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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
El's Holy Injiyl ~ Revelation Chapter Twenty ~ One

Verse 1 . And I , Yowkhanan saw a new Heaven , Formerly In Illyuwn '' On High '' , now in The Orion Skies or 16th Galaxy ; and a new planet Earth , because the firs Orion skies and the first Planet Earth is gone because they both had evil in them . This concept is not new concept meaning if you look in the book of Isaiah chapter 65 verse 17 you see '' For , behold I create ; new heaven and a new earth ; and the former shall not be remember ; nor come into mind '' . This matches this very verse you are reading ; also keep in mind the concept of the Messiah is also prophecied in Isaiah 7 ; 14 , It is to be noted that the prophecy of Revelation is from the book of Isaiah and this means information through out the bible has been moved around and the prophecies are not new prophecies , But they are prophecies of old , as in the Old Testament . So , Just as in the days of Utnafishtim ( Noah ) people had become so wicked that it grieved the Eloheem that they regretted creating man ( Genesis 6 ; 1 - 8 ) ; however unlike the time of Noah the living creatures of the sea were spared nothing will be in the end . Once the 144,000 are pick up the old eath will be destroyed by '' great balls of fire '' that will be launched from the ships ; that will burn the grass and all the tree and all the inhabitants of the planet earth that have not proven themselves worthy ; the sea will not be found , for it too will have passed away .
Verse 2 . And I , newsbearer Yowkhanan saw the Holy City , the Crystal City , a mothership called Markab Ul Umm , that comes from an even larger ship called Nibiru that is too large to come into this solar system not to mention the magnetic pull it has would cause the planets to go out of their orbits . The Crystal City is made from precious stones from the quartz family , some of which are translucent and clear . It is a I.F.O. or an identified flying object , that came from the stars . This is the same craft that Muhammad was taken up in a craft called a Buraaq '' an animal , mule of intense whiteness , brightness of hue '' . The existence of what you call U.F.O. shouldn't surprise you . Their presence has been recorded through out the books of the Old Testament of your Bible , such as ; Ezekiel , Zechariah 1 ; 5 and 2Kings 2 ; 11 . The New City of Peace , which the 24 elders reside on , will be descending down from the Orion skies from the Mothership Nibiru '' that which crosses the sky or planet of the crossing '' . Nibiru hold 2,088 sham , which are passenger crafts , that can hold 50 passenger craft each totaling 144,000 ; these are those prepared just like a bride adorned for her mate . These are those who have obeyed the commandment of The Most High and have thus made the tie with him as a bride makes vows and ties the knot to her groom .
Verse 3 . And also I , Yowkhanan heard a supreme voice from the seat saying '' Here , this is the dome of , it is now with the nation of people and he will dwell with them , because they have been shown the way to the Heavenly Father forever ; and they will be his own kindred because they have been selected and guided to The Tabernacle Of The Most High . El Eloh also will be with them as their Eloheem , Just as the Eloheem spoken of in the book of Exodus that dwelled with the Israelites in the Holy of Holies , within The Ark of the Covenant . The Ark of the Covenant measured four feet by two feet and two feet high , overlaid with gold , inside and out covered with a lid called the mercy seat with two gold Cherub or Cherubeem sitting on top .
Verse 4 . And El Eloh will wipe away all tears from their eyes and there won't be anymore death after that , because the devil will not be trying to annihilate the women's seed , the Nubians , the seed of Adam ; nor will there be any weeping and no more crying , and there won't be any pain after this because there will be no more diseases or sicknesses and persecution from the malevolent , evil reptilian's seed , because that which was of old times , his evil doing , and schemes of deceit has passed away .
Verse 5 . And he , Malachi Zodoq that was sitting on the seat said to me , Yowkhanan ; this is it , I will make all thing new . And he said ; ''Write , for surely these words are facts beyond any doubt and are Amen '' faithful '' .
Verse 6 . It is done , I am the arch Eloheem Miykaa'el , who was the first of the Eloheem created after the greater light whose very essence is green , in the beginning and will be there in the end , I gave the fountain of water life , which is the way to the father and he who lives by the commandment of the Most High will gain eternal life which gushes forth freely for those who were a willing sacrifice and thus are wirthy to partake .

