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IssaEl21 06:42 AM

El Katub Shil El Maawut The Book Of The Dead
( It Is No Coincidence )

It Is No Coincidence that you can take Socalled Religious practices of today and find exactly where it was Copied From Ancient Egypt , In The Islaamic Religion The Muslims have what's referred to as The Al Hajarul Aswad < arabic > or Black Stone Which sits in Ruknul Aswad < arabic > , The East Corner Of A Cube Shaped Building 40 x 40 , Which they refer to as The Kaaba < arabic > And they make A Hajj or Pilgrimage to this site to Encircle it seven times in An Ancient Egyptian Ritual Establish by the Pharaoh Amenophis Who Erected a large cube shaped granite stone in Karnak to The Great Egyptian Deity Amun , Who became Amun - Ra , The Sun Deity .

The Priest Of Amun would shave all the hair off their Bodies , Bald Their Heads , Wear A One Piece Seamless White Robe and encircle the cube structure seven times each day . IT IS NO COINCIDENCE That the Arabic word for Pyramid Is Ahrum <arabic > Both from the same root Harum < arabic > Or Sacred Place , Which is also the same word they use Haaram < arabic > for unlawful .

The Kaaba of The Islaamic World was built originally to the deity El Uzza ( El's Holy Quraan 23 ; 19 ) , Who is The Egyptian Equivalent of Isis or ( Aset ) . Their Corner Stone They Claim Is A Meteorite That Fell To Earth White As Snow And By The Kisses Of Evil MenTheir Sins Entered It And It Became Blackened ( Al Timidho Hadith 2577 )

This Is One Of The Ridiculous Belief Concerning This Master Builder's Artifacts . They Are Uncertain As To Wether It Existed Before Kadmon ( Adam ) Or Exactly Who , Yet Millions Of Believing Muslims Each Year Go There To Worship A Door And Pray To This Cube Shape Building Sitting In The Center Of The City Now Called Mecca In Saudi Arabic . Thus It Is No Coincidence When I Tell You That In The Judaic Religion They To Stole Things From The Egyptian Culture . The Ten Commandment Of Leviticus 20 ; 1 - 19 Of The Bible Was Taken Directly Out Of The Book Of The Dead , From The ..

Declaration Of Innocence Before The Neteru Of The Tribunal '' Such As . '' Thou Shalt Not Kill '' ( Exodus 20 ; 15 ) , Which By The Way Was Taken From Verse 3 Of The '' Declaration Of Innocence Before The Neteru Of The Tribunal '' Where It States And I Quote ; '' O Swallower Of Shades Who Came Forth From Kernet , I Have Not Slain People '' , So Read '' The Book Of The Dead '' With The Intent Of Overstanding It's Message . ( Coming Forth By Day )

El Katub Shil El Maawut
The Book Of The Dead
Coming Forth By Day
Inscribed By ;
Dr . Malachi Z,York

IssaEl21 06:45 AM

The Book Of The Dead ( ParTwo By M.Z.Y )
In the blessed and holy name of the grear Neter Usir , Son of Geb and Nut , Children of the majestic Amun - Ra

One hundred and twenty ~ five ~ The declaration of innocence before The Neteru of the Tribunal . ( 19 x 2 ) = 38

( 1 ) . O wide - strider who came forth Anu ( helioplis ) , I Have Not Done Wrong .
( 2 ) . O fire - embracer who came from khemennu ( hermopolis ) ancient religious city in middle Al Kam associated with Tehuti ) , I Have Not Robbed .
( 3 ) . O nosey who came forth from Khemennu ( hermopolis ancient religious city in middle Al Kham associated with Tehuri ) . I Have Not Stolen .
( 4 ) . O swallower of shades who came forth from Kernet , I Have Not Slain People .
( 5 ) . O terrible of face who came forth from Rasta ( Rosetjau - name of the Necropolis of Giza or Memphis , Also passages in the tomb leading to the other world ) . I Have Not Destroyed The Food Offering .

( 6 ) . O ruty ( Double Lion , form of The Sun Deity with Two Lions back to back ) Who came forth from The Ilu '' The Sky Above '' , I Have Not Reduced Measures .
( 7 ) . O he - whose - eyes - are - in - flames who came forth from Asyut ( Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham ) , I Have Not Stolen The Neteru's Property .
( 8 ) . O burning one who came forth from Henensu ( Heracleoplis Religiousa And Political Center On The West Bank In The Middle Al Kham Near Faiyum ) , I Have Not Stolen Food .
( 9 ) . O orderer of flame who came forth from Hettahka ( Memphis - Cult Center Of Ptah ) I Was Not Sullen .
( 10 ) . O he - of - the - cavern who came forth from the west , I Have Not Fornicated
With The Fornicator .

( 11 ) . O he whose face is behind him who came forth from his hole , I Have Not Caused ( Anyone ) To Weep .
( 12 ) . I anointed one who came forth from them the chapel , I Have Not Dissembled .
( 13 ) . O hot-legs who came forth at twilight , I Have Not Transgressed .
( 14 ) . O he - who - is - blood - Who came forth of slaughter , I Have Not Done Grain Profiteering .
( 15 ) . O eater of entrails who came forth from the council of thirty , I Have Not Robbed A Parcel Of Land .

