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IssaEl21 01:10 PM

Right Knowledge Series No 2 ( By Dr M.Z.York )
What is the spell of sleep that was cast upon Black , Nubians , Ptahites - Kuwshites , Egiptian Moors , the children of the Eloheem , Anunnaqi , or Neteraat ? It is called an evil hypnotic spell of ammesia called the Spell of Sleep AMAN '' Leviathan '' that was cast upon all the Blacks , Nubians ( Ptahites ) Ethiopians - Kuwshites and the Original Egiptian

Moor ( The Woolly - Haired People ) , 6,000 years ago at the beginning of the first AH '' Moon '' Cycle of 6,000 years with the creation of White Magic . White Magic is 6 - Ether spirit forces Ghost white vapor or Gas . The spiritual part of it is called Seh '' Religion '' It is a spell of spiritual ingorance and worship of white ghost spirits called god . It is a spell of

spiritual ignorance and racial blindness for 6,000 years our people have been in a coma state , amnesia a sleep of the conscious mind lost in blind Faith and Belief with no facts and confirmations out right ignorance to who they are . The powers of this spell are

enforced by fake religious books and white supremacy propaganda that is put out by religions such as ; Mosesism '' Judasiam '' Christism '' Christianity '' .and Muhammadism '' Al Islaam '' . The original religious books that that were in their original tongue and form were destroyed . The Hebrew Torah '' Bible '' and the Arabic Quran ''

Koran '' of today have been altered by Disagreeable forces and have you living off Blind Faith . They have mistakes in them and just because these scriptures are written in Hebrew or Arabic doesn't make them right . And how can '' Allah '' or '' God '' make mistakes ? According to the Sumerian doctrine this spell was cast by a being called APophisAmam in

Ancient Egipt and Zuen in Sumer a Remusyan '' Reptilian'' from the Planet Rum '' Titan '' who is also called Zu , Anzu , Kato , Enzu , The Devil , Shakhar son of Tarnush , Humbaba , Huwawa , Shaytaan . Ibliys , Belus , Nulush Ha Satan , and in Tama - Re '' Egipt '' we called him APEP , APOPHIS, a Draconian or Dragonian from Draco , Drago

star constellation the father of Haylal ( Sama'El , Nakhash ) . Most of you think the planet Titan is called Saturn which is a ball of gas not a planet . The spell was cast for Enqi who is Equivalent to Seth or Set '' Sutukh '' of Egipt . He is the founder of the city of Nod , Lebanon of old Phoenicia , Byblos of the Egiptian Mysteries where the Great Neter ''

God '' Asru / Usir '' Osiris '' body was found . This spell was cast for Enqi who was the master of Ta '' Earth '' also called Nudimmud and Ea Adamites the seed of Enlil Which means '' Ruler Of Heavens And Earth '' Enlil is also called Nunamnir , Asaru ( Refer To '' Breaking The Spell Scroll # 42 , Baptism Ceremony Scroll # 51 , The Holy Tablets ,

And '' The True Story Of Genesis '' Scroll # 90 ) . It is a spell of Racial Blindness / Hate for Self and Kind not knowing who the Evil One really is or His Many Shapes and Forms . He or She could be your Pastor / Teacher / Boss / Friend / GirlFriend or Mate the Devil comes in many forms and even possesses Black people to work for and even kill for him Against Their

Own . These Are Black Devils . The Albino Cursed Seed of Canaan and his descendant called '' The Canaanites '' eleven tribes in all also known in Tama-Re '' Egipt '' as the Heka - Khasut '' Hyksos '' Tama ' Hu or Ghost Man is a transparent being in the image of a ghost . This Spell of Sleep , AMAM '' Leviathan '' is also enforced through the media that

is controlled by Pa Tama - Hu or ghost man . He does this by establishing how you as Black should LQQk what you should Wear how you should Feel where you should Go where you should Work how and where you should Spend your Money and what you should Eat .
All this so he Pa Tama - Hu or Ghost - Man can control you Mind and all your feeling to

make you work against yourself and your kind . However you must remember that the evil one comes in many shapes forms and colors . For years Blacks have been parading around saying that '' The White Man Is The Only Devil '' which renders you Angels '' oe the Good Guys '' When in reality you are just as crooked and Devlish as the Tama - Hu-aat .

