out Mathematical Equations By Visualizing The Equations Or Polygons , To The Extreme Where It Became Difficult To Tell If What Was Before His Eyes , Was Reality , Or In His Mind . This Shows The Power Of The Mind .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
Thoughtography , According To Tesla , Was The Basis For His System Of Television First Revealed In 1893 A.D. Tesla Planned To Fabricate An Artificial Retina As A Means Of Impressing Thought Signals On Screen . He Hoped To Complete The Broadcast By Means Of A Simulated '' Optic Nerve '' ( The Nerve Of Sight ) , Which Goes From The Brain To The Eyeball And Terminates In The Retina ) And Another Retina At The Point Of Reproduction .

As Tesla Conceived It , The Two Retinas Would Be Multifaceted With Checkboard Like Patterns . '' The So - Called Potic Nerve , '' He Added '' Was Merely A Part Of Earth , '' According To A Report , Tesla Had Previously Invented An Instrument Capable Of Simultaneously , And Without Interference , Transmitting Hundreds Of Thousands Of Indivdual Impulses Through The Ground Without The Use Of Wires . He Referred To A Scanning Device Or Cathodic Ray . And Reasoned That A Thought Or Mental Drama Reflected On The Retina Could Be Captured Through Photography And Projected On A Screen , '' Thus , The Object Imagined Or Visualized By A Person Would Be Clearly Reflected On The Viewer As Formed , ''

Tesla Believed That All Of The Thoughts In The Mind Of The Test Subject Could Be Portrayed Upon An Optical Surface . Scientists Today , Believe That A Crystal Could Be The Clue '' Crystals ' They Say , '' Are Subject To Mind Brain . Energy Patterns , And If Grown To Become Specific Geometric Shapes , The Prisms Could Likely Be Tuned To The Mental Frequency Range Of Certain Individuals , According To One Spokesman . Scientists Now Forsee Senstive Instruments Containing Numerous Bands Responsive To A Multitude Of Thought Patterns Passing Through Crtstals . Returning From New York In 1900 A.D. , Tesla Began Construction On Long Island Of A Wireless Would Broadcasting Tower , With $ 150 , 000 Capital From U.S. Financier J . Pierpont Morgan . Tesla Claimed He Secured The Loan By Assigning 51 % Of His Patenr Right Of Telephony And Telegraphy To Morgan .

He Expected To Provide Worldwide Communication And To Furnish Facilties For Sending Pictures , Messages , Weather Warnings , And Stock Reports . The Project Was Abandoned Because Of Financial Panic , Labor Troubles , And Morgan's Withdrawal Of Support . It Was Tesla's Greatest Defeat . Because Of A Lack Of Fubds , Tesla's Work Shifted To Other Projects And Most Of His Ideas Remained In His Notebooks Which Are Still Examined By Engineers For Clues . In 1915 A.D. He Was Severely Disappointed When A Report That He And Thomas Edison Were To Share '' The Nobel Prize , '' Tesla Received The '' Edison Medal '' In 1917 A.D. , The Highest Honor That The American Institute Of Electrical Engineers Could Give .

Tesla Demanded Much Of His Employees But Inspired Their Loyalty . Though He Admired Intellectual And Beautful Women , He Had No Time To Become Involved . He Had Very Few Friends And The Ones He Had Consisted Of Writers , Robert Underwood Johnson , Mark Twain , And Francis Marion Crawford . Tesla Had Been Called To Washington To Do Work For The Government . He Had Several Projects , One Of His Main Project Was The Philadelphia Experiment .

He Also Had Many Other Projects And Inventions That He Had Did In Europe Before He Came To America . Tesla Was Also Known For A Project He Invented And Worked On Called The '' Death Ray '' , The Death Ray Was Capable Of Destroying 10,000 Airplanes , 250 Miles Distant , The U.S. Army Was Involved In The Marking Of This Machine In 1938 A.D. To 1939 A.D. And Was Tested In New Mexico . It Was Reported That The '' Death Ray '' Did Work . However , It Was So Dangerous For Anyone To Control So They Destroyed The Machine , Records And Plans . Tesla Proposed A Similar System To The British , But They Turned Him Down . Tesla Also Made A Radio Controllled Automobile That Extracted Its Power From The Air Around It ( Refer To '' Mission Earth And The Extraterrestrial Involvement '' , Scroll # 82 ) .

