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IssaEl21 10:29 PM

Things That Make One Go Hummmmmmm !
Have Devoted My Visit To This Planet To The Resurrection Of The Mentally Dead , Which I Affectionately Refer To As Mummies . Never Did I Know That The Evil One Had Done Such A Great Job With These Prople Both Mentally And Physically As To Have Them Hate Self And Kind . My Greatest Dilemma And Hindrance Has Been The Black Devil . Born Amongst You , And By You . Married To You . Socializing With You . Praying In The Same Sacred Houses Of Worship As You . ; But Secretly They Have A ( Spiritual Pact With The Devil ) . Which Makes It Near Impossible For Them To Totally Surrender To The True Word Of The Lord God .

Their Very Nature Won't Let Them . It's In Their Seed From Genesis 3 ; 15 , And I Quote ; And I Will Put Enmity Between Thee And The Woman And Between Thy Seed And Her Seed ; It Shall Bruise Thy Head And Thou Shalt Bruise His Heel . ...... Also Read 1 Peter 5 ; 9 - 10 , And I Quote ; If Any Man Have An Ear , Let Him Hear .

There Is A Cursed Seed Of Devils Who Are The Canaanites . However , It's Not About Race When It Comes To Evil , Because There Are Black And White Evil People . But , For The Few Chosen From The Many Called , I Sift To Find Those Beings That Wish To Become One With The Supreme , In All . Those That Wish To Know The Way , The Truth , And The Light To Our Heavenly Father , Creator Of All And His Chosesn Anointed One ,

Psalms 2 ; 2 , And I Quote ; The Kings Of The Earth Set Themselves . And The Rulers Take Counse; Together Against The Lord And Against His Anointed Saying .

So I , Noble Dr . Malachi Zodok York -El 33 / 750 , Grand Al Mufti , The True Potentate . 1 Timothy 6 ; 15 , And I Quote ; Which In His Times He Shall Show , Who Is The Blessed And Only Potentate . The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords .

As I Am Known Throughout The Mystical Schools , The Incarnation Of Tehuti '' Thoth '' Student Of The Great Tum . Known As Atum - Re . The First Point Of Resurrection From Ignorance To The Right Knowledge , The Right Wisdom And The Right Overstanding , The Amen . Revelation 3 ; 14 , And I Quote ; And Unto The Angel Of The Church Of The Laodiceans Write These Things Saith The Amen The Faithful And True Witness The Beginning Of The Creation Of God ;

I Have Blended In With Each Of The Religions Most Interesting To My People . I Lived As One Of Them And Practiced As One Of Them In Order To Reveal The Misconception Of These Doctrines That Have Plagued And Diseased The Minds Of My People . Many Take Offense To That Practice , But I'm Sorry The Truth Must Be Told , For The Very Soul Of God That Lighteth Every Man That Comes Into The World ( John 1 ; 9 ) Is At Risk .

IssaEl21 10:31 PM

Things That Make One Go Hummmmmmm !
John 1 ; 9 , And I Quote ; That Was The True Light , Which Lighteth Everyman That Cometh Into The World .

Amongst The Arabs Of Al Islaam In The Degree Of Muhammadism , I Was Known As As Sayyid ; Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Or Simply Imaam Isa . Being Fluent In The Many Dialects As Well As The Classical Arabic Language , Galilen And Syriac Language , I Translated Word For Word ( Without Biasness ) In Favor Of The Islaamic Religion , The Qur'an ( Koran ) From Syretic Arabic Into English And Noble Koran With A Commentary For Shriners . I Sat Beneath The Great Shuyuwkh As A Student , One Of Which Was Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud And The Great Master Karama Shaikh Al Hasoun Of The Khalwatiyya Order Of Sufis Out Of Sudan As A Mahdiyya Of Ansaar .

As A Moorish - American Under Noble Drew Ali As M . York - El , I Republished And Revised The Holy Koran Circle Seven . Their Connection With The N.O.I. '' Nation Of Islam '' , Known As The Black Muslims , Encouraged Me To Do An In-depth Study Of The Teaching Of Master W.D. Fard , Allah In Person To His Final Messenger , The Honorable Elijah Muhammad . I Released Several Books Explaining In -depth . Their Doctrine , Which Led Me To Another Ex -Member Of The '' Nation Of Islam '' Called Clarence 13X , A Self -Styled Allah Who Founded The 5 Percent Nation Of Gods And Goddesses . I Collected Data And Published The Problem Book , Their Interpretation Of The English Class Lessons Of The '' Nation Of Islam .

Amongst The Hebrew Israelites , While In The Degree Of Mosesism , I Was Known As Rabboni
; Yashu'a Bar El Haady . As A Hebrew , I Had My Bar Mitz Wah By The Great Rabbi Matthews Of Harlem At Age 13 Through The School Of Judaism , I Translated The Torah And The Psalms From The Ancient Aramic Hebrew Into English .

