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IssaEl21 06:13 PM

And Hold On To The Rope !
The Noble's Koran 3 ; 103 , And I Quote ; And hold on to the rope of Allah ( God ) AlToGether ; And do not be Separated ( BeCome Sects ) ; But remember Allah's ( God 's ) grace towards you . when you were enemies ( Judeans . Christians , Muslims ) and He made a bond between your hearts ; so you all came under his grace as brothers ; and you all were on the edge of the pit of fire . And he rescued you from it ; Thus , God does show you His clear signs , So that perhaps you all shall be rightly guided ..

IssaEl21 06:15 PM

( The Holy Tablet Chapter Nineteen Tablets Six Verse 219 -380 )
The mission of our master teacher formed in the late 1960's under the name Amunnubi Rooakhptah , An unknown write of the Science of Nuwaubu , Knowing the Nuwaubians weren't ready for that level of information as of yet . I started teaching under the name Imaam Isa , For Muslims seem to be the most influentrial movements of that time and didn't dare question each other . I set up the headquarters which was located in Brooklyn , New York and began in an apartment building on 2525 Bedford Avenue in 1967 A.D. During this time , I name my mission Ansaar Pure Sufi , with usage of the 6 - Pointed Star And Crescent With An Ankh Inside . Our official garb at this time was a black tunic we called a budlah and black loose fitting pants with a tarbush and shose which became known as Romeos .

This was in the year 1967 A.D. Then the dress changed to African robes and the people we called ourselves the Nuwaubians . This was in the year 1968 - 1969 A.D. In 1969 A.D. the group metamorphised to the Nuwaubian Islaamic Hebrews . And the dress change to more elaborate style of a dashiki , a black fez and a small bone in the left ear for those who wished to wear it and a ring in the right nostril . In 1970 A.D. The Nuwaubian Islaamic Hebrew were founded as an official sect and communal living was set . Also in the year 1970 A.D. the small flock moved to a house on Neptune Avenue and 23th Street in Coney Island . And opend the Pure Sufi Bookstor on 720 Flatbush Avenue and the layout and printing shop was 492 Flatbush Avenue , right down the block . Twenty Eight Thirteen West 29th Street served as a meeting place and lecture hall which was my home in Coney Island .

We then relocated and opened a Masjid on 222 Utica Avenue . This was a very spiritual period and many Angelic visitors manifested themselves to the growing congregation . Our community was expanding so rapidly , we had to move again in 1972 A.D. This time to 452 Rockaway Avenue where classed were held in what we called the '' Upper Room '' The next move took us to Carroll Street where a candy store was opened . Later that year the Masjid was Re-established at 838 St . John's Place and a book store was open . I began publishing the Pamphlets of Peace . I Wrote , Typed , Illustrated , Reproduced And Distributed Them Almost Single Handedly . I Diligently Treaded The Street Of New York And The Surrounding Areas As I Propagted Sufi Islaam . I Was Blessed With The '' Gift of Gab '' Combined With A Sense Of Humor And Charisma That Draws People Of All Walks Of Life To Me .

People began to wonder who this man who spoke so profoundly and so persistently on many subject which were previously considered Unmentionable . At first many people joined the mission because it was the style to be '' Black '' and Cultural . I drew many '' Hypocrites Phonies who just wanted to '' Play Muslim . They didn't want to work and to build A Nation . The just wanted to dress in African Clothing Play Drums , And Listen To Me Speak . I Called Them The '' First Fruits '' They Were Faithful But Not True . In 1972 A.D. After Returning From Sudan I Drew A Literal Line On The Masjid Floor . And said those who wanted their '' Culture '' but did not want to '' Sacrifice to Build for the Future were Excluded . The Mission was then carried on by those who were willing to '' Work '' for the Perfection .