( 16 ) . O master of truth who came forth from hall of two truth , I Have Not Discussed ( Secret ) .
( 17 ) . O strayer who came forth from Bubastis ( Cult City Of Bastet In The Eastern Delta ) I Have Brought No Lawsuits .
( 18 ) . O planter who came forth from Anu ( Heliopolis ) , I Have Not Disputed At All About Property .
( 19 ) . O doubly evil one who came forth from the busirte nome , I Have Not Had Intercourse With A Married Woman .
( 20 ) . O he - who - sees - what - he - has - brought who came forth from the house of father min , I Have Not ( Wrongly ) Copulated ,

( 21 ) . O - he - who - is - over - the - great - ones - who came forth , I Have Not Struck Terror .
( 22 ) . O demolisher who came forth , I Have Not Transgressed .
( 23 ) . O proclaimer of speech who came forth from weryt , I Have Not Been Hot ( - Tempered ) .
24 ) . O youth who came forth from the double scepter nome , I Have Not Been Neglected Of Truthful Words .
( 25 ) . O dark one who came forth from darkness , I Have Not Cursed .

( 26 ) . O - he - who - brings - his offering who who comes forth from Asyut ( Ancient Town In Milldle Al Kham ) I Have Not Been Violent .
( 27 ) . O proclaimer of voice who came forth nedjefet ( A Place In The Region Of Asyut ) . I Have Not Been Impatient .
( 28 ) . O captian who came forth from weten , I Have Not Discussed .
( 29 ) . O possessor of two horns who came forth from Asyut ( Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham ) . I Have Not Been Garrulous In These Matters .
( 30 ) O nefetum who came forth from hettahka ( Memphis - Cult Center Of Ptah ) . I Have Not Done Wrong , I Have Not Done Evil .

( 31 ) . O he - who - acts - as - he - wishes who came forth from antinaipolis ( A Town In Middle Al Kham ) , I Have Not Waded In The Water .
( 32 ) . O father ihy ( Neter Who Represents The Sound Made By The Sistrum And Menat Instrument ) Who came forth from the primordial waters , My Voice Was Not Loud .
( 33 ) . O he - who - prospers - the common - people who came forth Asyut ( Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham ) . I Have Not Cursed A Neteru .
( 34 ) . O uniter of attributes who came forth from the cavern , I Have Not Made Homage .
( 35 ) . O uniter of good who came forth from the cavern .

( 36 ) I Have Not Stolen The Khenef - Cakes From The Blessed .
( 37 ) . O -he - who - bring - his - portion who came forth from the hall of the truth , I Have Not Stolen Hefnu - Cakes Of Youth , ( Nor ) Have I Fettered The Neteru Of My Town .
( 38 ) . O he - who - brightens - the - land - who came forth from faiyum ( Inlake And Marsh Area Of The West Nile , Center Of Crocodile Neter ) . I Have Not Slain Sacred Cattle .
( Coming Forth By Day )

El Katub Shil El Maawut
The Book Of The Dead
Coming Forth By Day
Inscribed By ;
Dr . Malachi Z,York

IssaEl21 06:48 AM

The Book Of The Dead ( ParThree By M.Z.Y )
( The Ten Commandments )

( 1 ) . You are to have no < Akhair > other eloheem except me
( 2 ) . You will not make for yourself any < Fehsel > idol at all , any < Temoonaw > likeness ' In the < Shawmahyim > skies < mahal > above or that is in the planet earth from beneath or in the < mahyim > waters from under the planet earth .
( 3 ) . You will not < shawkhaw > prostrate ' yourself to them , nor < awbad > Slave them ; For I A Yahuwa Eloheek am A < Qannaw > jealous ' El the one < Fawqad > Visiting the < Awwone > Iniquity of the < Awb > Father ' upon the < Bane > Children up to the < Shillaysh > Third ' and < Ribbayah > Fourth generation of them that < Sawnay > Hate me .
( 4 ) You should not take the < Shawme > Name of A Yahuwa Eloheek and use it < Shaww > Falsely for A Yahuwa will not hold him < Nawqaw > Guiltless that takes his < Shame > Falsely .
( 5 ) . Zawkar ' Remember the sabbath day , To keep it < Qawdash > 'Holy ''

( 6 ) . You are not to < Rawtsakh > 'Fight to kill '' .
( 7 ) . You are not to < Nawaf > Commit abominations .
( 8 ) . You will not < Gawnab > Steal
( 9 ) . You are not to < Awnaw > Bear < Shekher > False < Ayd > Witness against your < Rayah > Neighbors frieds '
( 10 ) . You will not < Khawmad > Desire your Israelite neighbor's friends house, You will not < Khawmad > Desire ' your Israelite Neighbor's friends < Ishshaw > Confidante wife , Nor his male slave , Nor his Females slave , Nor his Ox or His ass , Nor anything that is your Israelite's Neighbors , friends .

