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Pa Neter Ra 10:39 PM

Earth Code


The word HOLY BIBLE when written backwards renders the semetic term EL BIB YLOH. It refers to the Arabic phrase Al Bab Ilah, the door or gate of God. The Holy Bible currently contains 66 books that are divided into 2 testaments; that is the old testament and the new testament. The former contains 39 books and the latter contains 27 books. The numbers 39 and 27 are multiples of the number 3, which when simplified renders the numbers 13 and 9 respectively.

13 x 9 = 117 = NUWAUPU

The Earth travels in its orbit at approximately 66 thousand miles per hour. The ratio 39/27 = 13/9 = 1.44 ad infinitum. The interesting thing about this particular ratio is that it is an overtone for the base line of the great pyramid of Giza, which is approximately point 144 miles. This commensurate also measures out the distance it takes the earth's equator to traverse in one half second.

Pa Neter Ra (The Son of God)

Pa Neter Ra 01:03 AM



The word EARTH renders HEART and the word HEART renders ETHAR (ether). EARTH refers to the root chakra, HEART refers to the heart chakra and ETHAR refers to the crown chakra. The word EARTH equals 52 = 5+2 = 7. Like the three phases of the H-O-H molecule (ice, liquid and vapor), the human psyche has three fundamental cooperative states: EARTH, HEART and ETHAR. Each of the three words equal seven and thus carries the triplicity 777.

Pa Neter Ra (The Son of God)

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