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Man From Planet Rizq Scroll # 80 ( M.Z.York )
Another Scientist On The Project Was Dr. Emil Kurtenauer , An Austrian Physicist On Staff Of The University Of Chicago . They Decided To Do A Study , Or Speculation Of Invisibility Reserach That Happened In 1930 - 1932 A.D. So It Began As A Civilian Project . In 1933 A.D. The Project Was Moved Up To The East Coast At The Institute Of Advanced Study In Princeton , New Jersey . In 1934 A.D. The Project Transferred To One Of The First People On Staff , A 1925 A.D. In Chemistry And Another Degree In Physics In 1926 A.D. And A Ph.D In Math . He Taught At Newark For 4 Years . And Then Transferred To The United States , He Taught At The Graduate School At Princeton For 3 Years , And They Invited Him To Join The Institute .

Other Like Albert Einstein Were There Since 1933 A.D. When He Left Germany . Albert Einstein Had Nothing To Do Directly With The Invisiblity Project That He Called The Rainbow Project . He Went To The California Institute Of Technolgy , And Taught There For 3 Years . Then Went To The Institute Upon Invitation And Was Accepted There . The Project Expanded . I'm Giveing You All Of The Information That You Have Just Read To Prepare You For What You Are About To Read Through , Which Is An Experiment Called The Philadelphia Experiment .

That Took Place In 1943 A.D. You May Ask Why Should You Be Concerned With An Incident That Took Place 51 Years Ago ? The Answer Is Simple , Because Whether You Know It Or Not , You Are Being Affected By What Happened In That Philderphia Harbor On August 12 , 1943 A.D. That Change History Forever .

Ques What Is The Philadelphia Experiment ?
Ans ; The Philadelphia Experiment Was An Experiment To Accomplish Teleportation Of A Warship , The USS Eldridge From Philadelphia To A Dock Near Norfolk Virginia By Using Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory . The Navy Explore A Further Extension Using This Theory To Accomplish The Radar , Visual Invisibility That Caused The Same USS Eldridge And Its Crew To Disappear .

Ques ; Were The Scientists That You Named Above Involved In The Philadelphia Experiment ?Ans ; Yes , Dr . Tesla , Dr . Von Neumann Were Directly Involved With The Experiment . Dr . Albert Einstein Didn't Have Much To Do With This Particular Experiment . He Was Being Used For Other Experiment At That Time . It Is Questionable Whether Dr . T . Townsend Brown Was Heavily Involved In The Project . Although His Involvement Tends To Be Unspecific , It Is Certain That He Would Have Had To Have Been Involved In At Least Some Point Since A Great Deal Of The Work , As Done By His Reserach Team . Dr . Emil Kurtnauer Was An Austrian Physicist That Was A Part Of The Project . He Is From The Same Country Adolf Hitler Was From .

Quer ; When Did The Experiment Begin ?
Ans ; The Philadelphia Experiment Began Originally In The 1930's In Chicago , Illinois Will A Team Of Scientists Which Included Dr . Hutchinson Jr . Who Was The Dean Of The University Of Chicago , And Nikola Tesla , A Brilliant Mathematician And Physicist . From The Very Beginning This Project Was Funded By The U.S. Navy .

Ques ; Who Was Made Head Of The Philadelphia Experiment ?
Ans ; By 1936 A.D. Tesla Was In Charge Of The Project , And A Friend Of President Franklin Delano Roosevet Who Had Become President Of The United States In 1933 A.D. When F.D.R. Was The Secretary In The Navy He First Met Tesla In 1917A.D. Who Was Working For The Government For War Efforts And They Manintained Friendship During His Presidency F.D.R .
Called Tesla And Asked How Would He Like To Work For The Government Again . Franklin Delano Roosevet ( 1882 - 1945 A.D. ) . Tesla Accepted , Because He Didn't Have A Lot Of Money And So He Agreed To Become The Director Of The The Philadelphia Experiment At Princeton . Remember Tesla Was Already Involved With The '' Invisibility '' Project In Chicago In The 1930's Which Later Received The Name The Philadelphia Experiment / Project Rainbow Then Project Phoenix .

