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Pa Neter Ra 01:08 AM

Tetrahedron Science of Attraction
Part 1.

Sixteen years ago something extraordinary happened outside the fields of England’s Barbury Castle. On the 17th day, in the month of July, in the year AD 1991, a two-dimensional crop formation depicting a tetrahedron was discovered. Fixed at each of the four apices of the two-dimensional tetrahedron are four circle-like glyphs. Over the sixteen years, the tetrahedron crop-formation has inspired many people to explain its purpose and significance. I am one of those people who were inspired by the tetrahedron crop formation. In my intellectual opinion, the tetrahedron crop formation depicts the lower half of the constellation Orion, which comes from the Greek word Ouranos, which means Heaven. Below, I have mapped the tetrahedron crop formation with the belt of Orion (Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka or AAM), the stars Rigel and Saiph and perhaps the most important feature of this constellation, the Orion Nebula. The word Nebula means “mist”, “fog” and/or “cloud” and it is the primary stage of a star’s cycle. Moreover, the word NEBULA can be separated into two words that are of ancient Egyptian origin, NEBU and LA/RA. The poly-circular image at the vertical of the tetrahedron crop formation defines the interstellar nature of Nebulae, in particular the Orion nebula. The poly-circles reflect the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for the embodiment of the SUN, called RA.

Part 2.

For this second part of this correspondence, we will explore the tetrahedron crop formation and how it ties in with the three major faiths of the west and the science of Nuwaupu. With a little concentration, I was able to extract three symbols from the three circles that are fixed at the apices of the tetrahedron crop formation. First, the poly-wave circle illustrates the six pointed star. Second, the ratchet circle illustrates the Ankh or cross. Third, by swinging the radius of the circle like a pendulum, the line circle effectively creates the crescent moon. As you can see, all three circles house a unique symbol associated with one of the three monotheistic faiths. Thus, we see the six pointed star for Judaism, the Ankh or Cross for Christianity and the crescent moon for al-Islam. Collectively, these symbols illustrate the aggregate symbol for NUWAUPU, which is the science of sound right reason, the fire of pure reason, Wu-Nuwaubu. It comes from the metu neter word WBN, which means “to rise in brilliance;” "to defy gravity," so to speak. Gravity bends, distorts and traps radiant energy from which we see as light in an atmosphere, such as Earth.

The illustration below shows a correlation between, the cross and the Swastika, which is a glyph depicting the technology of rotating magnetic fields.

Pa Neter Ra (The Son of God)
The Elements, Mathematics and Arithmetic
9 x 13

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