( The New Jerusalem The Holy City ) .
Verse . 7 . He that conquers , or overcomes all the evils of the malevolent Being . Devil , Diablos , Satan , shall inherit or gain their way to paradies after being gathered and prepared ; and I will be his personal El Eloh , Yahweh , Thehos , Allah and he will be my adopted son . or become '' the son of God '' ; just as all the prophets of The Most High who made themselves worthy through their works of righteousness and not a physical conception even Yashu'a was conceived by the holy soul the Eloheem Gabriel son of Rasi'el and Zamma'el , both being sons of The Most High , and both having a father and a mother and sons of The Most Hight .
Verse 8 . And as for the cowardly , and the concealers of the truth , and the evil doers , and the killers , and the fornicators , and the Devil worshippers , and he who serves idols , and all the liars , and those who have given themselves over to him ; they will all get their share in the fire and sulphur that is fueled by their own desires . This is the second death .

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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
( The New Jerusalem The Holy City )
Verse 9 . And there came to me Yowhanan one of the seven which had the seven bowls ful of the seven last plagues , that people will deny these plagues in diverse places as signs and punishments from The Most Hight ; and he , the Eloheem spoke with me , Yowkhanan saying ; '' Come here I will show you the bride , Tammuz the Lamb's wife , who are those righteous purified ones , Al Mukhlasiyna who have prepared themselves by purifying their minds and heartt obtained by ridding themselves of the desire for physical life and all its evils , and putting on an armour of righteousness .
Verse 10 . And he , Melchizedek took me , Yowkhanan , by way of the soul , to a big mountain , very hight and showed me the Holy City Nibiru '' craft that crosses from one end of the sky to the next '' coming down from Orion skies from being With El Eloh . John was in the spirt , which houses the soul , when the Eloheem Michael took him . Man is still connected to the spiritual plane even after birth in to this physical world it serves as an umbilical cord does , to nourish the inborn child in the womb , likewise this etheric cord give life to the physical body which would otherwise be lifeless .
Verse 11 . Its essence was the glory of The Eloheem and its illumination was just like the generous stone which resembled a jasper stone . like crystal , a quartz stone found abundantly in the Euphrates rivers . This stone was the Anunnaqi Murdoq , Miykaa'el when he is in the spiritual form .
Verse 12 , And -- it had a great wall , very high , which had twelve doors and on the twelve doors were 12 who had written on them the 12 names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel . Joseph , '' he will increase '' a son of Jacob elder of the two borne to him by Tachel and she called his name Joseph , saying , '' El Eloh add to me another son Genesis 30 ; 24 ; 37 ; 39 ; 41 ; 42 ; 46 ; to 50 Reuben '' affliction '' eldest son of Jacob , by Leah Genesis 29 ; 32 , Simeon '' hearing ' , Levi '' attached to the law '' , and Judah '' guidance celebrated '' Issachar '' will bring reward '' , Zebulun '' habitation '' , Benjamin '' son of my right hand '' , Dam '' Judge , and Naphtali '' my wrestling '' Gad '' good fortune '' , and Asher '' happy '' ,
Verse 13 . From the direction of the east there were three door and from the direction of the north 3 doors , and from the direction of the south 3 door , and from the direction of the west 3 doors .
Verse 14 . And the city's wall had 12 foundations and there were written on them the names of the 12 , those you sent who were for Tammuz the Lamb .
Verse 15 . And he , the Eloheem , Anunnaqi who addressed me , Yowkhanan had with him a measuring rod of gold in order to measure the city and its doors and walls .
Verse 16 . And the city was square and its length equaled the same in width and length . The Eloheem measured the city with his measuring rod ; it was 1,500 miles long and as high as it was long ;
Verse 17 . And he , the Eloheem Angelic Being , measured it's wall which was also 144 cubits ; as a human being measures , which is an arm span or from his elbow to his third finger tip , who was indeed an Eloheem , yet in the form of a man
Verse 18 . The walls were built of jasper stone , and the city was pure gold , reflecting from its gold lights and many lights from the stones that make up the breast plate of the priest and like clear or transparents glass .
Verse 19 . And the foundation of the wall of the city was adorned from all kinds of generous stones , the first foundation was jasper , a quartz crystal sometime seen with strips , ranging in a hue of colors ; the second ; sapphire a hard clear deep blue stone , the third ; agate , s stone that is slightly harder than stell and gives off a high gloss when polished , and a reddish color , the fourth ; emerald a tranparent stone , slightly harder than a quartz crystal that forms distinct six-sided crystals .
Verse 20 . And the foundation of the was of the city was adorned from all kinds of generous stones , the first foundation was jasper , a quartz crystal sometimes seen with strips , ranging in a hue of colors ; the second ; sapphire a hard clear deep blue stone , the third ; agate , a stone that is slightly harder than steel and gives off a high gloss when polished , and a reddish color , the fourth ; emerald a tranparent stone , slightly harder than a quartz crystal that forms distinct six - sided crystals .
Verse 21 . The ---- fifth ; onyx a type of agate stone with two different layers alternating between red , green black , brown , or grey ; the sixth ; sardius a very hard , red - orange stone that the Egyptians used to carve the image of the scrab beetle , and it is used to describe someones complexion ; also called the saedine stone ; The Seventh ; ligure a chrystolite stone , yellow or olive green , the Eighth ; beryl a translucent or opague , harder than quartz . And Is yellow , green or bluish crystal ; The Ninth ; Topaz A Hard crystalline material composed of aluminum fluosilicate , harder than quartz ; The Tenth ; carbuncle a precious stone of a deep red hue , the Eleventh ; Diamond A Stone made from pure crystallized charcoal or carbon , the Twelfth ; Amethyst From The Quartz Family Purple Or violet in color , a six - sided crystal hard enought to scratch glass . And the 12 doors were of 12 pearls , every other door was of one pearl, and what looked like a market street , because so many people are on it , the path of the city was of pure gold , as if it was transparent glass .
Verse 22 . And I , Yowkhanan did not see in it a Tabernacle because the Master , El Eloh , who controls all things , He , is its Tabernacle , because to him all worship is given while on Earth worship is given to The Most High from a temple , or tabernacle as the children of Israel were instructed to build by the Prophet Moses and Tammiz the Lamb is there , also called Sanaanda .
Verse 23 . And the city does not need a sun or moon to furnish its light because it is self sustained . The knowledge of splitting atoms and breaking time barriers and the splendor of El Eloh shines in it and its light in the Lamb .
Verse 24 . And the nations of people , that have awakened and accepted the truth , from all over the world and have regained their '' god - like '' qualities and will all walk in the light of it , because they have earned the right to be on the Crystal City ; and the rulers of the Planet Earth , those who remained righteous , not partaking of the intoxicants , nor prostrating to the image of the beast , nor fornicating with the harlot , will come with their glory and honor into it .
Verse 25 . And the doors of it will not be shut day or shadow hour .
Verse 26 ; And they will come with the glory of the nations and honor into it .
Verse 27 . And nothing will enter it that is not pure , nor anything or anyone who does what is shameful or disagraceful , or tells lies ; no one who is not pure in actions and heart , and has been defiled by the harlot will enter . If any deceitfulness remains in your heart , you will not be allowed to enter ; none except those whose names written are in the Lamb's Scroll of Life , that is recorded by his Eloheem Miykaa'el , Michael , Melchizedek , who Has been sent to prepare the Mukhlasiyna , for their journey home by incarnating in human form to teach the chosen people , so he know your nature inside and out , your fears , your joys and your desires after living amongst you . He was also there before your creation . You must learn to raise your higher self in order to be worthy .