Remember in the beginning of the reconstruction and recreation of Ta '' Earth '' Genesis 1;1 , Pa Sata '' The Serpent '' who beguiled Hawwah ( Eve , Nekaybaw ) into partaking of the forbidden fruit was not a Tama - Hum man but a Black Man . It is time you stop blaming everything on the Tama - Hu person or on the Habiru '' Jews '' and statr LQQking at yourself .

However you do not want to take the initial step in the reality that you are far from an angel because that would mean '' Responsibility . If you really begain to OverStand that everything that happens to you is your own fault and take Responsibility for all of your Actions then that's when things will start happening for you . Instead of moving up and Accomplishing Goal

in this Life you'd rather be Content with A Typical 9-5 Jobs under someone or working in Mc Donalds living in an apartment in the city A Car and A Couple of Friends . Almost every other race in the world either specializes in Manufacturning or has some kind of industry . However when it comes to you What Do You Have ?

Or what can you say that you truly create and contribute to this society ? What ? Rap Music ? Fried Chicken ? Then You Say , '' I Know Diamonds / Silver / and Gold come from the Motherland - Africa brother '' True !!! However after 1866 A.D. when diamond were first discoverd in South Africa and ackowledged as valuable you let foreigners come to

mine these diamonds and take them from you . Sp I Ask You Again What Do You Create To Contribute To This Society Today ? That's Exactly Right -- Nothing ! This is because wether you believe it or not you are under an Evil Spell called The Spell Of Sleep , or AMAM '' Leviathan '' - which in Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) is Levi .. Lawiy meaning '' Law and

Athan , Atham meaning '' Sin '' who is Apep or Apophis . Zuen as found in Judges 2;13 , The Demon Deity which gives you the '' Law Of Sin '' Leviathan was the laws of the sea by which the Remusyanaat '' Reptilians '' lieved . These laws were named after Pa Sata '' The Serpent '' A mam , Leviathan , which is the gaint sex and spirit force that they use in White Magic to rule you ; keeping you in captivity both physsically and mentally .

The Right Knowledge Series No 2
Authored By
The Supreme Grand Hierophant S.G.H.
720th Degree
Amunnubi Raakhptah ( Atum - Re )
Mir '' Pyramid '' No . 9

IssaEl21 01:12 PM

( How Was The Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan Introduced ? )
The Spell Of Leviathan or Spell Of Kingu also called AMAM was introduced through Seh '' Religion '' with the help of the Remusyan '' Reptilian '' Apep , Zuen . According to the Sumerian Doctrine , Enlil had 7 Tablets in his possession the Tablets Of Destiny which were also called '' The Scroll Of

All or the Akasha Tablets in the Sacred Chamber Dir-Ga . Zuen Apep wanted the tablets because in his heart he wanted Enlilship Meaning '' Control Over The LIL ( Heavens or Skies ) . So Zuen stole the first writings of the tablets that were kept in Enlil's secret chamber the 9th chamber which told of the coming of the ELDERS and changed all their

destinies or what was to happen . At that point everything was at a standstill . Pa TA '' The Earth '' was void and dark . and Pa Neteraat '' The Eloheem '' were in conflict you had 12 Qa'hat '' Agreeable '' and 12 Netchnetch '' Disagreeable '' and Enlil was left speechess .
( Refer To '' The Holy Taablets '' Chapter Twelve , Lowhu Shil Amzu , Tablet Of

Anzu ) . Once Zuen , Apep got the Tablets Of Destiny and gave them to Enqi , Sutukh , together they conspired against Enlil , Asaru and cast the spell on the descendants of Enlil , The Adamites , Enosites and the Cainites . However , Zuen turned against Enqi , and put the spell on Enqi's descendant as well . This same spell is what is on Blacks

worldwide today . All this was done out of jealousy . power and conflict with his brother as with the stories of '' Cain And Abel '' Jacob and Esau '' , Isaac and Ishmael '' and '' Solomon and Adonijah '' in your Bible which came from the real stories of ancient Tama - Re '' Egipt '' . This is our Sumerian story we also have a Tama - Reye '' Egiptian '' story where Enlil is Asaru '' Osiris '' , Enqi is Sutukh '' Set '' .