IssaEl21 10:32 PM

Things That Make One Go Hummmmmmm !
Amongst The Christians And Still A Chriatian , In The Degree Of Christism , I Am Known As Reverend ; Malachi Z . York Or Dr . York , Pastor And Founder Of The Egiptian Church Of Karast '' Christ '' Inc . Through The School Of Christism , I Translated And Explained The Book Of Revelation , From The Galilean Arabic And The Ancient Greek , To Reveal The False Teaching By Paul Of Another Jesus , Another Gospel .. Galatian 1 ; 6 , And I Quote ; I Marvel That Ye Are So Soon Removed From Him That Called You Into The Grace Of Christ Unto Another Gospel . .....And Another Spirit A Whole New Religion Taught To My People And They Accepted It .... 2Thessalonians 2 ; 11 , And I Quote ; And For This Cause God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion , That They Should Believe A Lie . ..... The Very Name Christian Was Not What Our Lord And Savior Calls His Followers .

The Word Christian Came From Antioch - Acts 11 ; 26 , And I Quote ; And When He Had Found Him , He Brought Him Unto Antioch . And It Came To Pass , That A Whole Years They Assembled Themselves With The Church And Taught Much People . And The Disciples Were Called Christians First In Antioch . ...... We And The Children Of God And Isa Al Masih '' Jesus The Christ '' Or Yashu'a Ha Massiah Is Our Savior , The Willing Sactifice .

In This Day And Time , I Received A New Holy Tablet . 2Peter 3 ; 16 , And I Quote ; As Also In All His Epistles Speaking In Them Of These Things ; In Which Are Some Thing Hard To Be Understood Which They That Are Unlearned And Unstable Wrest , As They Do Also The Other Scriptures . Unto Their Own Destruction . .... Our Own Scripture That Each Day . As Scientists , Astronomers , Paleontologists , And The Likes Uncover New Evidence Confirming That It Was Indeed Divinely Inspired , And Is Not Merely A Book But A Revelation , A Holy Scripture With Prophecies Of The Future Which Are Manifesting Daily . Also I Translated The Book Of The Coming Forth By Day , Called The Egiptian Book Of The Dead , From Hieroglyphics As Amunubi Rahkaptah . I Also Released A series Of Book Called Behind The Nine Ball And Bible Interpretation And Explanations .

IssaEl21 10:34 PM

Things That Make One Go Hummmmmmm !
I Feel It Is My Duty As The True Reformer And Savior To My People To Make That , Which Is Unclear , Clear To Prepare Them For The Coimg Of The True Massiah Of God In These Last Days And Times Matthew 24 ; 27 , And I Quote ; For As The Lighting Cometh Out Of The East And Shineth Even Unto The West ; So Shall Also Coming Of The Son Of Man Be ....

I Have Also Revealed The Doctrine Of Those Called The Hebrew Israelites , And The Likes With A Series Of Books Called 360 Question To Ask And 3 Volumes Of Over 1,000 Pages Each Entitled The Degree Of Mosesism , The Deagree Of Christism , And The Degree Of Muhammadism , Covering Any Question That Anyone Could Have Pertaining To Any Of The 3 Monotheistic Religions . I Have Also Traveled The Rough And Rugged Path Of Freemasonry And Have Arrived As The Imperial Grand Potentate Internationally , Of The Ancient Arab & Oriental Order Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine New Mecca Temple No . 11 Macon Ga .

And I.G.P. Of A.E.O . & A.N.O.M.S. Al Mahdi Shrine Temple No . 19 Macon , Ga . Northern & Southern Jurisdiction , The Worshipful , Master Of Nuwaupian International Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. , Also Deputy Grand Master Pride Of Georgia Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. 33rd Scottish Rite Freemason Of Amos Grand Lodge Of Macon , Ga I , As Grand Al Mufti , Sit As The Head Of The Imperial Royal Council Of Nine ( I.R.C. of N . ) Ansarullah Of The International Supreme Council Of Arab Shrinendom .

I Entered The Order Of The Acacia . Under The Most Worshipful Master The IL.L. Charies Tinsley , 33rd Degree At King Solomon's Lodge No . 4 Of Brooklyn . New York The Grand Enoch Lodge In Brooklyn N.Y. On Putnam And Nostrand Ave . Prince Hall Affiliated And Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry A.F. & A.M. Jurisdiction Of Georgia Called Zerubbabel Grand Chapter Royal Arch Mason , United States And Canada . I Have Written Masoonic , Shriner And Eastern Star Books Such As ;

'' The Nuwaupian Chapter Of The Order Of The Eastern Star Handbook , '' General Questions For The Order Of The Eastern Star'' , What The Eastern Star Symbols Mean To Me , '' The Nuwaupian Masonic Quiz Book . '' Hidden Symbolism Of Freemasonry '' , '' Shriners And Freemasons Family Guide '' , '' The Noble Koran '' With My Translation And Transliteration ; Also Contains Verse By Verse Bible Reference And An In Depth Interpretation For Shriners And Christians All About Jesus The Messiah , And Much More .