El Katub Shil El Maawut
The Book Of The Dead
Coming Forth By Day
Inscribed By ;
Dr . Malachi Z,York

IssaEl21 06:50 AM

( Introduction )
I come forth to you as Amunnubi Rooakhptah as your pharaoh revealing to you The Mysteries Of The Book Of The Dead . Many have ask who is Amunnubi Rooakhptah

simply , Amunnubi Rooakhptah is the '' Faithful Informer , Soul Of The Pthaites '' , My name Amunnubi or what many refer to as '' Amun '' Am that faithful deity , I Am '' Amun Of

The Nubians , I am the '' Rooakh '' Soul of the Ptahites . I am Ptah '' Opener , Tar ( Tah ) Is of the 9th Element , The 1st Element is , Air , ( Air ) Nefu ) The 2nd is ; Water

( Mu ) , The 3rd is ; Earth ( Ra ) , The 4th is Fire ( Set ) , The 5th is Female ( Nut ) , The 6th is Evil ( Nebty ) , The 7th is Male ( Geb ) , The 8th is Angel ( Shu ) , And The 9th is

Deity ( Ra ) , One like myself , Comes every 25,000 Years , I am A supreme being who has come for the renewal of your forgotten story , One of the ancient ones , Called Neteru by

some , Avatar by others , And an Ilah Mutajassida by even others . I have access to all the forces necessary to Retrace And Foretell . I qualify by the forces of nature to Receive And

Disclose Universal Right Knowldge , Right Wisdom , And The Right Overstanding , Unveil The Past , Emphasize The Present , Blueprint The Future , What I inscibe within

the confines of these pages of '' The Book Of The Dead , Coimg Forth By Day '' Is meant to destroy the barriers between The Woolly Haired People , Who Were The Indigenous

People On This Planet Nuwbuns , Coming From The Star Sothis , The Female Deity And Sometimes Isis And The Star Sirus , Or Osiris , The Original Muurs ( Moors ) , With Our Spiritual Science Nuwaubu And Heritage ( Tribe Of The Washitaw ) , Before You Move On To A Higher Life Form .

El Katub Shil El Maawut
The Book Of The Dead
Coming Forth By Day
Inscribed By ;
Dr . Malachi Z,York

IssaEl21 06:53 AM

( Retracing Our ~ Story Coming Forth By Day )
Let me speak to You of Who You Are and Your Ancient Heritage , Of Retracing .
Our - Stroy , Not His - Story , It takes Us Back to the Ancient Ones Tarite ( Ptah )
Later called Mitsrayim < Aramic > Egypt Which was also called Khami ( Kemet ) By the ancient ones . Now called Egyptians , inhabited by impostors or Mulatto , Egyptians .

Some Sumerians migrated Westward under the Name Mitsrayim , And lived and Mixed with The Tarites as Nuwbuns . They became Kham from Ham , Cush from Kish Egyptian from Mistrayim , Libyan from Phut , These names Lock You Into Biblical History if you believe and accept the Bible as fact . Kemet is from Kham , or Ham Genesis5 ; 32 meaning ' Black Skinned '' The Greeks called The Land Of Cush , Ethiopia , Originally from Aksum .

The Arabs called Balad As - Sudan , Sudan From Sawdeh ( Outer Field ) . The Greek called Mitsrayim , Egypt , from Tar ( Ptah ) . They all were in The Land of Nubia , from the original Nuba , The Seat Today Of Uganda Which Encompasses The Whole of that Continent . We Existed On The Planet Earth Thousand Of Years Before The Bible And Quraan .

Both of these Writeing are New Information Compared To Our Records Kept In Hieroglyphs , Which are also found on The Walls Of Central And South America And Cuneiform . A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Just LQQk On The Walls Of Sumeria And Egypt , Even Today , LQQk at the face of the Statues in these Americas of the Olmes and The Truth of these Indigenous people of the planet reveals itself to you as Nuwbuns .

It's The Skin Color Of The People , Not The Sands On The Shores Of The Niles , Which The Greeks Claimed . The Seed Of Noah ( Utnafishtim ) In The Gilgamesh Epics , One Of The Tablets From Which The Bible Eas Plagiarized Tells You That Noah's Family After The Deluge Spread Across The Earth So Some Of The Sumerians .

As The Family Of Noah , Or Noah's Sons Moved Westward . There They Met And Mixed With Little People Referred To As Tarite Or Ptahites , Evolution Produced From Genus - Homo . To Homo Erectus And Then Divine Intervention Of Nommos . Or The Neteru . Produced A Superior Group Of Little People Called Nuwbuns , Whom The Family Of Noah Mixed In With And Formed Egypt .

The Sixteen Dynasties Of Egyptian History Made Public Today Is The Last Of The Great Kingdoms , Not By Far The First Our Story As Recorded In The Ruins Of Egypt Today Was The End Point Of Some Of Our Greatness Was Made Possible By Khufu Removing The Immigration Law And Allowing An Invasion Of Other Race To '' Tie Into The Vine '' And Literally Claim To Be Egyptian , To The Point Where They Literally Replaceed Woolly Haired Dark Skinned People's Images

They Fabricated Fales Replicas That House The Museums And Even Repainted The Art Works In The Tomb And Antiqued '' Them To Make Them LQQk Authentic .
So that You would see what You thought were true images of our Ancestors , when in fact they are forgeries like The Faces Of Nefertiti which they changed one of the name that Latin Speaking People , Be It Portuguese , Castilian , Spanish , Referred To Us As , Is Morenos Which Gives You The Word Moor .

And They Borrowed The Greek Word Negeer ( Acts 13 ; 1 ) And It Became Negra , Both For Two Form Of '' Black '' Negra The Color , And Morenos The State . So To Them The Original Moors , Are Those Of The Black Olive Tone Hue Or Nub
( Dark Brown ) Who Dwelled In Ham Or Kemet And Aksum , Or Ethiopia And Even As Far As Al Ghor , Or Arabia.