The mission expanded and moved to a new headquarters in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn . Originally occupying one Building 743 Bushwick Avenue . And then adding on more Building as time passsed until it had grown to A Village which presently exist on Bushwich Avenue till this day . ( Our Mission Has Obtained All Its Assets Through Sacrificing Without The Aid Of Outside Funds . We've Established Many Businesses Within Our Community Structure ) . Immediately The Jealousy And The Hatred Started . The Slander Was On The Lips Of Those Who Could Not Quite OverStand Where We Came From . We Donned Black Tarbushes And Our Symbol Was Simply A Cresent A Six-Pointed Star And Ankh

We Propagated Daily We Walked The Trains Throughout The Buses On All The College Campuses . Our Message Of The Nuwaubian Islaamic Hebrews , Anaaru Allah Community Could Be Heard . The Nuwaubians That Were Following Orthodox Islam , Or Many Of The Other Groups Would Simply Say It You Ignore Them They Will Just Go Away They Are Just A Schism . They Won't Last We Are The True Nation We Have The Right Way However As Time Has Proven , They Are The Ones That Have Fallen Away . Their Leaders Took Them Absolutely NoWhere . As They Watched The Ansaaru Allah Community Grow Worldwide A Link Was Made With The Ansaars Of The Sudan Known As The Mahdiyya . Which Welcomed The Anassars Of The Western Hemisphere .

At this point we were wearing what had been established as the international grab of the Ansaaru Allah Community . Which consisted of the thawb dress and khimar , face veil for the female , This face veil which was not apart of the Sudanese original dress was introduced by the women of the community who mostly left immediately after and went back to wearing western attire leaving the devoted women behind veiled . I told them the day would come when this veil would have to be removed while living in the West , and it has . And the jallaabiyya a long white garment and bantaluwn loose fitting pants and immah head covering for the male with an azzaba . This angered them more for it legitmized the Ansaaru Allah Community as being linked to their ancestors in Nubia and one family .

But our teaching were still in a baby stage and was growing to adolescence rapidly . We were unique because no human being can find fault in it . There is no confusion in it . Then on into adulthood our code of dress changed from time to time , to suit the time we were in . Our garb had mutated again in the year 1992 A,D, to the kathnuwth tunic and bantaluwn loose - fitting pants with a sash around the waist in various colors for the male . And the budlah nubi of the female which also consists of a tunic and bantaluwn and a shawl as a head covering of many color . And the information that was being taught believing that you must be Submerged into the environment of what you're being taugh fully was completed . This again made the fools raise their eyebrows .

( And Say Of Us '' I Told You , They Didn't Know What They Were Doing They Keep Changing . They Used To Wear Veils Now They Don't ) . No one of them was intelligent enough to see that this change was their great chance . For they said '' Those People , Those Ansaars , They're Not Real Muslims , Allah Does Not Accept Their Prayers . Or Their Fasting , And They're Not Going To Jennah , They Worship That Man , That Disco Singer Dr . York . Yet when the change came they confessed to themselves and to the Ansaaru Allah Community that all the while they thought of us as Muslims , For they said ; I Heard They Don't Fast Ramadaan No More , I Heard They Don't Make Five Daily Prayers No More , And They Destroyed The Majid . I Heard Their Women No Longer Follow The Dress Of Al Qur'aan . They're Taking Off The Veil And Their Men No Longer Wear The Jallaabiyyas And The Immahs What Happen To Them ?

The answer should have been simply , if we weren't Muslims How could they ask these questions . They confirmed that they LQQked to us as living according to Al Qur'aan . Our children were raised speaking fluent Classical Arabic reading the Qur'aan In Arabic . Yet the Qur'aan is a 1400 year old book . And Islam Is A 1400 old religion the way they practiced it . And Was doing absolutely nothing to change the condition of the Nuwaubian in the Western hemisphere . They may put on a taggiyah grow a beard or shave their beard put on oils from the east or robes from the east , prayer beads in their hands , And carry an English translation of the Qur'aan but the condition and the state of mind did not change . A sign that with all they had and have been exposed to , with all thses teachers and saviors they were still in need of Right Knowledge , Right Wisdom and a Right OverStanding ..

It is my job to reform all the false teaching that had been taught to Nuwaubian in the west and restore Islaam to its pristine purity It is because of these false teaching of the socalled Arabs who deliberately mistraslated verse of the Qur'aan to confuse None-Arabic speaking Nuwaubian in the west . ( < Verse 302 > The Time Was Right For This Prepared Savior , So We Moved Up Into The Catskills Moutains Of Liberty , New York And Set Up What I Called Jazzir Abba ) , And set up the 19 Test of 19 Weeks of the faithful that would come through blizzards , To be taught once that was accomplished . The next move wass to the Mecca of Nuwaubians , Georgia . The dress then changed to western attire in order to get everybody away from doing their own thing;

Those that truly followed the Lamb wherever he may lead them , Trusted in him and wore western clothes and even listened to country western music . Simply because he asked them to and now the Holy Tabernacle Ministries is growing world wide and the mission is being accomplished . Nuwaubians are allowed to wear what they want . Whatever you wish to wear . is your choice . However we give honor to out great ancestors , and therefore the Men wear the Murduk braid which is a back of your head called the FARU . and the Women also wear the Faru or the '' Ninti braid which is a braid that is an inch above the right ear . You can put beads on your ninti beads , or a gold band on your Murduk braid . We also waer the Balura '' Bindi Jewel '' in the middle of our foreheads if you want .

