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hamzaalaswad 01:04 PM

Messianic Muslim
I was looking at the All Eyes on Egipt bookstore in Brooklyn and saw they have Messianic Muslim Classes. Are these classes teaching the school of the Nubian Islaamic Hebrews/Ansaaru Allah?

Host-Maat RE 01:20 PM

There is another store/community
Greetings Kindred,
If this class is in session on Bushwick Ave,
under Sakinah's watch...
We suggest that you send an email to
for that answer.

There is another store/community that you may want to attend
as well. They are loacted on Bedford ave.

They are doing a lot there, esp for the youth. And in accordance
to our Master Teacher instructions.

Lets Stay Connected
- Maat Re -

hamzaalaswad 12:36 PM

Wadu. I will contact the admin. and see. Another community/store on Bedford? Do you have an address or other contact information for this location?

hamzaalaswad 03:37 PM

Sent an email, however have not heard anything as of yet. Where else can i go to get more information? I live upstate, so just cant go to the class, however if they are teaching the knowledge given under those schools i will journey to attend.

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