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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
Ques ; What Exactly Is Nibiru ?
Ans ; Nibiru means '' Planet Of The Crossing '' or Planet That Crosses The Skies '' . The word Nibiru comes from The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) root word Nabara . Which means '' To Raise , Elevate , To Go '' It is a derivative of The Aramic ( Hebrew ) word Nabresh . Which means '' To Give Light , To Shine , '' Nibiru Is A Craft That Is A Motherplane , And a movable throne called Markabah ( El's Holy Tehillim ( Zabuwr ) Psalms 118 ; 5 ) . When you look into the word you see 'Mer ' Which is The Kemet way of saying Pyramid , And Ka'aba , The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) word for Cube . So there is an attempt to describe a cubed shape object that is a Tetrahedron as A Pyramid Moving Across The Skies . Today its being cited in the vicinity of Hale - Bopp . It is 3 Times The Size Of The Planet Earth . Thus , Making it too large to come into the earth atmosphere . Today . It would be explained as '' A Shuttle That Is Self - Sustaining And Life Supporting ''. The Crystal City comes from Nibiru , Which is spoken about in Revelation 3 ; 12 And 21 ; 2 Called the '' New Jerusalem '' or The Kingdom Of The Most High , As it is referred to in Biblical Terminology . From The Crystal City comes smaller passenger craft called Shams , Some call them Shen . Shams Means '' Up There '' . On June 26 , 2003 A.D. Nibiru will be entering near the asteroid belt on its normal route of 25,920 years which The Elders Call Aam .