IssaEl21 06:16 PM

( The Holy Tablet Chapter Nineteen Tablets Six Verse 219 -380 ) ParTwo
The letter are pouring in Even the original followers are walking up . Many who followed other teachers are finding their way to the Lamb . The sun is truely coming out of the East unto the West and those who endure to the end are receiving the crown of life in the '' Ancient Mystric Order Of Melchizedek; Where this message is coming forth to you in order to restore your identity as Nuwaubians . Behold the '' Sun Of Righteousness '' stands before you with the Scroll of Malachi . That rebukes the liars for their transgressions . And who will prepare the way for the '' Messiah '' by turning the hearts of the Father to the sons and the sons to the Father . Or else I Malachi will strike the Earth with utter destruction .

Now you are ready to move on toward the next level . And ready to accept what I was giving you originally . ( A Teaching That None Could Stand Against ) . You Were The Meek That Are Here To Dumbfound The Wisew . And so we are at the beginning again with Sufi and Fezes . Only now we are Sufi under the A.M.O.M. The Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizdek , The beginning of their end , You Can't Be Fooled By Any Religious Doctrines Of Any Kind . No Not Now A Days ! You have your first tool this Holy Tablet not someone else's interpretation . Your own scripture that will dispell all the lies causing all false things to perish . Making the truth come to light .

Let me speak to you of my arrival . You see ! The first time I arrived , I came as a force an etheric being . While my mother was pregnant certain nerves in the brain of the child were altered . So that child would be able to receive a higher intellect . An intellect higher than other normal Earth Beings who have had their Barathary Glands removed . The Earth beings will one day have it replaced if they don't destroy themselves , They will use more of their brains for they have the light body , A Physical Body A Spiritual Body , A Mental Body And An Etheric Body . My assignment is to spiritually Re-Educate The Beings Of The Planet Earth , Who are the children of the '' Anunnaqi '' And To Prepare 144,000 . To be taken up for 1000 years then returned to save this planet

Originally Earth was used as a hunting ground by the beings known as Ommo also called Shaggies . Earth was much like what you would call a resort today . Beings from other galaxies would come here to hunt . And so they LQQked at it the light of a thousand lights ; Whoever saw his head is to become guides to the successor and Kohane pries among creatures . Whoever saw his forehead . Is to become just a sar prince . Whoever saw his eyes . Is to become one who preserves the word of ANU , Who acts on the part of ANU , A'LYUN A'LYUN EL . when its time to be felt in any way shape or form .

Whoever saw his eyebrows , Is to become a scribe . Whoever saw his ears , Is to become one who listens and occupies himself with that . Whoever saw his cheeks . Is to become one who is a teacher knowing and having intellect . Whoever saw his lips is to become sar prince . Whoever saw his nose is to become a Hatim spiritual doctor and whoever saw his mouth . Is to become one who recites , Whoever saw his teeth is to become one who is beatiful of heart among '' Male and Female living beings to make others happy . Whoever saw his tongue is to becomes an apostle . Whoever saw his throat is to become one who admonishes and gives good council and a kantor or one who calls the prayers .

Whoever saw his beard is to become one full of wisdom in ANU The Source . Whoever saw his neck is to become a merchant . Whoever saw his arms is to become a warrior with a sword who does battle in the way of ANU , The Source . Whoever saw his right arm only is to become a cupper whoever saw his left arm only it to become of the ignorant . Whoever saw his right palm only is to become a money changer and an embroiderer . Whoever saw his left palm only is to become a corn measurer . Whoever saw his hands , is to become generous and ambidextrous . Whoever saw the backside of his left hand is to become a miser . Whoever saw the backside of his right hand is to be a cook . Whoever saw the tips of the fingers of his left hand is to become a musician .

