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Pa Neter Ra 09:42 PM

Rightness, Suffering, and Liberation
Greetings Researchers, Ontologists, and Kosmosans…

Today I will speak to you about suffering. It is defined as a state or experience of a person that suffers. Suffering does exist and it results from ones attachment or clinging to desires. However, suffering ceases to exist when attachment or clinging to desires no longer continues. Liberation from suffering is achievable with the application of Nuwaupu (9 x 13) or Wu Nuwaupu, which is also known as Nuwaubu. Refer to the Mind Scroll: From the Unreal to the Real. We learn today, as our parents have ascertained in the past that Nuwaupu stands for Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Over-standing. Like the trifold of the Noble Eightfold Path prescribed in the medicine teachings of Buddha, the three degrees of Nuwaupu (e.g., Wu-Nupu, Asu-Nupu, and Naba-Nupu or Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Over-standing) is the way to the detachment or the cessation of suffering and the way to realization/actualization of self-awakening. In fact, the word Buddha comes from the Sanskrit word Bodhi (awaken one). Close examination of the Sanskrit word Bodhi (BDH) shows that the idea is cognizant of the mdw ntrw word PTH or PTAH (the opener). PTAH is often shown as a man with a punt beard, wrapped up like a mummy; but his hands are free to grip a great scepter made up of three symbols indicating,
  • Power (Was)
  • Life (Ankh)
  • Stability (Djed)
Sometimes PTAH (BODHI) wears an azure skullcap crown and stands on the hieroglyph for Ma'at, which means truth, fact, reality, and certainty. Interestingly enough, the first letter of each symbol forming the great scepter inscribes the acronym WADJ, which in the mdw ntrw means GREEN.

Essentially, PTAH of ancient Tama-re exemplifies the way or the path to the cessation of suffering and the realization/actualization of self-awakening through ma'at (facts, rightness, truth, and/or certainty). Afterwards, the practice towards Liberation would be applied during the 4th and 6th century BCE by Siddhartha Gautama of India, and presently Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah of the west would chart the Right path to Liberation for Nuwaubians worldwide with the advent of the Scroll of Eyes (Wu Nuwaupu), which has always existed in and beyond space, matter, and time (SMAT). Elements of the path begin with the word RIGHT (e.g., Right Knowledge), which highlights soundness, factuality, and/or consistency (ma'at). Human beings are bonded in a continuous flow of reincarnation, wandering on from one state of subtle suffering to another. Life is full of attachments. Nonetheless, the perpetual wandering in the cycle law ceases with liberation or release (i.e., from light to darkness or from Rizqyian to Etherian). Religion, however, is part of the cycle law. The etymology of the word RELIGION (e.g., religio, religare) means to tie back and to restrain. My fellow man and woman you shall know facts and the facts shall liberate you (NUWAUPU = 117 = 13 x 9 = MC^2 = Energy).

Pa Neter Ra (Maat Kheru Im Hotep)
One raised among Nuwaubian Goddesses
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
The Nubian Number (9^9^9)
9 x 13

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Pa Neter Ra 01:11 AM

Rightness, Suffering, and Liberation
Greetings Researchers, Ontologists, and Kosmosans…

The relationship between the nature of religion and the nature of science brings to mind the question of whether both approaches to a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world or universe are in conflict or in accord. As we have read above, the etymology of the word religion can be traced to the Latin word religio (supernatural constraint), which ties into the Latin term religare (to restrain, to tie back). From an etymological sense, what we have is a restraining or confining force; similar to the clinging or pulling characteristic of the interactive forces known in nature. On the other hand, the word science comes from the Latin term scire (to know), which is akin to the Sanskrit term chayti (he cuts off) and the Latin term scindere (to split). So, what we have here are two words with contrary etymologies. In other words, religion wants to tie (bond); but science wants to cut (liberate). This may explain the subtle conflict between the nature of religion and the nature of science; especially when it comes to receiving a comprehensive and apprehensive worldview (weltanschauung).To give you an over-standing of internal conflicts within science, for instance, I will quote Kuhn (1996):


Therefore, at times of revolution, when the normal-scientific tradition changes, the scientist’s perception of his environment must be re-educated [italics added]-in some familiar situations he must learn to see a new gestalt (worldview). After he has done so the world of his research will seem, here and there, incommensurable with the one he had inhabited before. That is another reason why schools guided by different paradigms are always slightly at cross-purposes ( p. 112).

Pa Neter Ra
9 x 13

Works Cited

Kuhn, T. (1996). The structure of scientific revolutions (3rd ed.). London: The University of Chicago Press.

Pa Neter Ra 11:17 PM

Rightness, Suffering, and Liberation
Greetings Researchers, Ontologists, and Kosmosans…


And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8 v 32).

-King James version-

So then, Certainty (of) the Truth; and (nothing) but truth, (will) liberate you (John 8 v 32).

-Calibrated by: Pa Neter Ra (Maat Kheru Im Hotep)-
The above quote, which has been calibrated by me for the sake of clarity and over-standing is a quote referring to Jesus' conversation with the Jews. Jesus i.e. IESOUS in the Greek and Yashua and 'Isa in Hebrew and Arabic accordingly, mentioned a very interesting mystical ideology that was overlooked by the Jews of his day and time. Perhaps, this ancient mystical ideology (mentioned in the above quote) has been overlooked by modern day theologians the world over as well. What I am referring to is the Sufi Islamic levels of certainty; namely the Truth of Certainty. The Greek word ginosko, is not only translated to mean knowledge, but also it can be used to mean CERTAINTY. Thus, the Greek term ginosko ho altheia can be translated as Certainty (of) the Truth. In Arabic, this idea is cognizant of haqq al-yaqin, the highest degree of certainty or truth (ma'at).

In Sufi Islam, there are three types of certainties: (a) knowledge of certainty, (b) eye of certainty, and (c) truth of certainty. In Nuwaubu, these three certainties are compared to the three great realities: (a) Atum-Re, (b) Atun-Re, and (c) Amun-Re. The latter i.e. truth of certainty (Amun-Re), is a sophisticated form of knowledge (also called knowledge by presence) that builds upon the uplifting nature of knowledge itself. The mystic ultimately arrives at the truth of things through direct participation in the ultimate reality (i.e., Pa Temt-ta, Pa Tem, The All). So, one must learn to harness the Right processes to defy the interactive forces in nature and in turn invert the containment process (gravity field) for release or liberation (i.e., from Rizqyian to Etherian or from light to darkness).

So, experience plays a very important role in the mystic's pilgrimage (El Maguraj) toward truth and in truth. In fact, the Nuwaupuyee word for pilgrimage, MAGURAJ, is cognizant of the Arabic word MAKHRAJ, which means the place of exit or origin. In Arabic, for instance, by coupling a word with its correct place of exit or origin (makhraj) and its respective quality (sifah), one achieves know-how or knowledge (tajweed) in doing things good. In retrospect, Jesus was educating the Jews on the Certainty of Truth (ma'at), which is the supreme truth that had the capacity to liberate them from being led astray (harmartia). However, they failed to see at least the equality that the object of certainty (Father) had with the one who was experiencing it (Jesus, Son of God). Thus, when Jesus was explaining that "I and the father are one (John 10 v. 30)" and "when you see me you see the father (John 14 v 7-14)," he was teaching about the Certainty of Truth i.e. Knowledge by Presence, the journey within (Quraan: Surah 18, Ayah 65).

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword. But The Tongue Is Mightier Than Them Both.

-Marcus Garvey-

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Pa Neter Ra (A Son of the Green Light)
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