Nibiru is something That Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re has been telling us for over 20 Years . When he first mentioned Motherships and Crafts , As usual everyone thought he was a Nut . However , Now NASA ( National Aeronautics And Space Adminstration ) Scientists are saying that there are more Than 9 Planet and with the use of Time Machines . They can travel to other part of The Universe . It's No Coinidence that soon after he first spoke about A Planet Ship Called Nibiru , There were finding all over The Media of how Satellites are picking up Radar Signals from something that is The Size Of Jupiter coming into The Earth's Atmosphere . This information was broadcasted on The Sci - Fi Channel ( Science Fiction ) During 1995 A.D. And is referred to as Rylo 7 By Some Scientists . The most recent discovery is the sighting of two New Planets . That sustains life and is 40 Light Years Away . Which is close according to Space Time . One of The Planets Is Located Orbiting The Stars 70 Virginis , In The Virgo Constellation and the other 47 Ursae Majoris . A Star Within The Big Dipper . Each of The Planets , As Scientists are calling them . Are about The Size Of The Sun . They know that it is Too Large to enter The Earth Atmosphere , Sounds Familiar ??? And it doesn't stop there .

There is an Article taken from the '' Sun '' , February 20 , 1996 A.D. Issue , Page 20 - 21 , Written by Sam Martin World To End In Year 2000 ! And it states ; NASA Scientists' Secret Plan To Intercept Rogue Star With Missiles From Moon Base '' An Outer Space Traffic Accident Is Threatening To Destroy The Earth When A '' Rogue Star '' Sidewipes Us Within The Year 2000... '' It Will Not Actually Hit Us , But Will Come Close Enough To Pull Our Planet Out Of Orbit And Send Us Hurtling Toward The Sun , '' Top U.S. Astrophysicist Rodney Meltons Disclosed To The Sun . Evidence Backing The Prophecy Is So Impressive That World Government Have Been Secretly Working With The White House And A Special Task Force Of Elite NASA Scientists To Deflect The Runaway Star , Which Has Been Code - Named Wormwood , As Mentioned In Revelation In The New Testament . ....

But , Despite The Urgency , World Leaders Have Tried To Keep The Project Top - Secret For Fear Of Causing An International Panic . American , German , Russian And British Scientists Located Wormwood In The Oort Cloud At The Edge Of Our Solar System , In The Black Vastness Of Space Beyond Pluto . And Have Been Tracking It For The Past Four Years . Wormwood Is About Five Times Larger Than Earth And Will Pass Within 25 Million Miles . Or About Half The Distance Between Earth And Mars .... '' It Will Appear As Large As The Full Moon Even From That Distance , '' Says Dr . Melton . '' It Will Also Cause Hell On Earth . '' The Gravitational Pull Alone Will Cause Incredible Storms , Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions , He Predicts . Depending On The Actual Heat Emanating From The Star - Which Is Quite Small As Stars Go - The Ice Caps . Oceans , Seas And Rivers Will Turn To Steam . Finally . The Earth Will Be Ripped Out Of Its Orbit Around The Sun And Either Hurled Into The Sun Itself Or Into Outer Space . '' Of Course , By That Time There Won't Be A Living Thing On The Planet .... American And Russion Military Scientists Are Working Desperately To Build An Arsenal Of Monster Nuclear Missiles In Hopes Of Blasting Wormwood Away From Us And Back Into Outer Space ... '' Computer Calculation Confirm That The Runaway Star Is Currently Destined To Enter The Solar System Just About The Turn Of The Century .