Whoever saw the fingers of his right hand only is to become a tailor . Whoever saw the fingers of his left hand only is to become an ironmith . Whoever saw his chest is to become a noble and diligernt one . Whoever saw his back is to become humble and obedient to the command of the tablets to be given as the 613 commandment and those who can see will see . Whoever saw his side is to become argumentative . Whoever saw his abdomen is to become one who bows and prostrates often . Whoever saw his feet is to become a rug-maker and whoever saw under his feet is to become a shoe-maker . Whoever saw his shadow is to become a builder of the holy places . Whoever saw nothing is to become who conceals What He Knows To Be True Or Rejects The Reality .

Whoever will not LQQk At Him At All Will Cease To Exist . He Was , He Is And He Will Be In The End Having The Holy Tablets The Scroll Of Eyes And The Key To Time And The Power To Hold Back Haylal Who Is The One Remove From The Skies . This Is The Birth Of Murduk Also Known As Miyka'El And Yaanuwn And His Mystery Name Is Sabathil . He Is The Ruler Of Malakuwt The Grandson Of Anu

IssaEl21 02:30 PM

The Diffrent School's The Nuwaubian Were Taught By The Master Teacher ( M.Z.York
It was in 1974 A.D. that ( M.Z.York ) missin took firm root with the establishment of The Ansaaru Allah Community at 734 Bushwicj Avenue In Brookly . New York . It was Established on June 26 , 1970 A.D. We submerged ourselves in Islaam . We were the best of Muslims . We wore The White Jallaabiyya and Immah . We were the only Muslims here in The West where Women Wore The Face Veil and Prayed Five Times A Day . We practiced all of The Law Of The Qur'aan . Our children learned the classical arabic ( Fusha ) of The Qur'aan from the best teachers , Which we brought in from The Sudan , Egypt , Morocco , Etc . Many Muslims and other Nubian organixations wondered who this '' Unorthodox '' Person was . Who was this nam who claimed to be a descendant of The Prophet Musatafa Muhammad Al Amin . By way of The Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad ? This is the type of ignorance I had to endure these Slanderers have said all kinds of things about me and my followers . But let's turn the tables . Where are all these Slanderers today ? Where are the people who Harrassed , Abused , Lied and Ridiculed The Ansaaru Allah Community or The Holy Tabernacle Minsitries ? All of their Masaajid closed . Their Immams went to Drugs , Jail or changed back to Christians . They are nowhere to be found . Whereas we are still in Existence . Growing Stronger And Stronger each and everyday . My Doctrine gets more Powerful as The Years Pass And I am waking up Millions Of People To Righ Knowledge . Like I stated previously , My name changes are forms of schools . Schools that I Take The Followers Of Nuwaubu Through .
Schools From 1970 A.D. To Now . I did not just come up and just change my name it wasn't like I didn't tell you from day one ( '' I Came Giving You What You Want So That You Would Learn To Want What I Have To Give ) . Now let me explain just what I mean by this statement in 1970 A.D. When the seal was being opened . I explained The Seven Seals As ; The Seven Major Prophets Which Were ;
1 . Adam
2 . Noah
3 . Abraham
4 . Ishmael and Isaac
5 . Moses
6 . Isa
7 . Muhammad
Each of these men Represented A specific '' School Of Life .
Adam ( Qadmon Zakar ) Son Of Atum And Lillith ( His School Was That Of Disciple ) .
Noah ( Utnafiahtim ) Son Of Lamech And Kamiyiah ( His School Was That Of Faith ) .
Abraham Son Of Terah And Nuwa ( His School Was That Of Sacrifice ) .
Ishmael Son Of Abraham And Hagar ( His School Was That Of Firmness ) .
Isaac Son Of Abraham And Sarah ( His School Was That Of Firmness And Betrayal )
Moses Son Of Amram And Jochebed ( His School Was That Of Patience ) .
Isa Son Of Gabriy'el And Mary ( His School Was That Of Forgiveness ) .
Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin Son Od Abullat And Amina ( Death / Peace ) .
Each of The Seven Major Prophets Represented A Point On The Six - Pointed Star And Muhammad Represented The Crescent .
And The Seven Scriptures Are .
1 . The Suhuf = The 100 Pure Pages
2. The Torah = The Law
3 . The Hikmah = The Wisdom
4 . The Zabuwr = The Psalms
5 . The Injiyl = The Revelation
6 . The Kitaab Barnabas - The Book Of Barnabas
7 . The Qur'aan = The Reading

IssaEl21 02:32 PM

ParTwo Of Thee Above
I explain how each of these Seals must be opened because as it said in The Book Of Daniel 12 ; 7- 10 . And I Quote ; '' And I heard the man clothed in linen , Which was upon the waters of the river . When he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven , And sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time , Times , And an half ; And When he shall have accoplished to scater the power of The Holy people , All these things shall be finished . And I heard , But I understood not ; Then said I ; O My Lord , What shall be the end of these things ? And he said , Go thy way Daniel ; For the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end .