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Ques ; Did Anyone Else Work On The Experiment With Tesla ?
Ans ; Yes Tesla Joined Up With Two Men , Who Were Brothers . One Named Duncan Cameron Born May 15 , 1917 A.D. And Alfred Bielek His Legal Name , Originally Named Edward A . Cameron Born August 4 , 1916 A.D. They Were Born To A Family With A Considerable Amount Of Money , Not Wealthy , But Well Off . When It Came Time For School Duncan Went To The University Of Edinburgh In Edinburgh , Scotland ; Receiving A Ph.D In Physics In 1939 A.D. And Alfred Bielek , In The Meantime , Went To The University Of Princeton And Received A Bachelors And Master Degree , And In The Summer Of 1939 A.D. Both Received A Ph.D In Physics At Harvard .

This Was All Arranged By Their Father , Alexander Duncan Cameron , Who Had A Great Deal Of Influence With The Navy And Apparently Political Clout In Various Sectors Of The Government . How Their Father Had Such Connections Is Not Known . He Himself Served In The Navy In World War I , Apparently As An Ordinary Recruit , He Did A 20 Year Stint And Retired . In Between , Alexander Duncan Cameron Went Back And Forth To Europe , And Became Involved With Bringing German , Jewish Scientist , Out Of Nazi , Germany Into The United States . This Ceased In 1939 A.D. When The Cold War Turned Into A Hot War . He Had Many Connections .

Ques ; When Was The First Test Done ?
Ans ; In 1940 A.D. The Experiment Progressed Further On Until Further Reserch With Tesla's Approach . They Were Ready For A Full Test . It Started With A Navy Ship , A Tinder And 2 Adjacent Vehicles In The Brooklyn Navy Yard That Provided The Power Drive And Coils For Equipment Aboard The Tinder . With Cables On Either Side And The Idea ,

That If Anything Happened In The Navy Yard The Crew Would Be Able To Cut The Cables , And If Anything Happened On The Other Side , If They Were Desperate Enough They Could Just Sink The Ship . Nothing Of The Kind Happen . They Thew The Switch In 1940 A.D. Off The Sea Coast Of The Brooklyn Navy Yard . There Were No Human Beings Aboard The Ship , During The First , Testing Of The Invisibility Project . It Was Strictly A Dry Run . This The First Successful Transition Into Invisiblity Test Was Done , This Was A Testing Of A Battleship . They Applied Coils Which Tesla Invented In 1891 A.D. And A Generator To A Mine Sweeper Which Made It Possible . There Was No Personnel Used Aborad The Mine Sweeper .

Only The Ship Was Used . Tesla Designed Special Coil For The Generators And Transformers Everything Was Built To Endure Powerful Jolts Of Electricity . In The Meantime , Other People Came Aboard The Team Working Out From The Advanced Technical Institute Such As ; Dr . Godstov , The Associate Of Dr , von Neumann , Dr . Clark Then In 1940 A.D. Crowley Ailester , Thomas Townsend Brown Who Joined The Navy Revserves About 1933 A.D. And By 1939 A.D. Was Top Active Navy . The Navy Wanted Him Specifically For His Gravity , Gravitics , Cyboltage And Such , To Work On The Project Of The German Magnetic Mines . T . Townsend Brown Was Responsible For Design Of The B - 2 Stealth Which Later Led To The Aurora Jet .

Who Designed The Generators And Equipment For The Experiment ? The Experiment Was Designed Of Course By Nikola Tesla With A Lot Of Work . And Cooperation From Duncan And Bielek . These Were A Lot Of Arguments Between Tesla Who Was The Director Of The Experiment And von Neumann Who Was His Assistant . Dr . John Eric von Neumann Had A Great Deal Of Respect To Resla's Ability , But They Didn't Always Agree On Everything . Tesla Was Insisting As The Due Date Approached For The Test With Personnel On The Battleship ,

That They Were Going To Have Very Severe Problems With The Addition Of People . Tesla Said Flatly You Can Not Employ The Large Amounts Of Power To Make A Ship The Size As This Invisible , Without Having Disastrous Affects On The Heads Of The People , Or The Minds And Bodies Involved Of The Persons Concerned . Because You're Talking About Mega Watts Of Power And Normal Power And Coils , Which In The Earlier Phases Were Like Degaussing Coils ( Huge Coiled Wires ) That Were Wrapped Around The Hold Of The Ship . And Lated Designed Was A Set Of Four Coils Mounted On The Deck Of The Ship On Conical Shaped Design Speacially Designed By Tesla .