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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
Dr . Dreher Says ... ''' Fortunately , Wormwood Is Not A Star In The Strict Sense Of The Word , '' Says Dr . Melton , Who Has Been With The Project From The Start , '' It Never Fired Up Into A Full - Blown Star Like Our Sun Because It Was Too Small And Didn't Have Enough Fuel . It's A Lot Like Saturn And Jupiter , '' But It Still Contains A Great Deal Of Heat And A Very Powerful Gravitational Force . If Wormwood Was A Real Star , No Amount Of Human Intervention Could Deter It , The Scientists Agree . If It Crashed Into Our Sun , It Would Cause It To Go Supernove And Burn Up The Entire Solar System . Discovery Of Wormwood Came As No Surprise To Some Astronomers . However . '' We Have Long Suspected The Existence Of A Huge Planet Or Maybe A Dwarf Star Out In The Oort Cloud , '' Dr . Melton Explain . Scientist Usually Refer To The Mysterious Body As Planet X . The Oort Cloud . Or Belt , Is A Vast No - Man's Land Surrounding Our Solar System And Separates Us From The Closest Star , About Eight Light - Years Away . It Contains All Sorts Of Interstellar Debris , Scientists Suspect - Leftovers From The Creation Of Our Solar System And Other Junk Gathered Over The Billions Of Years Sine . Comets Are Born In This Region Entering The Solar System When They're Pulled In By The Combined Gravity Of The Sun And The Planets , '' Dr . Dreher Adds . ''Astronomers Have Feared Something Like This Looming Catastrophe Could Happen For The Past 50 Years . Now , Is This Your Confirmation That It Does Exist ?

On the evening of April 22 / 23 . 1986 A.D. Witnesses saw what they described as the '' Thinking '' Fireball . The Fireball displayed A Multiple Of Colored Lights And Moved Very Fast . This Is A Simulation Of Nibiru . As far back as 1915 A.D. They knew about Nibiru . They just weren't telling us . Go do your research and you'll come across a magazine entitled '' The Electrical Experimenter '' . Published in 1915 A.D. And you'll see a picture of a simulation of Nibiru on its front . In a pamphlet written by Dr . Frank E . Strange titled '' The White Planet '' He quotes a mane named Carl Sagan , Who Says That '' In The Northern Part Of The Sky . Someplace Where There Seems To Be Less Stars Than Anywhere Else ; There Is An Object That Keeps Moving Eratically And Dorsn't Stay On A Steady Course . That Object Is Unlike Any Heavenly Body In The Sky ... Unlike A Planet , Sometimes It Looks Like A Star . It Does Not Change In Configuration ; It Seems To Be Surrounded With White Sometimes Bluish , Sometimes A Greenish Light , '' Dr . Stranges Further Describes The Object As A Cube With A Forcefield Around It . And On The Cover Of The Pamphlet , This '' Object '' Is Also Depicted As Having Clouds Around It .

Again , This Is No Coincidence That Description Of This Craft Is Very Similar To The Description Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re Has Been Giving Us For Years . This Object That Dr . Stranges Is Speaking Of Is Nibiru . But Ask Yourselves , Why Is He Telling Us Now ? So For Those Of You Who Think That Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re Is Just Making Things Up . You Are Wrong ! Everything That He's Been Telling Us , Is Being Told To You Everyday . You Don't Want To Accept It Coming From Him . If You Still Don't Believe Him . Check It Out ! ( Refer To '' Holy Tablets '' , Chapter 1 , Tablets 4 - 5 ; Scroll #80 Entitled ; '' Man From Planet Rizq '' Scroll #82 Entitled '' Mission Earth And Extraterrestrial Involvement '' ; Scroll #154 Entitled ; Nibiru And The Anunnaq - Fact Or Fiction '' , Scroll #94 Entitled ; '' Is God An Extra - Terra - Astral ? ( Extraterrestrial ) .

However , In The '' Weekly World News '' , March 16 , 1999 A.D. Edition Page 20 , Article Entitled '' Astronomers Say Holy City Of New Jerusalem Is Headed Toward Earth ! '' By Mike Foster States And I Quote ; '' Cape Canaveral , Fla . - A Leading Astronomer Has Come Under Fire After Claiming That A Bible Prophecy About The Final Days Is Coming True ; The Holy City Of New Jerusalem Is Descending Toward Earth ! '' .... It Is A Perfect Cube - A Shape That Cpuld Not Be Formed By Any Natural Process - And It Measures The Equivalent Of 12,000 Furlongs In Length . Just As Described In The Book Of Revelation , '' He Said Furthermore , It Is Composed Of Exactly The Kinds Of Stones Detailed In The Bible ,... The Mystery Object , Which Is Expected To Enter The Earth's Atmosphere Sometime Early In The Year 2000 , Verily Resembles The Prophet's Description Of That Heavenly City , The Astronmer Claims ... There Are Even '' Crop Circles '' That Represent And Talk About Nibiru . For All You Doubters , That Still Think Nibiru Is A Figment Of Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re's Imagination...