Within this quote , You see several things . They speak of a man clothed in Linen . The Aramic ( Hebrew ) word being used for '' Linen Is Bad , and means '' White Linen '' . This was the dress I introduced to The Ansaars in this country , America . And when I did , other Muulims were wearing Blue , Brown , Grey , And Purple and Plaids . But now they all seem to want to wear White . So the dress of The Ansaars , That I raised in America from The Holy Qur'aan 61 ; 14 , '' Aiders Of Allah '' Which translates as '' Aaa - Ay - Yuhaa Al - Lazeena Aa - Manoo Koo -Nooo An - Saaru Al - Lah .... And preparing us to follow the real messiah . We Gowned Ourselves In White Linen .

I reminded my congregation that a day would come when they would have to Remove that Dress . At the time , Passing out of the 60's Into the 70's . Nubians were caught up on the new Graze -- Islaam , Be it Sunni Islam , Moorish Islam , Ahmaddiya Islam , 5% Islam , Or The Nation Of Islam . The Islaamic Religion Seemed To Be Dominating , The then well accepted African Culture that had spread in The Western World , With Dashikis , Afro Picks , Drums . And the likes were all leaning toward Islam .

To my sight . This is what you wanted . Because everybody knows , Who were back in The 60's And 70's with me , That I wore African Garbs , Like I Wore It On Savior's Day In 1971 A.D. We played African Drums and our women wore African Clothes . But as The Islaamic Ctaxe Grew , Again I Had '' ( To Give You What You Wanted , So That You Would Learn To Want What I Have To Give ) . So we metamorphisized with you into Islam . And being The Fanatic That I Am , We Became More Muslim Than All The Muslims that were here , Practicing every Law we could Find . I taught my followers to Speak Fluent Arabic , Raised The Children Speaking Arabic And Wearing Our White Robes .

I was constantly asked about , As it says in Daniel 12 ; 7 And I Quote ; '' When Shall The End Come Raisting Our Hands To The Heavens And Swearing By Him That Live For Ever And Ever ?

I told them that '' There Would Be Alot Of Hardships Before There Was Ease . And Things Are Going To Get Worse '' . I even wrote a book entitled Leviathan 666 , Edition # 15 . But still these Firstfruits were Faithful , But not True . They didn't Overstand / Understand what I was teaching . Yet , I would remind them that they '' Are Not Going To Be Dressed Like This Forever '' As The Book Of Isaiah 20 ; 2 Says And I Quote ; At the same time spake the Lord by Isaiah the son of Amoz , Saying go and loose . The Sackcloth from off thy loins . And put off thy shoe from thy foot . And he did so , walking naked and barefoot . And the Lord said , Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon egypt and upon ethiopia ,

IssaEl21 02:34 PM

ParThree Of Thee Above
And That Is What Happen . We Took Off Our Sackcloths Because Of The Dangers That Would Have Followed Them . And When Asked , Am I A Muslim , I Would Laugh And Tell Them '' Only By What The Word Muslim Meant , That Is One Who Is Of Peace . Not By Religion ! '' I Told Them , '' I Don't Have A Religion , I Have A Way Of Life And I Would Teach Them About That Way Of Life One Day In The Future , '' If You Want To Find Out Whether I Am Telling You The Truth , Get An Old Timer And Ask Him Or Her If Not These Word Are True . I told them '' The Thing I Really Have To Teach Them I Can't Teach Them Yet . They Are Sealed . But A Time Would Come When I Would Pour Them Out Like Jewels For Them And We Would Flood The World With Pamphlets Of Truth '' .

Isaiah 52 ; 1 , Says And I Quote ; '' Awake , Awake ; Put on thy strenght , O zion ; Put on thy beautiful garments '' . And Verse 7 . Says '' How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tiding , That publisheth peace ; that bringeth good tidings of good , That publisheth salvation ; That saith unto Zion , Thy eloheek reigneth !