All Of These Land Belong To The Nuwbuns / Nubians Or Moor They will say that Nuwba ( Nuba ) Comes from the word '' Gold '' When in fact Nuba Is '' Dark Brown '' And Neba In Nubian mean '' Gold '' The Nuwbuns ( Nubuns ) Didn't Speak Nubian , They Soke An Ancient Cuneiform Language Of Syretic Cu****e , Aramic Dialect That Broke Off From The Tongue Of The Beings Who Visited Them From The Star Called Nuwaubic . Which Later Became Cuneiform .

A Latin Word '' Cunieus ''Meaning '' Wedge '' Merely Describing The Screipt . Not The Spoken Language . It Gave Birth To All Of What Is Called The Semitic Language Today . Genesis 11 ; 7 Clearly Point Out That Their God Spoke A Different Language From Them For He Conversed With His Constitutes In Heaven Before Coming To Earth And The Koran 44 ; 58 , Supports This By Stating That The Koran Was Revealed To Muhammad In Muhammad Own Tongue , Not Allah's .. And In Ancient Sudan ,

Nuwba ( Nuba ) was the name of a Deity , Who came from The Skies , The Nuwbas or Nubuns were the Original people and that was their Name not Nubians , They created the Nubian Tribes or Nubians by Marrying Jaaliin , Also Spell Jalin , by the Guhayna , Nomadic Pale Arab Tribe , Who Invaded Sudan from the Sinai Area Along With The Shaigiyya .

They Mixed In With The Nuwbuns , Became Beja , Hadendawa , Or Fuzzy Wuzzy , A Mixture Of Israel Who Crossed From The Tribe Of Judah Over And Settled Along The Rivers . They Too Became Arabicized By The Arab Ivasions To Created A Melting Pot Of Arabicized Nuwbuns Who Later Converted To The Islaamic Religion And Became Known As Nubians And Mixed With The Donogla Or The Danaakil Of That Area Giving You The Variety Of Races .

That Inhabit Sudan Today , And Are Now Called Sudanese Or Nubians . Mix Brown To Light Skin , Wooly To Curly To Even Straight , Hair . However . If You LQQk At Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi , The Son Of The Mahdi Of The Sudan , Or His Son Al Haadi Al Mahdi . Who Are Of The Tribes Of Donogla . Called Dongola . Beja , It Is Plain To See That They Have Nuwbun Feature And Wooly Hair

Unlike What They Portray As The Sudanese Today Who Has Curly To Straight Hair And Aquiline Features . Which Are Arabacized From Pale Desert Arab < Quraan 9 ; 97 > Invasions . Down on into Yemen You had Sabeans
Quraan 10 ; 7 , Who Were The Queen Of Sheba's '' Makeda '' 1Kings 10 ; 1 ..Poeple andthey also were Mixed in with the tribes of the Son Of Jacob When The Broke Up Into Two Part , Israel To The North , Ruled By Solomon , And And Judah To The South , Ruled By Adonijah Both Being Son Of David , The Great King Of Israel Judah , To The South Called Judah had the Sons Benjamin , Dan and The Sister Dina , The 12th Tribe .

In Fact Yemen Is Short For Benjamin Meaning '' Son Of The Right Hand , '' The 8th Son Of Jacob Genesis35 ; 18 . Being Sheba was a Queen whose name was Wakeda and Female Deity Worship was always related to the moon , while male deity worship was related to the Sun , The people of Southern Arabia worshipped the mood deity Dina , or Dinah from the Female tribe , The Ishtar , Isis , Aphrodite , The Greek Bandice , diety of the moon Arianrod , Celtic , Deity Of The Moon , Chandra or Candra in Indian , deity of The Moon , Chang - O , Also know as Heng - O In China , Deity Of The Moon ,

Khonsu , Engyptian Deity Of The Moon , Naja , Spirit Of The Moon Gleti , Dahomey , Deity Of The Moon , Nannar Sin , The Sumerian Deity Of The Moon Ixbalnque , Mayan Deity Of The Moon Tsuikwomy - No - Mikoto , Japanese Deity Of The Moon UI, Scottish Deity Of The Moon And The List Of Moon Worship Goes on and on many of the Cultures Switched it from the female to the male but still it Remain Moon , As In Islam Where Allat The Deity That Preceded Allah Was The Moon Deity And Became Allah , The Male Deity ,

The 13th Tribe Of Israel's Dina , Taken From The Ancient Roman Deity Female Diana , Symbol Of The Star And Crescent . It Also Became The Name Of The Islamic Religion , Deen , In Recognition Of The Crescent Worship As Found On The Top Of All Of Their Mosques , Their Calendar Is A Lunar Calendar . All Of Their Rituals Of Fasting Ends With The Citing Of The New Moon , Which Is A Crescent And The List Goes On . The Islamic Religion Today Comes From These Moon Worshippers , Mixing Falsehood With Truth . They Produced From Millah Ibrahiym , The Truth , Diynul Muhammad , The Worship Of The Moon Deity Allah . Whose Wife Was Allat , And Their Kids '' Uzza '' And '' Manat '' ( Koran 53 ; 19 - 20 ) .

