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Pa Neter Ra 03:18 AM

Time-Frequency Analysis of AUM
Greetings grandchildren of oorthaa (Planet Earth)…

PTAH (Conduit opening)…

I will speak to you about a mantra that has a fundamental sound and shape. This mantra is known as AUM or OM. The principle behind a mantra and/or chanting is that the human body and mind vibrate in unison with the sound of the voice. This practice has the potential to synchronize brainwaves and brain patterns and thus promotes concentration and a more stable or calm state of the mind. Research has shown that the periodic chanting of AUM or OM promotes stability in the mind.

Gurjar & Ladhake (2008) maintains:


Those who chant OM will have a powerful, sweet voice. Whenever we take a stroll, we can chant OM. The rhythmic pronunciation of OM makes the mind serene and pointed [italics added], and infuses the spiritual qualifications which ensure self-realization (p. 171).
The proposed research of Gurjar and Ladhake explores the time-frequency analysis of chanting AUM or OM, using wavelet transforms. The basis of their analysis is derived from the Fourier Analysis, which breaks down a function into simpler pieces. The opposite of this procedure is the Fourier Synthesis, which rebuilds a function from simpler pieces. Further clarity of both scientific and mathematical procedures can be ascertained in the studies of Fourier Transforms and Fourier Series. The analysis of their research has led Gurjar & Ladhke (2008) to conclude that:


…the steadiness of mind is attained by chanting OM….Though the professionals constantly practice OM chanting, the steadiness remains in their mind everlastingly. On the other hand, the normal people will not be having steadiness initially in their mind. Although they undergo "Om" chanting process, they have to perform it in an appropriate manner. Subsequent to the proper practicing, the mind of the stressed people reaches steadiness in a few days or weeks ( p. 172).
This is an interesting study for it brings attention to the medu neteru idea of stability. As you know, the word for "stability" is ZED or DJED. In the old kingdom of ancient Tamare (Egipt), the ZED was associated with PTAH and subsequently ASAR. The ZED is the backbone. Gurjar and Ladhke also display two graphic analyses of an average person chanting OM for the first time and an average person chanting OM on a consistent or routine basis. Comparing the two graphs reveal that the person who routinely chanted OM displayed improved concentration and achieved steadiness. But, the most revealing dimension of the analysis is its graphic depiction of what appears to be the articulation of the ZED PILLAR. Refer to figures 1,2,3, and 4 of their paper. The way to a better person and thus a better life is via AUM or OM, that is to take yourself as a rough, raw uncut stone and carve yourself into a perfect stone; to become one of the building blocks for a better life (Atum-Re).


AMUN (Conduit closing)...

Wadu' Tamareans...

Pa Neter Ra
9 x 13


Time-Frequency Analysis of Chanting Sanskrit Divine Sound "OM"

Host-Maat RE 10:55 AM

Tawuhaat for this Jewel " AUUUUUUUUM"
Raahubaat Nysul: Paa Neter RA (RE),
This is a powerful Jewel to pass on the family.



Pa Neter Ra 06:18 PM

Time Frequency Analysis of AUM
Raahubaat wu Antuk Atha 'Aafwun 'Ay Khalal…

Ontology is concerned with the nature and relations of being and the kinds of things that have existence or life. The Black Book (pp. 352-353) explains that the intelligence behind the actions of elements, suns, and planets throughout the Great Existence is AUM (Om). The very deep voice of the sun (Paa Re) sings to us on planet Earth (Ptah-Nun) in the note of D-Major or Key of D (called Re in the Sol Fa system of music), AUM.

What is the animistic reality? You exist.

Wadu' Tama-Reans

Pa Neter Ra
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NileQueenAset 11:55 PM

Wonderful and priceless pearls of wisdom! Having a clear and stable mind in these day works wonders to combat the illusion of chaos.

Hotep wa a'shug!

Pa Neter Ra 02:38 PM

Time-Frequency Analysis of AUM
Greetings Nile Queen Aset, researchers, ontologists, and kosmosans…


The highest moral aspiration is happiness and personal well-being. The Aramaic/Hebrew term NUWB has multiple meanings, one of which is to "make cheerful (i.e., the inspiration of hope and courage)." The well-being of individuals is essential for salient growth e.g. moving by leaps, jetting upward, or projecting beyond boundaries (Nuwb and via extension Nuwaubu). Empirical research has revealed that the well-being of an individual or a community of people stems from three basic psychological needs: (a) competence, (b) autonomy, and (c) relatedness. Over the years, the Master Teacher and Guide, Malachi Kobina York, has been actively engaged in the education of these three psychological needs and how to align or to phase-lock them so as to enrich motivation and efficacy for the Nuwaubian Nation. The first psychological need, competence, aligns with the concept called Nuwaubu i.e. Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Over-standing. The second psychological need, autonomy, aligns with the supreme power known as Sovereignty or Sovranty. The third psychological need, relatedness, connects with identity, cultural character, and Nationality. When all three psychological needs are in-phase, so to speak, a Nation of people can achieve happiness and accord. However, if anyone of the three psychological needs is thwarted by internal or external mechanisms, unhappiness and discord results. Ultimately, the mental health and motivation of any organization is affected by its psychological needs, which can corrode or shore up its SELF-DETERMINATION (i.e., the liberty to choose and to self-govern without external duress).

Empirical research into the nature of motivation and how it affects individuals and their societies has been an ongoing study in psychology. MOTIVATION is the underlying power of a culture’s well-being, prosperity, and happiness (hetep, nuwb). As with the enunciation of the three syllables A-U-M (which collectively has the power to bring about the well-being and stability of the mind and thus rendering health or well-being) the three basic psychological needs, when in-phase or phase-locked, have the power to shore up well-being and enrich motivation and performance for a Nation of People - as the process facilitates through the Instrument of Self-Determination.


Pa Neter Ra (Maat Kheru Im Hotep)
For the restoration of maat (well-being)
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The Vibration Project
What is baptism by fire?

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