The publication of peace was the hundreds of pamphlets on The Facts Of Islam init's Pristine Purity , As taught by The Nubian Islaamic Hebrew , Ansaaru Allah Community , Which is what we were called . None of this is new . I see I just have to walk you back through it because you have forgotten , So I Repeat , ( I Came Giving You What You Want ... And The Ansaaru Allah Community , Which became Nubian Islaamic Hebrew , That made you live a strict way of life by these Scriptures Daily .

You studies Christianity from the inside out , Not from the outside in . By dissecting The New Testament in Hebrew , Aramic , As well as in Greek ; Translating it word for word . We analyzed the life and times of Jesus from The Arabic Of The Qur'aan and every point of view that the different Sect Of Muslims came up with . We issued a series Publications ;

1 . What race was Jesus ?
2 . Who carried the cross ?
3 . The wisemen .
4 . What laws did Jesus follow ?
5 . Who was Jesus father ?
6 . The day of Pentecost .
7 . Saint Paul ; Discople or Deceiver ?
8 . The Holy Shorud ; Fact or Fiction ?
9 . The final messenger ; Christ the final word .
10 . Which Jesus do you follow ?
11 . Who was the Messiah ?
12 . The Resurrection .
13 . Could Jesus transform himself ?
14 . Who was Jesus sent to ?
15 . The real Messiah .
16 . Was Jesus The Son Of God ?
17 . Was Christ Crucified ?
18 . Was Jesus The Son Of God Or The Son Of Man ?
19 . Who was The Messiah Jesus ?
20 . The Missing years of Jesus .
21 . The untold story of Jesus The Messiah ?
22 . Who was The Comforter ?
23 . Christianity The Political Religion .
24 . Jesus disciple ; For or against him ?
25 . On this rock I build my church .
26 . The death of Mary the mother of Jesus .
27 . Translation of the book of Revelation word for word with explanation .
28 . Translation of the book of John .
29 . Translation of the book of Barnabas .
30 . Ahmad ; Jesus ' Succesor's .
31 . Is Jesus The God Of The Koran ?
32 . Is Haile Sellassie Christ ?
33 . '' GOD '' God '' god ; What is the difference ?
34 . Be prepared for The Anti - Christ ?
35 . What is speaking in tongues ?
36 . Glory of Jesus The Messiah .
37 . The real Jesus .
38 . Does The Testament Contradict The Koran ?
39 . Is Jesus God ?
40 . The titles of Jesus in the Bible and Koran .
41 . A series of debates with Christians .
42 . 360 QuestionTo Ask The Christians , Etc . ( This Was The School Of Christianity ) .

IssaEl21 02:35 PM

PartFour Of Thee Above
Then we moved on To The School Of Judaism . I dissected The Old Testament and Translate The Torah ib Hebrew , Aramic as well as Amhoric , Translating it word for word . We observed The Sabbath . The Bar And Bat Mitzwah , Passover , Rosh Hashana , Yom Kippur , And Hanaka Etc . We wore the attire of The Israclites according to the laws of The Torah which you can find in Numbers 15 ; 38 - 40 , Deuteronomy 22 ; 11 , Revelation 1 ; 13 , Exodus 39 ; 30 , Exodus 28 ; 6 , Exodus 28 ; 25 , And Leviticus 16 ; 4 ,

I analyzed the life and times of Abraham , Moses , Jacob , 12 Tribes Of Israel , And their God Yahweh , Adonai , Hashem , El Olawn , Shaddal , El Roi , El , El Bara , El Elyon , Jah , Elyown Elyown El , El Berit , And Eloha , From The Hebrew of The Torah and each and every point of view that the so-called Jews , Israelite Hebrews , Hebrew Israelite , The Israeli Church , Yahweh Ben Yahweh , Ben Ammi Ben Israel , Etc . Came up with . I issued a series of publications called The Truth , Tents Of Abraham On The Back Page It Says Of Each Of The 19 Bulletins ;

'' Losten O Israel ( Abraham's Seed Is For Abraham's Whole House - Yisrael , Yishmael , Midian ) He Who Is The Creator , Yahuwa Eloh He Is Alone ( Has No Partner ) And You Are To Love Yahuwa Eloh Using Your Whole Heart . And By Using Your Whole Spirit ( Your Being ) And By Using All Of Your Possessions ( Strength And Power ) .