This Article Is Taken From The '' Unicus '' Magazine Communication Pages 22 - 23 - 24 , Entitled '' Crop Circle Astral Symbology '' By Steve Repetti , And He States ; '' ... I Discovered That The Knowledge Conrained Within The Essential Elements Of The Enuma Elish Was A Model Code Providing The Key To Describe Graphic And Symbolic Interpretations Of The Crop Circles And The More Advanced Forms Of Pictograms . Gertain Major Formations Can Be See As Repetitive Graphic Keys To The Informational Aspects Which Are Represented In The Smaller Or Less Complex Pictograms ... A Planet At Least Four Times Larger Than Tiamat Approached From Deep Space . And Was Called Nibiru . Or Mardul In Babylon . Nibiru Was Gravitationally Attracted Into Our Solar System And Began Passing The Outer Planets So Closely That They Exchanged Moons ... Tiamat Was Cleaved In Two , Nearly Half Of Which Was Scattered Out And Spread Into What Is Now Called The Asteroid Belt . Just Beyond Mars .

The Surviving '' Head '' Of Tiamat Moved Closer To The Sun , Took Up Its New Orbit Ahead Of Mars And Was Renamed Eridu / Earth ... The Symmetry In Some Of The Most Complex Pictograms Are Repeating A Message ... In Types A And B , The Earth Appears To Be Circled By Way Of A Straight Path To A Larger Solid Body . There Are Two Broken Paths Resembling Equation Marks On Either Side Of The Main Connecting Pathway . As A Broken Path . It Would Appear To Represent A Transitional Object Or Event In The Transformation Or Exchange Of The Two Connected Spheres On Its Sides . This Represents The Role Nibiru Played Between Earth And Mars ... The Areas In Position 4,5,6, Are The Most Confusing . Because This Is Where Nibiru ( '' The Planet Of The Crossing '' ) Collided With Tiamat And Released Earth To A New Positing Replacing The Position Of Mars . It Is Important To Note Tiamat Existed Long Before The Collision With Nibiru Which Generated Earth And The Asteroid Belt ...

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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
This One Came From The Internet , Page 1 Entitled '' Crop Circles - Steve Canada '' , And This Is What It States ; ... Crop Circle Meaning -- Unerstanding The Symbols I Have Discovered They Key To Deciphering The Redundant Patterns In Crop Circles . They Are A Communication System Linear . Multi - Colored Crop Formations Are Decipherable As Statements ( See Above -- '' Ancient Ruler Innana Descends From Nibiru With Multiplied 'Marduk's Lightning Weapon '' ) . ... Crop Circle Symbols Are Consistent With The Ancient Sysmbols Sued For The Tenth Planet , Known As The Sumerians Of Nibiru ( Literally '' Planet Of Crossing '' ; Crossess Are A Crop Circle Type . ) The '' Lightning Weapon '' Was The '' Tillu '' , When Was A Laser Beam Anu Gave To Murdoq ( Refer To '' The Holy Tablets '' , Chapter 1 , Tablet 4 , Verse 30 , Scroll # 172 ) .