Enlil Son Of Anu And Antum
Pa Neter Asaru Son Of Geb And Nut

Anu is Re '' Ra '' , our Heavenly Father , Abaanaa of Tama - Re '' Egipt '' , Dina also known as Ishtar is Aset '' Isis '' , and as mentioned earlier Zuen is Apep , Apophis .

Enqi Son Of Anu And Iyd
Pa Neter Sutukh Son Of Geb And Nut
Anu The Heavenly Father The Most High
Re '' Ra '' Our Heavenly Father Abaanaa
Esau - Jacob ( Sons of Isaac and Recbecca , Re , Ba , Ka )
Isaac Son Of Abraham And Sarah
Ishmael Son Of Abraham And Hagar
Adonijah Son Of David And Haggith
Solomon Son Of David And Bathsheba
Ishtar Daughter Of Ningal And Nannar
Pa Netert Aset '' Isis Sister And Wife Of Osiris
Tammuz Son Of Dammuzi And Ishtar

From the original seven tablets called '' The Enuma Elish '' and '' The Gilgamesh Epics '' the Bible and Qur'an '' Koran '' were devised . These books bred the belief in a book that Tammuz ( Ez 8;14 ) '' Sprout Of Life '' , A Yahweh ( The one appointed over you ) , along with a council of 46 Anunnaqi , Plagiarized for the seed of Seth ( Genesis 4;26 ) .

Tammuz did not create it . He made it easier . You see , Tammuz was appointed as the Neb '' Lord '' over you . He is called Jehovah , Lord ( Genesis 4;26 ) , who used the ancient Sumerian Tablets As his guidelines . Pa Heka - Khasut '' The Hyksos '' . came in with their influence of ghost worship and have people following behind them in blind faith They call themselves Hebrews , and were not . They called themselves Nazarites , and were not . They called themselves Christians , and were not . They called themselves Muslims , and were not . The original of all these were Blacks , Not Whites as you see today , who are masquuerading around as the originals when they are not .

The original Hebrew , Chaldeans were Black from Terah and Abraham ( Ab - Ra - Kemet ) . The original Greeks were Blacks from Javan , son of Japheth . The original Arabs were Blacks from Ishmael , son of Abraham . At one time you as GODS that had direct contact with your own spiritual forces knew .

IssaEl21 01:14 PM

( How Was The Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan Introduced ? )
In the process of casting the spell , ( Good Was Made To LQQk Evil , and Evil Was Made To LQQk Good . They made Dark , Peace , Tranquility LQQk and seem Bad , and Fire , Lightning , Explosions and Light LQQk and seem Good . So White People LQQk Good And Black People LQQk Bad Making It Easy To Accept A '' white god '' and '' son of god .

They were able to control you so well because they actually breed with you . and have gotten into your blood , which gives you the desire to want to be like them and doesn't allow you to '' hate '' them or '' love '' yourself . If makes it harder , but not impossible , to awaken from under '' the spell of self hate . Then they created the Bible and books with all '' Tama - Hu

or Ghost man pictures for you and your kids . They make and have made movies about Bible stories , all '' Tama - Hu people from Jesus to Angels Plus you have Michelangelo's drawing of God's hand and Adam , both '' White '' This is all part of it . The Moslems did the same thing in the Islamic movie about Muhammad and his companions , all '' White Pictures .

It's All Religious Racism to control you mentally , So You Would Continue To Follow Them Blindly Without Question , So Not To Alarm The '' Sleeping God '' Within The True Tama-Reye '' Egiptian '' . You see it's all about '' Image '' . If I am running after the '' Image '' of other than '' Self and Kind '' , I cannot Imagine ever , the Image of Self and Kind .

So they cannot allow any Positive Black Images in the highest position in this society . Those that are here have something wrong with their characters , and if they don't have anything wrong , They Will Character Assassinate Them So The Accusation Is Always In The Back Of Your Mind , Even If You Have Cleared Up Whatever Charges . ( It Is A Well Thought Out Plan ) .