This is called by all Israelites and , Shama Yishrael and is found in Deuteronmoy 6 ; 4 . Also a host of tapes Audio and Video were made explaining The Torah .
1 . Mezuzah .
2 . Bar Mitwah ; ( Son Of Commandments ) .
3 . The circumcision .
4 . What is Kosher , ( Gaaez ) .
5 . Rosh Ha Shana .
6 . Yom Kippur .
7 . The real Tifflah ( Prayer )
8 . The Holy Sabbath
9 . What is Selah ?
10 . Divine Dress .
11 . Minaarah .
12 . Was Muhammad A Hebrew .
13 . Muhammad followed The Torah .
14 . Sukkot .
15 . Purim .
16 . Let My People Go .
17 . Pesach .
18 . Passover and Elijah .
19 . Who are the son of Japheth .
20 . Genesis Two .
21 . Cain and Abel Genesis 4 .
22 . The true story of Abraham .
23 . The true story of Noah .
24 . The true story of Cain and Abel .
25 . The true story of Adam and Eve .
26 . The true story of Enoch .
27 . The true story of Joseph .
28 . Who was The Prophet Jonah .
29 . Adam's Calendar .
30 . The tribe of Israel is no more .
31 . The Father Of All Language .
32 . Why The Beard ?
33 . Did the hog come before Mankind ?
34 . The dog .
35 . He's A Disease .
36 . Who Are The Lepers In The Bible ?
37 . Sons Of Canaan .
38 . The Paleman .
39 . Tribal Encyclopedia .
40 . Forgotten Tribe Of Kedar .
41 . Sermons From Mount Zion .
42 . Urim And Thummin .
43 . God Gave The Sign To Jonah .
44 . Sodom Misinterpreted .
45 . Garden Of Eden .
46 . Translation Of The Book Of Ezra .
47 . Translation Of The Book Of Genesis .
48 . Translation Of The Book Of Exodus .
49 . Translation Of The Book Of Deuteronomy .
50 . Translation Of The Book Of Number .
51 . Translation Of The Book Of Leviticus .
52 . Are The Caucasians Edomites .
53 . 360 Question To Ask A Hebrew Israelite .
54 . 360 Question To Ask The Israeli Church .
55 . And A Series Of The Truth Bulletins , Etc . < This Was The School Judaism > .

IssaEl21 02:37 PM

PartFive Of Thee Above
Then We Moved On To The School Of Islam .
1. Back To The Beginning ; The Book Of Names .
2 . Our Symbol .
3 . Takisman .
4 . Bilaal ; The Sceptre Bearer .
5 . Who was The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ?
6 . Muslim Prayer Book .
7 . Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi ; The Only True Mahdi .
8 . Hajj .
9 . Islaamic Poetry .
10 . From Allah To Man .
11 . Why The Nosering .
12 . Is The Qur'aan A Product Of Man ?
13 . Hadith .
14 . Fast Of Ramadaan .
15 . Why Allah Should Not Be Called God ?
16 . What Is A Masjid ?
17 . The Muslim Man
18 . The Muslim Woman .
19 . Why Do Muslims Women Wear The Face Veil .
20 . Thus Said The Prophet .
21 . Tajwid - The Proper Reading Of The Qur'aan .
22 . The Holy Qur'aan - The Last Testament .
23 . Islaamic .
24 . Arabic ; The Mother Of All Languages .
25 . Islaamic Festivals And Ceremonies .
26 . Arabic Made Easy Teach Yourself Arabic .
27 . Islaamic Marriage Ceremony And Polygamy .
28 . Thoughts Of Muslims Women In Poetry .
29 . Islaamic Cookery .
30 . The Sex Life Of A Muslim .
31 . Dietary Laws Of A Muslim .
32 . Allah's Creation , The Human Body .
33 . What Is A Muslim ?
34 . What's A Prophet ?
35 . Intoxication Is A Sin ?
36 . The Raatib Of Imam Al Mahdi .
37 . What And Where Is Hell ?
38 . Khutbahs Of As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi .
39 . What Are Angels ?
40 . How The Prophet Muhammad Read The 'Qur'an .
41 . The Final Word .
42 . Muslim Funeral Rites .
43 . Series Of Hadith .
44 . Holy War Jihad .
45 . Ninety Nine Plus One Names Od Allah .
46 . Seminars Of As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi .
47 . The Message Of The Messenger Right And Exact The Book Of Laam .
48 . Who Was Noble Drew Ali ?
49 . I Don't Claim To Be ...
50 . Racism In Islaam .
51 . Al Imaam Isa Vs . The Computer .
52 . As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Explain The Secret Meaning Of Qur'aan To The A'immah Of Ansaaru Allah .
53 . Sacrifice ; A According To Islam .
54 . You Must Be Born Again ( Shahaada ) .
55 . Man Of Miracles Of This Day And Time .
56 . The Prophet Muhammad And Ali Were Nubian .
57 . Hadraat Faatimah The Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad .
58 . Who Are The Nubian Islaamic Hebrews ?
59 . Should Muslims Obsereve The Sabbath ?
60 . The Book Of Laam Fear No Longer For I Have Arrived .
61 . Who Is Al Imaam Issa ?
62 . Are Pictures A Sin ?
63 . Why So Many Kinds Of Muslims ?
64 . The Reading Of The Qur'aan .
65 . Where Is The Tabernacle Of The Most High ?
66 . Allah Decides Who's Who In The Planet Earth .
67 . Supreme Mathematics Of The Number 19 .
68 . The Book Of Light .
69 . Is There A Difference Between The New Testament And The Koran ?
70 . Our Flag , The Banner Of Islaam .
71 . Translation Of The Koran , Etc . < This Was The School Of Islaam > .