El Katub Shil El Maawut
The Book Of The Dead
Coming Forth By Day
Inscribed By ;
Dr . Malachi Z,York
To Be CONTINUE In Next Post

IssaEl21 07:00 AM

How Did They Get To America ?
The Nuwbuns walked or traveled westward . They came over to America . They called it in their Cushite language ''Atla '' Or '' Utla Which means '' To Go Somewhere For Vacation '' Atla '' Pluralized became ''Atlaan '' When the Nuwbuns , Who became known as Olmecs recognized it had broke and split into two parts , North America ( Atlan ) And South America ( Amexam Or Hexian ) . So from Atla , In their language we got Atlaan , And Greeks added the '' Tis '' And you get ''Atlantis '' These Nuwbuns Set up great Empires when they came here .

Who Are The Hyksos ?
The Hyksos Dynasty were light-skinned mixed Arabs and Greeks with Straight Hair and Syrians Phoenicians who were allowed to Invade Egypt after Pharaoh Khufu removed The Immigration Laws , Why he is held in such great Esteem by Europeans and even his face is on The Shield of the Shriners , A Sacred Fraternity of Higher Degrees in The Freemasonry Lodge , Whose Symbol is A Star , Crescent , Sword and The Face Of Khufu , All of their teaching was taken from The Egyptian Mysteries And The Moorish Doctrime , Put into symbolism , Called Rites And Rituals , These Hyksos invaded and took over Egypt , They were known As '' The Foreign Kings Or Shepherd Kings '' . The Sun used to Burn Their Faces Red that's Why they were called '' Burnt Faces '' .

Thutmose defeated Poppi The ruler of the Hyksos , Which were light-skinned Syrians Phonecian Arabs Led into The Land . Thus , After The Hyksos invasion , Mitsrayim Began being referred to as Aigyptos < greek > Meaning '' Land Of The Burnt Faces '' , Just one of many Bible name that meant Black or Burnt like Kush , Kedar , Hamath , Herbrew And Syrian Tribes . In Aramic / Hebrew Its Mitsrayim < aramic > And In Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic It is Misr < arabic > Both from the same roots meaning '' Land Of The Two Rivers '' . Remember the use of the word Kham or Kemet for this Most Holy Place is of Biblical Origin .

While they attempt to prove that The Bible was copied from Egyptian Mysteries , A Fact , But A little further research would show that using Kemet confirms The Bible . And this too was A Trick To Mis-Inform And Misguide You . You were taught not to use Moor but rather pick up Geographic Names like , Kemet , Egyptian , Tribal names like Nigerian , Ethiopian , Nubian , or Sudanese , Or even use Slang Names like Afro - American , West Indians , Rastafarians , African Negroes , or use Religious names like Muslims , Hebrew , Christians , Khamites , Or Tribal Names , Israelites , Ishmaelites , Moabites , Shabazz , Or Nick Names , Five Percenters , N.O.I. Ansaar Allah , Sunni Muslim , Hebrew , Israelite , Nations Of Gods And Earth , Israeli Church , Moorish Science Temple , And The Likes .

We will not be Entitled to due process . Tar which is called Egypt was a part of one land mass before the continental drift , which produced Separate Continents . There was no division betwen America and Africa , and Arabia or Asia , And there was no Red Sea , And there is no such thing as The Middle East . All of that was One Land Mass Called Ganun El Nuwba . Later after The Continental Drift , This side became Atlan , From A'tla < arabic > Lower part became Amexem from Hexian or Afmuurican , Even Muu , From Ancient Tarite for ''Water '' . And to The East you had Sawdeh <aramic > or Sudan < arabic > All of the people there , Were what The Latin speaking historian recorded as Moors .

IssaEl21 07:02 AM

How Did They Get To America ? ParTwo
Then you have Mongolian's Land Which begins after The Persian Gulf , ( Tigris Euphrates ) , Which was where our Land Ended . Our land extended from The Shores Of California , All the way throughout South America , The Caribbean Islands To Chili , And the Islands In The South Atlantic Ocean , And extends all the way to New Mexoco and as far The Tigris Euphrates , Which means from The Pacific through The Atlantic on over . We Muurs were The original Olmecs . The true inhabitants of that land were The Original Nuwaubians who became many Tribes and many names and tongues . All of the people there were what The Latin speaking historians recorded as Morenos ( Moors ) In French It Is Murr.

You are '' Moors '' Because of the Historical Records Worldwide , Where you find the latin word Moreno , Which means '' Black '' , But in the sense of Supreme Balancement , Not to be mistaken with '' Negra '' , Which is strictly the color Black not the state of God before creating the light Genesis 1 ; 2 - 3 . The Romans used Negra as far back as New Testament in Acts 13 ; 1 , Where Simon , One of Jesus disciples is being called Niger , n*gg*r . When you look into the Greek you get ''Neeger '' And they give the meaning of the word '' Black '' , As used for the color in today's dialects derived from the Ancient Romans as Latin and Greek .

