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Host-Maat RE 01:31 PM

Sound Right Suggestions For AEO Office
Greetings Family,

We want all to participate in offering
sound, and realistic suggestions to the AEO office.
Trust us, they will at least look at them.

Khaba9 01:26 PM

Raahubaat Illa Paa A.E.O Hau!

I was thinking that the A.E.O office should publish a Wu-Nuwaupu definitionary for all the terms that we use in our order(Tahuy). I was also thinking about if A.E.O could obtain a building used for higher learning, something like a school, for the A'ruaat(Children) for them to all learn together on subjects like math, science, morality,health,etc. Another thing I was thinking is to keep everyone connected by using to the fullest, our technological opportunities(computers).

umaara 08:44 PM

The Noble Fez
Rahubaat,I believe that A.E.O SHOULD be more open to its members.Letting them know a week in advance or more before meetings are to take place.I believe that A.E.O SHOULD bring back the Black and Noble Fez.Remember what Atum Ra said in his letter.You took off your Fez for a European flat top hat.Wadu,Umaara.

Khufu Ankh Amun 01:46 PM

Unity Is Power
More Than Anything UNITE. Don't Hold One An-Other Back From Trying To Free Him. We All Play A Part. There Are No Big "I's" Or Little "U's." Above All Else, Care For One An-Other. Love One Another For What Makes Us All The Same, And Respect One An-Other For What Makes Us Different. Become A Community Again. Meditate, Visualize, And FEEL His Freedom Come To Life. His Freedom Means Our Freedom. Nuk Ashuq Antuten Hau-ee.

Your Brother In Truth,

Khufu Ankh Amun :D

umaara 08:49 AM

Rahubaat,Sisters in the A.E.O office.I have enjoyed my two visits to the Temple in Athens on Saturdays.I see and understand your love and desire to get Atum Ra out and make sure that his health is taken care of.But remember also that Atum Ra did not want to raise a nation of followers.He want to raise a nation of leaders.That means keeping his teachings alive and writing books.Its was the books that brought alot of us to Atum Ra to begin with.At this time he is unable to do all of this so we must or our NUWAUBIAN MOVEMENT WILL NOT SURVIVE.Im telling you this because i fell in my heart that you mean well but so dose Heru of the JOURNEY HOME GROUP who has written books and many others who may not go alone with the OFFICE.And lets do be more organized when it comes to answering the mail.Public relations is very important.Remember,Write Books for at this time Atum Ra cant.Wadu,Umaara Heru Tehuti El.

mialien 01:44 AM

Please reprint of all the scrolls currently out of print. I cringe whenever I see a copy of the Holy Tablets on ebay and the auction surpasses my budget.

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