IssaEl21 10:35 PM

Things That Make One Go Hummmmmmm !
My Travels Took Me Throughout The World From Sitting With The Mystics And The Monks Under The Tibertan Master Lama Mott Kokomau Of China , To The Grand Lodge In Cairo , Egypt , North East Africa ; To Being A Member Of The Rosicrucian Other Since 1974 A.D. As Well As Astara Mystic Order Since 1975 A.D. For More Than 25 Years . As The Supreme Grand Hierophant , Of The Ancient Egiptan Order , A.E.O. , Mir '' Pyramis '' No . 9 , My Family Has Been Freemasons For Generations In Virginia's Zen Shriner Temple No . 122 Newport News , Virginia And Daughters Of Isis , Zen Court No . 98 , Prince Hall Affiliated .

I Stepped On To The Wite Lodge Freemasonry From The Black Egiptian Mystery As Tehuti '' Thoth '' Called Hermes Thrice Times Great , The Possessor Of The Master's Key . Keeper Of The Secret Word To Become A Haru '' Horus '' , A Companion Of The Great Hierophant ; I - M - Hotep . The Scribe Of The Secret Doctrine , Conferrer Of The 720 Degrees In The Secret Number 9 , And The Guardian Of The 9th Gate . Raising From The Ninth Chamber The Secret , Which Will Give You The Power To Re - Align Yourselves . I Was There , Which Is Here , When The Word '' Let There Be Light ''

Was Uttered . I Have Stood The Test Of Time . I Have Been Question By Scholars And Historians Of All Religions And Denominations . I Am Capable Of Answering The Unanswered And Solving The Problems Of The World ; Yet , My Personal Interest Is In Each And Every One Of You . I Am Not The Lord Jesus The Christ Nor Am I A Holy Man Or A Preacher . I Am After The Order Of The Most High . I Am A Master Teacher In The Body Of Christ . I Have Resurrected In The West , The Ancient Fraternity . A.E.O. With Healing In My Wings . The Spiritual Order Of Our Ancestors , The Egiptians , And Your True Bloodline Under The Reincarnation Of Neter ; Amunnubi Raakhptah , Your A'aferti

Pharaoh '' For This Day And Time '' Atum -Re '' . I Have Experienced All The Religions And Sacred Orders . And Now , I Bring To You . The Ancient Egiptian Order , A.E.O. The True Order Of The Egiptians That Which Gave Birth To All Others . And In This Day And Time . It Has Become The Fastest Growing Movement For World Peace Of The New Millennium . You Have Found Your Way To That Which You Have Sounght All Your Life .

'' Only Fools Duck When The Truth Is Thrown At Them '' Don't Believe A Word I Say , '' Check It Out For Yourself '' .

The Raatib For Shriners By The
Grand Al Mufti Divan Noble Rev .
Dr . Malachi Z . York -El

Pa Neter Ra 02:23 AM

Law of Ma'at
Great Peace,

“As lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.”


In ancient Tamery (East), might and power was vested in Sekhmet. On Turtle Island (West), might and power is vested in a Sachem. The terms Sekhmet and Sachem are tonally the same (SKHM), which is the matrix for the Aramaic-Hebrew word for Anointed One, Mashiakh (MSHKH or MSKH, anagram SKHM or SaKHeM). As in the East, the Sachem is the Great King of the West. Knowing the laws of nature (Neteru) enables the Great King to connect with a greater existence (Aa or Aya) and a greater order (Ma’at). As in the East, Wubunu or Wabanoo (wbn or wbnw) is Wu-Nuwaubu or Nuwaubu of the West. And Nuwaubu is the Science of Sound Right Reason, that is the Law of the Great Peace. It was this very science that forged de jure Nations (e.g., Governments, organized political societies, etc.) on Earth and beyond. The United States Constitution, for example, for it was written, a more perfect Union was the order of business. Article seven of the United States Constitution uttered this with simple arithmetic, that is “...nine States (out of thirteen) shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution…” (The product 9 x 13 is the Constitutional or Organic code for Nation building and Self Determi-Nation). A Constitution is the organic law of a Nation to organize and establish its character and conception among Nations. Is this not the way of Ma’at?

In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Beauty

Pa Neter Ra (Amaru Chan, Royal Feathered Serpent, Prince of the Great Peace)
Great Peace Society of Royal Serpents
9 x 13 (NUWAUPU)

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