Being all of His -Story is recorded in these language and not in Arabic or Hebrew , Then whenever they made reference to our rights , What we owned , And what we did as The Civilizers of all of Europe , On all of The European coat of Arms . You will find us as a race , Not being called Negro or African or Colored or Nubians , Egyptians or Afro-Americans but rather Moor . Another greel word for '' Black '' Is Melas < greek > From which they get the word Melan , For Melanin , So it is important that we identify with what can be found on documents . If we are To Re-Claim Our Rights , And The Property And Riches That Belong To Us ,

You must be found somewhere on Document . There are Millions Of Documents that identify you as Moors . Not to be mistaken with the Muslims of Morocco , For Islam invaded our countries in the 7th Century . The people there are Dark - Olive - Toned Skin And Woolly Haired , Simply Moors . Not to mention on this very Soil America , Moors Known as Olmecs , In Pre-Columbian Mansa , Musa using The Guinea And Canary currents . Who became The Washitaw Native American Tribes were already here 6,500 Years Ago , Dark Olive Toned , Woolly Haired People , Pre-History , That Is Before The Caucasians Began To Record Their Story Of Time And Life And Events ,

IssaEl21 07:04 AM

How Did They Get To America ? ParThree
Which would make us not Migrants . But rather Indigenous . There are Moors from Africa in Bondage . Africa is another Trick word . you resided in A place which became known as Africa . The word Africa is derived from The Arabic word given by the Ottoman Arab So - Called Slave Traders , As '' Al Furaqa '' < arabic > The word Africa Meaning '' The Separation '' . The Root Word '' Al Furaqa '' Is '' Faraqa '' Meaning '' To Part , To Separate , '' Originally '' Africa '' Was Written As '' Afriyqaa '' Now it is written As '' Afriyqiyah '' By Arabs . Their intent was to do exactly what they did , Invade our land , spread their religion and divide us up against ourselves , Which is what Islam is doing in America today amongst The Descendants Of Nuwbuns .

They Come Here Under The Name Islam And Muslim And Then Introduce Us To What Sect They Belong To . And We Become Shi'ite Which Is Broken Up Into Schools , Or Ahmadiyya , Which Is Broken Up Into Schools , Or Sunni , Which Is Broken Up Into Schools , Or Bahai , Submitter's International , Or African Islaamic Mission , Or Ansaaru Allah , Or Nation Of Islam , Which Itself Breaks Up Into Other Sects , 5% Which Itself Broke Up Into Other Sects , Moorish Science Temple , Which Has Broken Up Into Sects .

And as you see they are in America and they have us as a people who have enough problems with The Invasions Of Christianity , With Its Many Sects And Groups And Other Amongst Us Like The Israelites And The Hebrews , To mention most important The Arab Invasion In America Amongst The Blacks , As We Are Called , And Causing Hate , Separation And Even Assassination Amongst Our Own . So they succeeded in Separating Africa Against each other , And Gave The African Muslims absolutely no financial support when they were in dying need of support when The Arab world has Billions And Billion Of Dollars In Oil Revenue . They destroyed The Nation Of Islam , A Multi Million Dollar Black Organization , By Implanting Warith Deen Muhammad , Son Of Elijah Muhammad , Who Has Been Arabiczed To Turn Them ,

Into Bilaalians and gradually Metamorphosized them into Orthodox Arab Islam . The same with Brother Malcolm X , And Siraj Wahhaj . They Have Succeeded In Dividing Us Against Ourselves . That's How They Separated You , By Giving You Titles . They Didn't Want You To Identify With Your Real Way Of Life And Cultures . If You Do , Or Attempt To They Will Call You A Cult . You Were The Original Moors . And there are Moors who were The Indigenous People of this land from The Olmecs , Predating Christ by 3000 years . You are the original Mound Builders of this land , The Washitaw Tribe, The Ancient Ones , Thus , When I , Black Eagle . You Pharaoh Amunnubi Rooakhptah or Nayya Malachi Zodok - El Speak to you of The Ancient Tarites , Under The African Ruler Menes Who Brought In The Egyptian Dynasty Called Egyptians .

So Not To Be Mistaken With The Mulatto Egyptians From The Invasion Of Asian Mixing In With The Asians And Caucasians Who Went Into 1/4 Of Lower Egypt ,Which Is Really Upper Egypt , And Caused War Amongst The African Kings . The Africans Defeated Them Under The Ruler Menes , And He Joined The Two Lands , Uazit And Nekhebit , The Old African Capital , Thus Bringing About The Egyptian Dynasties , After The Two Lands Were Joined In One , The Asians Tied Into The Vine With The Africans Causing The Appearance Of Asian Features On The Pharaohs .

Know That In Ancient Egypt There Was The Great Supreme Power That Made Earth , The Heavens , The Sky , Men , Women , Animals All That Is And All That Shall Be , And These Powers Are The Powers Who Gave The Name Neter , Which Became Nature Or Mother Nature We Call MOTHER INITI . Egyptologists Have Translated The Word NETERU As '' God '' Which Would Be Equivalent To Eloheem ( These Beings ) , ( Genesis 1 ; 1 ) Or Nephileems ( Those That Fell To Earth ) ( Genesis 6 ; 4 ) Anunnaqi '' Those Who Anu Sent Down To Qi ( Earth ) ( Enuma Elish Tablet One ) Of The Sumerians , Whom The Egyptians Saw As Beings With Great Powers Who , Although Held To Be Supernatural , Were Yet Finite And Mortal .

These Human Deities Were Endowed By The Egyptians With Love , Hatred , And Passions Of Every Sort , And Many Are Addressed By More That One Title Usir , Osiris Alone Has 156 Titles That Are Attributed To Him . Which Is Not Unusual Because In The Islaamic Religion 99 Titles Are Attributed To Allah , An Old Moon Deity Of Lower Arabia , Held As The Highest Deity In The Cubed Shaped Building Called The Ka'aba .