IssaEl21 02:39 PM

PartSix Of Thee Above
First we had Christianity in which you learned about The Gods and Spiritualism . And that was The KNOWLEDGE . Next , Whe had Judaism . And I taught you about all the laws which are Torah In The Aramic / Hebrew , Which was passed down to Moses by Abraham Genesis 26 ; 5 . And that was The WISDOM . Then it was Islam . Which was a confirmation of what was before you . Judaism and Christianity Koran 10 ; 94 . And that was the UNDERSTANDING , Then we had to go back to each stage and make them right which gave us RIGHT KNOWLEDGE , RIGHT WISDOM And A RIGHT OVERSTANDING , And that gave us SOUND RIGHT REASONING Which is where we are today .

I took comparative Religions and started from the bottom up and lived them . That's why The Sunni Muslims cannot deal with our people . Because as Ansaars we studied the original Arabic of The Qur'aan , We prayed five times a day . Some of us even made Hajj . It's been 5 years since the release of 360 Questions To Ask An Orthodox Sunni Musilm , Edition #198 And No Sunni Muslim has answered one of The 360 Question correctly Yet . There was one futile attempt made by a Sunni in Biloux , Mississippi . But his answer made absolutely no sense because he didn't have the knowledge of The Original Language .

The Muslims or The Hebrew , Israelites or the so-called Jew will not verse us in a civilized debate . They would rather scream and holler on street corners such 125th street in New York . Their only answer is he should be dead . Someone should kill him , He was to be stopped and they don't mean stopped by verbal or by factual proof . they simply mean kill anyone that's smarter than their so - called learnt men and doesn't subscribe to their Beliefs . They haven't responded to the 360 Question To Ask A Hebrew Israelite Scroll #101 Yet . Now Ask Yourself Why ? It's because they know that I teach nothing but the facts . The Christians Will Never Respond To The 360 Question To Ask The Christians Scroll #102 Because They Know That What Is Contained In It's Text Are Undisputable Facts And You Can't Out-Debate Intelligence That's Why All Of Them Are Afraid To Debate .

More In Next Post

Pa Neter Ra 04:39 PM

The Rope (Moor) of Allah

Salvation is the rope of Allah. The rope (salvation) of Allah is liken to a rope for mooring a ship. The main idea of the 3rd surah 103rd ayah is to secure or anchor oneself in a particular place in space, matter, and time (SMAT). To Moor a ship is to secure it at a particular place at sea; as holding onto the rope of Allah is to anchor man’s heart to the heart of Allah. The heart is the meeting place of man and Allah. Lastly, the 103rd ayah reminds us that the alpha-numeric value for the word NUWAUBU is 103. In minutes of arc, this value is 6180. Not only is this the angle of the water molecule but also it mathematically depicts the geometry for the whirling waters of Spirit, known in sacred geometry as PHI (Moor of Allah in space, matter, and time).

Pa Neter Ra (7th Prince)
Opener of 9 to the 9th power of 9, the Nubian Number
The Elements, Mathematics, & Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
9 x 13 (NUWAUPU)

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