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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
Ques ; What Was The Big Boom That Took Place All Over The World In 1996 A.D. ?
Ans ; On December 12 , 1996 A.D. There Was Much Rainfall And Thunderstorms Going On In Georgia And Different Parts Of The Country And Around The World . People Everywhere Were Suffering The Same Type Of Weather . Such As , Thunderstorms . Snowstorms , Tornadoes , Etx . At A Certain Point , During The Shadow Hour , Around 7;00 Or 8;00 P.M. Easterm Time , We Experienced , Heard And Felt A Big BOOM , That Was Felt All Over The World . At First We Thought It Was Lightening . However , The Thundering , Forceful Boom Was Too Strong To Be Lighting . It Shook The Buildings , Lights , Cabinets And There Were Power Failures . The Shake Was Felt In Many Different Places Around The World And Nobody Knew What Was Going Was Felt In Many Differents Places Around The World And Nobody Knew What Was Going On . A Week Before The Incident Happened . Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re , Had Marked '' Dooms Day '' On That Date Of His Calendar . Curiously . Of Course , We Repeatedly Would Ask Him What Did That Mean . Some People May Had Thought He Was Joking Around Whenever He Would Smile And , I Can't Tell You All . You'll See ! '' For All Those Who Don't Know , On December 12 , 1996 A.D. That Sound That Shook The Planet Earth Was A Vibration Of The Mothership Nibiru Being Halted In Space . By The Aldebarans , Who Altered The Time , By Slowing The Process Of The Comet Hale - Bopp . Hale - Bopp Will Break Away From Nibru . They Will Try To Shoot It Or Stop It , So That Nibiru Will Not Reach Us In Time .

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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )
Ques ; What Is The Comet Hale - Bopp ?
Ans ; Comet Hale - Bopp Was Discovered By Two Astronomers Name Alan Hale And Thomas Bopp In The Summer Of 1995 A.D. One Thing Different About This Comet Was It Was Seen More Or Less 20 Months Prior To Its Closest Approach To The Earth And Sun . When It Usually Takes 3 Or 4 Months For This Comet To Be Spotted . According To The Astronomers , The Comet Is No Danger To The Earth . Certain Information Was Not Released About The Bright Light That Is Next To The Comet , Which Was Cited On November , 1996 A.D. And Officials Did Not Make Public , Such As ; When The Comet Was Still As Far Away As Halley's Comet , It Was 1000 Times Brighter ! *The Comet Was First Seen When Its Distance From The Sun Was Much Too Great For The Gaseous Coma Of The Comet To Form . Yet It Had A Huge Coma Larger In Diameter Than The Sun ! *Observations By The Hubble Space Telescope And Other Powerful Ground Based Scopes Revealed '' Unusual '' Details - Chunks Breaking Off From The Comet And No Natural Reason For This To Happen , Since The Comet Was Too Far Away From The Sun For Gravity Or Thermal Effects To Do This . *The Orbit Of The Comet Is Very Strange , As If Some Intelligence Had Engineered A Comet To Get Our Attention ! These Are Comments Made By Astronomers About This '' Unusual '' Object . This Object That They Are Talking About Is Nibiru , Which Was Made Known Many , Many Years Ago By Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re . The Comet Itself Is Not Nibiru . Nibiru Is Right Next To This Comet As Seen On The Following Page . There Is An Entire Book About This Comet By Alan Hale Entitled ; '' Everybody's Comet '' .

Ques ; Is Nibiru The Same Craft That Was Prophesied To Come In Different Countries ?
Ans ; Yes . Different Cultures Speak Of A Craft That Is Coming Such As The Dogons Of Mali , Africa . To The Greeks It Was Known As Typhon , The Mayans Called It Quetzalcoat , The Phoenicians Referred To It As The Great Phoenix , The Chinese Referred To It As The Great Red Sea And The Tama - Reans Referred To It As Afif ( Apep ) Or Seth . The Nation Of Islam Call It The Motherplane . The Christian Call It The Holy City - The New Jerusalem That Is Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven . To The Sumerians It Was Called Nibiru . The Sumerians Were The Group Of People That The Neteru Taught When They Crashed Down To The Planet Tiamat ( Earth ) Off The Shores Of What Is Now Called The Persian Gulf .