Thus , He Is Called Allah Ta'ala '' Allah The Most High Deity '' The Ka'aba Is A Building Dressed In Black Clothes With 359 Other Idols , Along With A Dark Brown Stone Surrounded In Silver That The Muslims Adore And Kiss And Pray To Called The Black Stone . Now Take A Look At This ; 1. GEB = The Earth Deity 2. RA - The Sun 3 . EL = The Source , And All Of Them Together Equals '' GEBRAEL Or GABRIEL '' A Eloheem Or Neteru Who Brings Revelations Of El Or ANU Down To Earth For Human Beings , He Is Also Known In Sumerian Doctrine As The Messenger Nusku

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El Katub Shil El Maawut The Book Of The Dead
'' The Foretelling ~ The Receiving ''
Ancient Book Of The Dead
Coming Forth By Day ....

They have misguided you up to this day . They . Meaning so-called Egyptologist do not know the home , Origin , or early History of this Ancient Text or where did The Ancient Book Of The Dead Originate . I Amunnubi Rooakhptah am here to inform you that the oldest form or edition of the Book of The Dead that they have ,

Supplies no information whatsoever as to the period when it was compiled or who it was given to . Or they chosse to Hide or Deny The Fact that The Ancient Book Of The Dead is an Inspiration that was given To Ankh Aton , The Son Of Amenhotep lll And Teye From The Heavenly One . Anu .

There are Pyramid Text , Which were inscribed on the walls of The Mir ( Pyramid ) , It was the source of the modified coffin text which as the name implies was found in The Sarcophagus of the deceased The Pyramid text deals more with The Spiritual aspect of the deceased although it

mentions the importance of The Body being kept in pne place . There were also other Texts besides the one that are considered funerary texts from The Book of the Dead . The Book of the Dead was not the last Scroll written . A Book Called The Book Of Breathings ,

Was used along with it or as a supplement to The Book of the Dead , And continued to be used during The Roman Era , Which was after the reign of Cleopatrathe 7th . Ankh Aton Who was The Pharaoh Of Egypt in The 18th Dynasty reigned from 1367 - 1340 B.C, With his wife

Nefertiti , Who They Gave A Face Leif To Hide Her African Features . Ankh Aton was A Hermaphrodite , Which is a person with Both Male And Female Reproductive Organs . This can be seen in The Egyptian Statues , And yet they will say he suffered from A Disorder which would

have diabled him to have children . Still other claim he had a disorder caused by a tumor in The Pituitary gland and others claim the artist purposely disorted has figure which portrays Ankh Aton with Female Features , Hips and Breast . He was a Hermaphrodite and leaned more
towards the Male Gender than Female or he wouldn't have been able to have children .

Most Hermaphrodites or Hermaphrodites Are Sterile . In fact , An Excerpt from an Egyptian Book Entitled '' Early Civilization '' By Jane Chisholm and Anne Millard , Page 51 , States ; '' Kings were traditionally made to LQQk Strong , Masculine and Handsome . However most of Ankhenaten's portraits show an almost feminine body , with a long face and large lips , Nose and ears . Experts disagree on the reason for this . If his strange shape was the result of an Illness ( Frohlich's Syndrome ) , It is unlikely that he would have been able to have children . Yet he and Nefertiti had Six Children '' . Frohlich's Syndrome is A Disease caused by The Abnormal function of the Hypothalmus or Pituitary Gland located in The lower portion of The Vertebrate Brain . The symptoms are Obesity ( Especially In The Trunk ) , Undereveloped Sexual Organs ( Small Penis , Testicles ) ; No Body Hair , Nor Deep Voice . So As You Can See This Disease Does Not Fit The Description That Is Shown In His Images . His Name Was Originally Amenhotep ( Deity Of Amen ) Meaning '' Amun Is Satisfied '' , Or Amenophis lV . However , He Tried To Establish The Belief In One Supreme Neter or Deity Above All Others , He Changed His Name To Ankh Aton Which Is A Combination Of Two Words ; '' Ankh '' Meaning '' Symbol Of Life '' And '' Aton '' Which Means '' Source Of Life '' . Some Say '' Ankhaten '' Meant '' The Glorious Spirit Of Aton '' . Ankh Aten Converted Everyone To The Worship Of '' Ten '' . He Replaced The Worship Of The '' Neteru '' To The Worship Of Aten Only . Thus , Changing what at the time was A Politically Ran Egypt to what Ankh Aten Deemed A Very Spiritual Environment . What He Did WasDestroy Ancient Ancestral Worship , Only To Change It To A Monotheistic Belief . Meaning There Were No More Deity Worship , No More Osiris , Isis , Horus , No More Anubis , Bast , Thoth , No More Ra Or Amun Ra , Or Hathor , Or Bes . Ankh Aten Switch The Capital Thebes To A Place Called Tel - Amara Which Is 150 Miles South Of Modern Cairo . Although Ankh Aton Tried To Promote The Belief In One Neter It Was Only Truly Accepted By Those Of Tel - Amara And Existed For Ankhaten 17 Year Reign . It Is Said That When He Ascended To The Throne He Was Crowned On The Left Bank Of The Nile . Which Was His Father's Favorite Domain . Amenophis lll Initialized The Belief In Aten And Had Even Started Building A Temple East Of The Temple Of Amun , Where His Son Ankh Aton Raised Massive Statues . It Is Said That Akhn Aton Destroyed The Religion Of Amun , But If You Read Some Of The Hymns That Were Written By Him You Will See That He Doesn't Take Away From The Other Deities And In Fact Gives Praise To The Various Deities That Have Been Recorded By Name In The Book Of The Dead . At The Same Time Ultimate Of The Worship Of Aten And How Everything Was Created By Him , And The Source Of Everything That Exists Is Made By Aten .