All of the Deities that were originally respected for each other's specific quality were condensed into one single being called '' God '' . If you LQQk in the scriptures you will find that the Aramic ( Hebrew ) and Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) word for '' God '' . is actually in plural form like troops or host of beings but most Hebrew and Arabic scholars translate it

simply as '' god '' as if to say there is only one . In Fact the word '' God '' or Allah '' is not always singular as written in your English Bible or Koran . In some instance the Aramic / Hebrew word being translated into English as '' God '' is the word Eloheem as found in Genesis 1;1 , which is translated in the plural form of '' Eloh '' as found in Genesis 2;1 , and

Allahumma in Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) ( Koran 3;26 ) or Aalihat as found Koran 36;23 which is the plural of Elah , short for Allah . All of these words translated to mean '' These Things '' or '' These Beings '' . The letters '' Yod '' and '' Miym '' on the end of Eloheem indicates that it is the plural form of the singular Eloh . Instead of scholars using the Aramic / Hebrew '' Eloh '' or '' Eloheem '' when translated into English they use the German word

Gutt '' God '' ( Refer To Who Is God , Scroll #103 ) , which is composed of the initials of three ( 3 ) Hebrew words 1 . Gomer 2 . Oz , 3 . Dabar into Greek words which celebrates human attributes , Wisdom , Strength , Beauty only ( Refer To '' God Misinterpreted Scroll # 85 ) . These are attributes of the God - Man , the Black Man .

IssaEl21 01:17 PM

( How Was The Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan Introduced ? )
The Eloheem < Aramic > or Allahuma < Arabic > in the ancient tablets are called Anunnaqi which mean '' Those Who ANU Sent From Heaven To Qi ( Earth ) . according to Sumerian doctrine . The being assigned to humans ( Homo - Sapiens ) from amongst the Neteraat , Eloheem , Anunnaqi for 6,000 years was one called Tammuz , the Son of

Ishtar and Dammuzi . He was to rule Enoshites for 6,000 years starting from the birth of Canaan , son of Ham , 4,004 years ago . Tammuz is je whom you interpret as your El Eloh , Allah , or El Yahuwa . He is also called Adonai and El Shadi < Aramic > or El Shadiyd < Arabic > as found in Quran , Koran 13;13, 53;5 meaning '' All Mighty ''

Tammuz was a '' Yah and a '' Weh '' or Qa ' het '' Agreeable '' and Netchnetch '' Disagreeable '' He was assigned to '' Ta '' Earth '' to you Enoshites , after your transgression in the garden . According to Sumerian doctrine , Tammuz is your Jesus or

your God incarnated ( Philippians 2;6-7 , John 1;14 ) , who after being appointed , came to give you guidance and to link you back with the stars , but you rejected him and you persecuted him ( Refer To Who Is God ? Scroll # 103 ) . ( Nergal , Husband Of Arishkegal
Arishkegal , Wife Of Nergal ) .

( How was the spell of Amam '' Leviathan '' introduced through religion ? )

Through Seh '' Religion '' you were put under the mode of 1. 2. 3. - person , place , and thing , locked within the 3 dimensions and there is not anything you can conceive that does not fit in either of those categories . Religion is the spell of sin used to keep you under

control which gave birth to the evil one or Pa Tuta concept . When people constantly are talking about The Devil This .... and The Devil That ...is what keeps him alive and going ; and yet without the Devil how could you determine who and what is god ? By this alone you

should realize neither Exists . What is good to one is bad to another , depending on who it affects . It all goes back to you . Everything is done in three's . That is how the Spell of sin was cast . For example there are only three basic Religious Beliefs ; Monotheism

( monad ) . Pantheism ( Davad ) and . Polytheism ( Triad ) . the Trinity ; Father , Son and Holy Ghost , or God . The Devil , and Humanity . There are 3 predominant Religions ; Judaism , Christianity , and Islam . Three main scriptures ; The Old Testament , The New

Testament , and The Koran , Etc . Religion is based around Persons , Places , and Things by virtue of the fact that the major religion are based on 1 . Their Holy Deity , 2 . Their Holy Places , 3 . Their Holy Book . Even in everyday life everyhing is based on this 1. 2. 3.

