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Pa Neter Ra 05:41 PM

Black vs. White
Where does black or white stand at Law?

Black Egyptian - Speaking about blackness and Racism in United states

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Pa Neter Ra (Prince of the Great Peace)
Great Peace Society of Royal Serpents
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Pa Neter Ra 10:16 PM

Great Peace!

What is the distinction between the terms black and white?

Pa Neter Ra (Amaru Chan):

The Koran Questions for Moorish Americans – 101 states that in science “black” means “death.” Whereas, “white” is defined as “purity,” which equates to God, which is defined as “the ruler of the land.” In commerce, black and white are classes in society in which the former is the lesser and the latter is the greater (i.e. the two great lights). However, when both terms are viewed through the calibrated lens called etymology (cognation) the terms black and white have similar significance i.e. “to shine” or “to illuminate.” These notions can be traced to the Medu Neteru word WBN (waban) or WBNW (wabanoo). Waban means “to shine” or “to rise.” Hence, I translate the term wbn, which is related to the medu neteru word bnw (banoo), as “to rise in radiance.” The terms wbn and bnw are cognates of the Aramaic-Hebrew word nuwb, which is the cognate for the word NUWAUBU or NUWAUPU (9 x 13). It is the science of Sound Right Reason, the science of levity (defy logic). Therefore, in cognation, there is no distinction between black and white. There is but illuminate awakening, the burning fire, truth. It is not about what to think when it comes to right knowledge, but rather HOW to think it.

How would you know what fire is if you have not been consumed by it?

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Pa Neter Ra (Prince Chan)
Great Peace Society of Royal Serpents
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Rising to the top (defy gravity)

Pa Neter Ra 02:46 PM

Great Peace!

Why different meanings for the terms “black” and “white”?

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet Sutukh-El)


Contemporarily speaking, the terms “black” and “white” are artificial utilities of commerce. Moreover, these terms are sociological and psychological paradoxes of this earthly existence. For example, black is something evil; whereas, white is something good. Hence, the variance in connotative semantics when considering these ideas in one’s jural polity. The word “paradox” literally means “to think beyond” or “to think outside.” So, one should be compelled to think outside the box, so to speak, when operating in the framework of black and white. Paradox is a phenomenon of the mental universe. For instance, take a flat disk of any radii fixed on an axis that can spin and place on each side of the flat disk a green dot. Now, have two observers as part of this experiment stand opposite of the flat disk and facing one another so that each see the green dot in their relative positions. Now slowly rotate the disk and ask the question: What is the direction of spin of the green dot? The interesting thing is that each observer will answer differently. One observer will answer CLOCKWISE; whereas, the other will answer ANTI-CLOCKWISE. As absurd as it may appear at first glance, this simple experiment seems self-contradictory but in reality expresses a promising truth in nature (semai tawi).

Empowering people, Enhancing technologies, Enriching communities

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet Sutukh-El)
Great Peace Society of Royal Serpents
9 x 13

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