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El Katub Shil El Mawut ( The Book Of The Dead ) Coming Forth By Day
In The Blessed And Holy Name Of The Great Neter Usir , Son Of Geb And Nut , Children Of The Majest Amun Ra

Scroll One
Introduction Hymn To The Sun ~ Neter Ra Worship Of Father Ra , As The Sun Of Righteousness , When He Appears To Rise In The Eastern Horizon Of The Ilu '' The Sky Above '' By Ani , The Scribe
( 19 x 2 = 38 )

1 , He Says ; Greeting To You Father Ra Having Come As Khefera ( Khefri ) ''Arising One '' ( An Incarnation Of Father Ra ) , Even Khefera ( Khefri ) ''Arising One '' ( An Incarnation Of Father Ra ) Who Is The Creator Of The Neteru .
2 . Father Ra , You Rise And Shine On The Back Of Your Mother Ilu , '' The Sky Above '' Having Appeared In Glory As Master Of The Neteru .
3 . Your Mother Nut Shall Use Her Arms On Your Behalf In Making Greeting .
4 . The Manu - Moutain Receives You In Peace ,
5 . Mother Maat Embraces You All Seasons . May You Give Power And Might In Vindication -
6 . And A Coming Forth As A Living Ba ( Soul ) To See Horakthy '' Horys Of The Horizon ''
7 . -- To Ka ( Spirit Self , Etheric Double ) A Coming Forth As A Living Ba ( Soul ) To See Horakhty '' Horus Of The Horizon '' - To The Ka ( Spirit Self , Etheric Double ) Of Ani , The Scribe .
8 . He Says ; O All You Neteru Of The Ba ( Soul ) Mansion .
9 . Who Judge Ilu , '' The Sky Above '' , And The Planet Ta ( Earth ) In The Balance , Who Give Food And Provisions ;
10 . O Father Tatenen ( Ptah ) Unique One Creator Of Human Beings .
11 . O Southern , Northern , Western , And Eastern Enneads ( Nine Neteru ; Amun Ra , Shu , Tenfnut , Geb , Nut , Usir , Aset , Nebty , Nebthet ) ,
12 . Give Praise To Father Ra Master Of The Ilu '' The Sky Above '' ,
13 . The Sovereign Who Made The Neteru .
14 . Worship Him In His Goodly Shape When He Appears In The Dark - Bark .
15 . May Those Who Are Above Worship You , Father Ra ,
16 , May Those Who Are Below Worship You , Father Ra ;
17 . May Father Tehuti ( Thoth ) And Mother Maat Write To You Daily ;
18 . Your Serpent - Foe . Reptilians , Have Been Given Over To The Fire And Rebel - Serpent - Foe , Reptilians , Are Fallen ,
19 , His Arms Are Bound , Father Ra Has Taken Away His Movements .
20 . And The Children Of Impotence Are Non - Existen .
21 . The Mansion Of The Prince Is In Festival .
22 . The Noise Of The Shouting Is In The Great Place , The Neteru Are In Joy ,
23 . When They See Father Ra In His Appearing As The Sun , His Rays Flooding The Lands .
24 . The Majesty Of This Noble Neter Proceeds , He Has Entered .
25 . The Land Is Bright At His Daily Birth , And He Has Attained His State Of Yesterday .
26 . May You Be Gracious To Me When I See Your Beauty .

Ra Hatakhte '' Ra Of The Horizon
Mother Aset ( Isis ) '' Netert Of The Moon
Father Amun Ra '' Original Father Of All Neteru

27 . Having Departed From Upon The Planet Ta ( Earth )
28 . May I Smite The *** , May I Drive Off The Rebel - Serpent Reptilian .
29 . May I Destroy Nak ( Nakhas , Apophis ) , The Serpent - Demon , Reptilian When He Acts .
30 . For I Have Seen Abdju - Fish ( Dagon ) In Its Moment Of Being And The Inet - Fish ( Symbolizing Fertility And Rebirth Piloting The Canoe On Its Waterway .
31 . I Have Seen Father Har ( Horus ) As Helmsman , With Father Tehuti ( Thoth ) And Mother Maat Beside Him ,
32 . I Have Taken Hold Of The Shadow Hour - Bark And The Stern - Warp Of The Daylight - Bark .
33 . May He Grant That I See The Sun - Disk And Behold The Mood Unceasingly Every Daylight ;
34 . May My Ba ( Soul ) Go Forth To Travel To Every Place Which It Desires ,
35 . May There Be Give To Me Loaves In The Presence Like The Followers Of Father Har ( Horus ) .
36 . May There Be Given To Me Loaves In The Presence Like The Followers Of Father Har ( Horus ) ,
37 . May A Place Be Made For Me In The Solar Bark On The Daylight When The Neter's Ferries Across .
38 . And May I Be Received Into The Presence Of Father Usir ( Osiris ) In The Land Of Vindiction . For The Ka ( Self ) Of Ani , The Scribe .

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