IssaEl21 01:19 PM

( How Was The Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan Introduced ? )
principle . For example , you always want to meet new people ; The Rich And Famous Go On Vacations To Places Like Paris The Bahamas Or Any Other Place You Have Always Desired To Visit And Buy New Things Such As Cars Clothes , Jewelry Etc . You Cannot

Think OutSide Of These Three Things . Once You Can Think Or Imagine OutSide Of These Three Things . Once You Can Think Of Imagine OutSide Of These Three Modes , the speel of Amam '' Leviathan '' ( Kingu ) , will be liften .

( Is the Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan '' for eternity or will it be lifted at the of 6,000 years ? )

The ELDERS are trying to liberate you by braking the Spell Of Leviathan or AMAM . That is why the forces of nature raises one from amongst your own save you every 25,000 years to renew your history . I Am this one . Amunnubi Raakhptah called ATUM-RE .

I am appointed by the forces of nature to determine and disclose to the people ; 1 . The Hidden Past , 2 . The Changing Present , 3 . The Ruling Future . Re '' Ra '' , Our Heavenly Father , Abaanaa , who is on the planet ship , Motherplane , known to the Tama - Reyeaat '' Egiptians '' as the Mandjet , and to the Sumerians as NIBIRU , which

means '' Planet Of The Crossing '' or '' Planet That Crosses The Skies '' . This is spoken about in Revelation 21;3 , Called '' The boat of a Million Years '' ( Refer To The Second Book Entitled ; '' The Sacred Records Of Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re , Also Called '' The Black Book '' ) . However , if this isn't successful , the ship NIBIRU will pass by and you will

be years and Pa Tuta or The Evil One as you call him , is really going to run rampant . When you realize their 6,000year cycle or the AH '' Moon '' Cycle is over and you accept and acknowledge your Tama - Reye '' Egiptian '' Neteraat '' Deities '' and way of life , NUWAUPU , he will start to dissipate , to dis-appear . It is up to you as Blacks , as the

Original Egiptian Moor , the woolly - Haired people , to want to lift the Spell Of AMAM '' Leviathan '' . I can only write the scroll with the formula necessary to Break The Spell . If you don't want to accept the FACTS ( the truth ) that you are under some kind of spell / Amnesia , then you will continue to wander for the rest of your life in Untruth , Lies And

Sorrows . Think about this ; the first great white lie was told to you by your Black parents , when they told you to write a letter to a white man asking for something for nothing , and that was Santa Claus . If your own Black parents will teach you this lie , anyone else will kie to you . They helped enforce White Magic . However if by chance you are one of those

people who want The Right Knowledge , The Right Wisdom and The Right OverStanding , the '' Black Magic '' formula necessary to destroy the evil '' White Magic '' because You are tried of the legends and myths , and want The Facts Beyond Any Shadow Of A Doubt , then you must be ready to read With An Open Mind , because you will be

reading the Right Translation in Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic , Aramic / Hebrew and Greek by my self , Neter ; Aaferti Atum - Re known also as Amunnubi Raakhptah ( But Don't Believe A Word Of What I Teach . Go Find Out For Yourself ; Go Check It Out !!!! Then After You Find That All Of What I Teach Is Pure FACTS , Then , Ask Why ? Why has this never been done

or taught before and why have they mistranslated all of the holy texts ? Your Soul Will Speak To You And Tell You That They Wanted To Misinform You , Your Whole Family , And All The World . . Real Universal Knowledge must answer the Knowledge Question ; When ?
Where ? What ? Who ? How ? Why ? And Nature Of ; What Is , Whom A Thing Is For

Or Against . But fear no longer for I . AMUNNUBI RAAKHPTAH , have indeed come to you like a thief in the night . I sat back and listened to all the mortal teacher of all the so-called Black organizations and realized that they don't really know what they're talking about . I call them , '' The Blind Leanding The Blind '' . I Am Here To Clear Up All Of The Lies And Break

IssaEl21 01:21 PM

( How Was The Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan Introduced ? )
The Spell Of Amam '' Leviathan '' that have entrapped your divine potenials imprisoned your souls in Inorance ( Ignore - the facts ) , and left you so far behind in the race of economice ( due to lack of creativity ) ; which was located in the hippocampus area of the brain , and is a cavity of the cerebellum . Read '' The Degree Of Christism '' The Degree