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Tesla Knew He Had A Problem . He Went To The Navy Saying He Needed More Time They Wouldn't Give Him More Time . They Said '' You Have A Deadline '' And He Had Already Been Advised . In Colorado Springs , Where He Stayed From 1899 A.D. Until Early 1900 A.D. Tesla Made What He Regarded As His Most Imporant Discovery - Terrestrial Stationary Waves .

By This Discovery They Proved That The Earth Could Be Used As A Conductor And Would Be As Responsive As A Tuning Fork To Electrical Vibration Of A Certain Pitch . He Also Lit 200 Lamps Without Wires From A Distance Of 25 Miles And Created Man - Made Lightning , Producing Flashes Measuring 135 Feet . At One Time He Was Certian He Had Received Signals From Another Planet In His Colorado Laboratory , A Claim That Was Met With Ridicule In Some Scientife Journals . He Said That He Could Split The Earth Like An Apple .

Nearly A Century Ago , When The Idea Of Interplanetary Communication Was Thought Of As A '' Fantasy '' , Tesla Was Already Performing Serious Research And Formulating Devices For The Express Purpose Of Contacting Extraterrestrial Beings . He Was The First Man In Earth's History To Record Intelligently Controlled Signals From Outer Space . In 1938 A.D. Tesla Announced That He Had Developed A Method For Interplanetary Communication . Although Tesla Was Mocked For His Claims About Extraterrestrials ,

Tesla Was Indeed In Contact With Beings From Venus Called Venusians . Tesla Was A Venusian Himselffand He Was Over 6 Feet Tall . In The Year 1856 A.D. A Craft And Was Named Nikola , He Was Give To The Tesla Family And Thus Received His Surname And Upbringing . The Tesla's Knew Who He Was And Kept His Identity Very Quietly . The Venusians Had Landed Many Times Between The Years Of Tesla's Birth 1856 A.D. To His Supposed Death In 1943 A.D.

Tesla First Came Up With This Idea In 1898 A.D. Of What Is Termed The '' Tesla - Scope '' . A Space Communication Set . The First Working Moder Wasn' t Built Until 1918 A.D. Many Broadcasts Were Received Frequently From Space With The Intentions Of Communicating With The Planet Lahamu ( Venus ) . The First Message He Received Was In 1941 A.D. From A Craft That Was From Lahamu ( Venus ) Known As X = 12 And For The Next 20 Years He Would Continue To Receive Messages . The Tesla Scope Operates On The Same Principle As His Anti - War Device . The Tesla Scope Was Put Into Operation By Arthur H . Matthews , Of Quebee , Canada .

Matthews Worked Under Tesla During The Time In Which Communications Were Coming In From Other Planers On A Regular Basis . Since It Functions In The Sophisticated , Tesla Micro - Wave System , It Won't Pick Up Conventional Radio / T.V. Broadcasts , But The Instrument Is Specifically Designed To Receive Transmission From Spaceships And Can Be Equipped To Receive From Other Planets . Matthews , Under Tesla's Guidance In 1938 A.D. Built An Enhanced Version Of This Device Then In 1947 A.D . He Re - Built The Set With Further Improvemnents . In 1967 A.D. Using The Same Concept , He Adapted The New Microminiature Electronices Reducing The Size Of The Scope To 6 Feet Long And 4 Inches In Diameter In Which He Also Received Messages From Outer Space .

We Have To Back Track Tesla Into History , Is His Own Words To The Press In Colorado Springs , He Said He Was In Contact With Intelligence From '' Off The Planet Earth . This Was Very Poorly Received By His Scientific Colleagues ; And He Made The Same Announcement To The Press In 1923 A.D. At The Time Of The Mars Approach , The '' Close Approach '' In 1923 A.D. He Made Another Announcement After That . Tesla Had A Great Deal Of Radio Frequency ( R.F. ) Equipment In His New York Lab . He Had 2 Labs Actually . One At His Residence At The Hotel New Yorker Were He Had A Receiving Station ; Then He Also Had A Office And Lab Operation In The Top Tower In The Top Room At The Waldorf Astoria .

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