Ques ; Why Is It That Even Though Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Has Been Talking About Nibiru , Ufo's , The Neteru , Extraterrestrials For Years , It Is Now That People , Newspapers , Magazines , T.V. Shows , Etc , Are Revealing Their Experiences And Cover - Ups ?
Ans ; Because The Time Is Now ! People Who Don't Believe In Religious Prophecies Know That Something Is Going To Happen . We Have Been Told Over And Over Again By Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re That He's No ; Talking About Some Mythological Rapture , Where Jesus Will Be Floating On Clouds As Taught In Christianity ; Or Islam / Muhammad Riding One Some White Donkey Called The Buraaq As Taught In Islam . He's Talking About An Earth Problem Where Different Beings And Forces From The Inside And Outside Of The Planet Earth Are Going To Cause Devastating Changes In This World As We Know It . Now That It Is Time , Information Is Coming From Everywhere Everything Is Information . According To The American Heritage Dictionary , Information Is Defined As ; In - For - Ma - Tion ( In 'Far ' Ma ' Shen ) N . Abbr . Inf . 1 . Knowledge Derived From Study , Experience , Or Instruction . 2 . Knowldge Of A Specific Event Or Situation ; Intelligence . See Synonyms At Knowldge . 3 . A Collection Of Facts Or Data ; 4 . The Act Of Informing Or The Condition Of Being Informed ; Communication Of Knowldge ; 5 . Computer Science . A Nonaccidental Signal Or Character Used As An Input To A Computer Or Communications System . 6 . A Numerical Measure Of The Uncertainty Of An Experimental Outcome . 7 . Law , A Formal Accusation Of A Crime Made By A Public Officer Rather Than By Grand Jury Indictment . - - In 'For ' Ma ' Tion - Al adj .

You Can Look Around And That Very Word Inform Is The Root Of The Word In - Form - Ation ( Information ) , Which Is This Era We Are In Now , Called The Information Age , Principalites In High Places Try To Call It The New Age . See , Anytime We Nuwaubians Say Something , They Call It The New Age ; However . It's The Information Age . The Computer Is The Information . If You Are On The Internet , You Are Being Informed . When They Do Something With Computers They Call It Information . However , Computers Are New Age , Because They Were Not Created Until 1943 A.D., So It's New Age , Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re In His Modest Way Of Informing Us Has Said That His Job Is To Get Us In Formation , Or In Format .

He Came In Order To Inform Us , In Order To Re -Form Us , Which Is Who He Is , The Reformer , And What He Has Always Claimed To Be ( Refer To Scroll #153 , Entitled ; Does Dr Malachi Z . York Try To Hide The Fact That He Is Imaam Isa ? ) . You See , We Have To Be Informed In Order To Be Reformed , Because The Information Is The Reformation Of Our Transformation . There Are So Many Things That Our People Don't Know About Because They Don't Read . This Is Why Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Writes Books , In Order To Make Nuwaubians Read And Educate Themselves . Our Miracle Is That Our Organization Has The Ability To Make Our People Read , And With Right Knowldge You Will Be Able To Decipher The Truth From The Falsehood When Someone Confronts You About Anything .

'' Now '' Is An Actual Event Of Removing The Spell Of Sleep , And From That Point In Time On Became '' Now '' ; Or Now Is The Time For All Good People To Come . '' Now '' Does Not Refer Simply To Living In The Present Days And Times , Although That Is Strongly Recommended . When The Dimensional Shift Occurred , Time Began Collapsing To Create A New Dimensional Shift . Space Is Collapsing To Create A New Dimensional Time , So Beings From Another Dimension Can Come Through Clouds , To This 3 Dimensional World . Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Came From A 9 Dimensional World . In Other Words , The Time And Space Relationship Is Linked To Human And Earth's Bio - Rhythm , And Determines How Many Dimensions For Which World ; In Our Cases A Third - Dimensional Reality Is For Grabs .

'' Now '' Does Not Just Refer To Living In The Present Moment . Although That Is Also A Reality . Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Was Talking About A Time Warp . It's Really Truly Occurring And Has Been Accelerating Since 1970 A.D. Until '' Now '' Has Fully Reached , Which Is August 12 , 2003 A.D. When The Vortex Will Open Once Again . When He States , '' The Time Is Now '' They Are Reminding Us Of Our Genetic Agreement , As Well As Being Literal . Genetic Shift Is Taking Place . Children Are Being Born With The Barathary Gland And Even Some Adults Are Waking Up With It Re - Implaneted . Even Though We Have Lived Through Many '' Nows '' , The Degree Of Our Awakenings Is In Direct Relation To The Degree Of '' Now '' That We Are Experiencing Because A'aferti Atum - Re Is Here With Us '' Now '' , And That Determines The Awakening . ( Refer To Scroll #80 Entitled ; '' Man From Planet Rizq '' ) .

Great Balls Of
Fire Cast
At The Earth
Scroll # 192
Authored By Kefa - Sen Hotep
Student Of Neter ; A'aferti Arum - Re


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Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )

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Jed nefer!!!

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