Of Mosessism '' . '' The Degree Of Muhammadism '' three ( 3 ) Degrees To Break The Spell . This is when man became forgetful and was called Enoshites , a word that means '' Mortal Man '' but its root means to '' Forget '' ( Genesis 4;26 ) The Barathary Gland Gave access to the four highter senses ;intuition . telepathy . psychometry , and clairvoyance ..
( Refer to '' Is God A Wimp '' Scroll # 86 ) . I will also show you their mistranslation ; so you can compare with the Right Translations . These are the keys to breaking the spell of Amam '' Leviathan '' Open up your mind and your divine Soul and you will be Free ! I AMUNNUBI RAAKHPTAH am here to re-new your 24,000 year history and to open the seal

of the new age ; The sun era , Re '' Ra '' , bringing you back to Tama - Re '' Egipt '' No more Fiction , and no more Myths . The only way this opium - like hypnotic spell can be broken , and you will be free again , and free indeed , is by The Right Knowledge , The Right Wisdom , And The Right Overstanding of yourself , Your kind and others . This ''

Science '' is called NUWAUPU , taught through The Ancient Egiptian Order , A.E.O. Only , We work with Nature and its atmosphere of the new RE , RA '' Sun '' Cycle - The Revolutionary Cycle - after the year 2000 A.D. , which will be marked by the electric storm on the sun , bad weather patterns , Hail Storms / Landslide / Sinkholes in cement , Plane

Crash , Racial Tension Increases , and more Blacks are awking up and becoming aware of their conditions , deformities . The Devil's Time Is Up And He Will Fade Away . Blacks will give up on White Man Slave Master Religions And Return to African and Egiprology teaching . It's Our Time To Rule Self . THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE , THE RIGHT WISDOM

and THE RIGHT OVERSTANDING ---can produce Right Thinking for the Nuwaupian Moors , Egiptian Moore , Blacks ; and Right Thinking causes us to follow the right way to liberty and equality through Right Words and Right Works . RIGHT KNOWLEDGE is truth , and truth is the best knowledge therefore , if information it the best knowledge ,

then the best knowledge is The Right Knowledge , and outformation is supreme mathematics . BLACK MAGIC . You must be made aware that the Racial War is not about you ! You do not belong to the different races of the planet Ta '' Earth '' . Step out of the way . The forces of evolution are running in reverse and a resolution will begin for

Nuwaupians , Blacks . It is fruitless trying to free hypnotized people without using the right formula that will reverse the hypnotic spell , which is keeping them in captivity . Part of the right formula to reverse or destroy the evil hypnotic spell of Amam '' Leviathan '' You the reader will OverStand these teaching better if you remember that Amam , The Spell Of

Leviathan comes in all forms such as ; a sun god , an earth god , and a moon god for the Tama - Hu or Ghost , Straight - Hair People , Amam '' Leviathan '' can manifest itself as the sun god for them ; This is fire worship . So many of them worship on Sunday and worship the sun as a great ball of fire , a destructive force . Have you ever noticed how

they lay on the beaches ? But the sun is not their friend . Or why would they have to cover themselves while laying under the sun ? They will die from cancer that develops from the lack of pigmentation , Melanin in their skin . Melanin was a gift to you , all Egiptian Moors , Blacks from Pa Neteraat '' The Eloheem , The Anunnaqi '' ( Refer To The Scroll #38 Entitled ; '' The Black's True Roots '' )

IssaEl21 01:25 PM

( Who Is '' The Devil '' or the '' Evil One ? )
Pa Tuta's by name is Apep , Apophis or Haylal , a son of Shakhar ( Isaiah 14;12 ) and Tarnush , Zuen , of The Holy Tablets '' . He is A

Remusyan '' Reptilian '' originally from the Planet Rum , '' Titan '' . who relocated with the 6 star constellation Sahu , Orion , and to its right , Drago Orion can be found in the New

Testament under skies or Ouranos < Greek > , as found in Matthew 6;26 . Mylitta ( Tarnush's Wife ) is a Hindu . and the evil spell casting whisperer ( Refer To '' Does God

And The Devil Exist ? Scroll #93 ) . The beast is known by many names , some of which are merely attributes ; Shaytaan which is found in the Quran '' Koran '' 2;14 meaning ''

AThing Of Clay . '' Khannaas < Arabic > meaning the '' whisperer '' . found in Quran '' Koran 114;4 , Ibliys < Arabic > meaning '' The Rebellious One '' in Ashuric / Syriac /

Arabic , Satan , Diablo in Spanish ; Diabolos in Greek ; Diable in French , Nulush , Samael , '' The Devil '' LUCIFER , meaning '' The Morning - Star '' , as found in Isaiah

14;12 . Other names are Nakhash , who is '' The Whisperer , '' and found in the Bible under Serpent in Genesis 3;1 Dragon in Revelation 12;7 And Apep , Apophis in Book Of

The Dead . The BEAST uses many people as Tools for Instilling the Spell of ignorance in your minds . However , his greatest tool is his Translation of his the Bible and Quran ''

Koran '' into bad English . The New Testament was originally revealed in Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic then translated into Greek , and then into bad English ; also the Quran '' Koran ''

Was Translated from Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic into Persian Arabic , And then into bad English . These so-called learnt men , and religious sholars used mistranslation to Mis -

Inform and to Misguide you in order to enhance the Spell of Spookism and '' Idle '' worship not to be mistaken as '' Idol '' Worship .

IssaEl21 01:27 PM

( What do you mean by idle worship vs . idol worship ? )
When I say idle worship , I'm talking about when you sit around worshipping nothingness , ghost , spooks , spirits , gas , and things that pertain to 6-ether . You are worshipping

nothing when you give it a name like '' Aum '' or some other '' spiritual force '' not Seen , Heard , Tasted , Smell , or Felt . You are sitting around idly worshipping some ghost or

spook god , or practicing '' White Magic '' . If you have a favorite Actor , Singer , Boxer , Relative , Spouse , Animal , that has the power to control your emotions , it is also a form of

idle worship . In other words , you are out of your Mind . Then you have people that worship Concrete States and Building that have no life nor give any life . To Engrave The Name Of An

UnSeen , Felt , Tasted or Heard Deity on an Amulet or pendant and wear it around your neck transforms idle worship into idol worship . You are so caught up in trying to worship

something or somebody , that You Miss The Picture In Life . While you are sitting inside of A body chanting and singing to some UnSeen Force or in a stadium screaming your lungs out

for a Singer , You could be making wrothwhile contributions to life . Stop wasting your time because when you really think about it you are really worshipping nothing . Stop being guided and guide yourself to THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE .

IssaEl21 01:30 PM

( Can You Free Yourselves ? ) .
It Is Diffcult Trying To Unite People Physically Without First Uniting Them Mentally . If You Nuwaupians , Black Can Achieve Mental Unity You Are

Automatically United Physically . Because A Results Of Ignorant Though Are Ignorant Words And Ignorant Works . If The Minds Of This Kind Are Enslaved Then That Kind Of Mind Is

Enslaved No Matter Where It May Be . If The Minds Of This Kind Are Free The Physical Person Or Persons Are Free Or Will Soon Be Free , Because The Mind Is The Control And

Thereby Determines The Course The Person Or Persons Will Take . When The Mind Is Out Of Order , The Person Is Out Of Order . When The Minds Of A Nation Are Divided The Physical Person Are Divided ...

IssaEl21 01:35 PM

( What is common sense ? )
Common sense is common knowledge meaning knowledge that all people will OverStand accept and unite their Minds . This knowledge is called The Right Knowledge . The first step in Right Knowledge is called '' NUWAUPU '' Therecan be no Mental unity as long as the

spell of Leviathan '' Amam '' or Spiritual ignorance is upon you . NUAUPU is The Right Knowledge , The Right Wisdom and The Right OverStanding , Sound Right Reasoning . NUWAUPU . is the Science of the 9 Ether Beings ( Nuawaupians , Blacks ,

Nubians , Egiptian Moors ) effective spiritual science , '' Black Magic '' . Pa Tama - Hu or Ghost Man or '' Ghost '' People , the 6-Ether Evil Spirit Beings , also have a science that is the total opposite of what NUWAUPU is all about and it is called rahowa , which tells them how to destroy and disrupt , '' White Magic '' ( Refer To '' What Is Nuwau - Pu / Nuwaubu Scroll # 42 ) .

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