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IssaEl21 08:43 PM

Ques ; You Mentioned Previously , Tying Into The Vine ; Can You Explain That ?
Ans ; Yes . When the five Caucasian Nations , namely the ; Irish , Polish , Scottish , French , British ( German ) came here To America . And set up their government . Their plan was to

Eliminate you . They did this by what is called Tying Into The Vine . If you go into Sudan . You will see mixed people with Straight Hair and Aquiline Features . You will see the same if you go

into Algeria , Somalia , Tunisia , Ethiopia , Liberia , Morocco , Egipt , Libya , Djbouti , Etc . If you go into any of The Islamic Countries , You will see what I call trying into the vine .

You can also see it here in America . As in the case of The Native Americans , They don't look like the original native Americans that were here before ; That's because of 'Tying into the vine , You

have your original Dark - Skinned Woolly Haired Olmecs being mixed with Asiatics , East Indians and Caucasians . There was a plan that began 400 years ago with The East Africans

from the Portuguese Prince Henry Kidnapping , Starting around The 1600's A.D. To Eliminate you . Some of you had been kidnapped by John Hawkins in the 1500 A.D. And were already here

and in The Caribbeans . Completing it with The Invasion of Moorish kidnapping in the 1700's A.D. Mixing them all together and Eliminating their traditional belief's and customs by giving

them Islam . This was a way of Arabicizing them and destroying their original roots . So by The Year 2000 A.D. You all were supposed to be be totally Eliminated with no recollection of your

native american and Egiptian Ties . The Indigenous people of The Planet Walked To This Side Of The Planet Millions Of Years Before The Continental Drift In Search Of More Land And Resources . They became known as the Olmecs . They were The Nuwbuns from Nuwba .

Ques ; How Was This Proces Done ?
Ans ; Now this is how they Tie Into The Vine . They could Charm The Women . So they Enslaved The Women And Men . Then Killed The Men , Captured And Raped The Women , And produced children by doing This Repeatedly For Generations . It will eventually Eliminate The Original Race . That is what they do here in America . But In Africa . They were not Successful . All the light ones today Enslave Their Parents . So now through all of this Mixture . You are legally Nubians like I introduced to you when I first starting teaching . Note Nuwbuns Who are The Original , Nine Ether Woolly - Haired , Dark Olive Toned -Skinned People .

IssaEl21 08:45 PM

Ques ; Where Did The Nubians Come From ?
Ans ; The Nubians come from a mixure of The Nuwbuns and The Ja'aliyan ( Plural Of Ja'ali ) . The Ja'aliyans descended from an Arab named Ibrahim Ja'al , Who was mixed with the Russian Ottomans . He was a descendant of Al - Abbass , The Uncle of the Prophet Muhammad , The Ja'aliyan group dwells between Atbara confluence and the sabaluqa gorge the most northerly

tribes of The Ja'ali group lie downstream of the Shayqiyya , Between Al Dabba and the country of the Barabra their homeland is the historical region of Dongola , Arabic Dunqula , Whence these tribesmen are know collectively as Danaqla , Singular , Dongolaway , '' Men Of Donogla '' . Danagla . Dan - Agla , Are two separate tribes . The first is those of Dan ( Genesis 30 ; 6 ) ,

The fifth son of Jacob by Bilha , Who moved to the south when The Hebrew broke into two parts
( 1Kings 2 ; 26 - 27 ) Israel to the north , And Judah to the south , And became Judea . Then they migrated after an attack by Israel of the north . Those of Judea of the south that survived , Moved further south on into Aksum . Some settled in Yemen , Being from The son Benyamin ,

Ben ~ Yamin / Yemen , The 12th Son of Jacob and Rachel ( Genesis 35 ; 16 - 18 ) . This is the second tribe . Those of Dan moved up . Which is down The Nile , And because known as The Danaakil and further The Dongalaway . They produced The Mahdi family , And the root of the word Mahdi is Huda as '' Guide '' Found in The Qur'aan 2 ; 62 as Haaduw .

Jews '' , The plural of Huda or Al Yahuwdiy '' The Judahites , '' The Koran mistranslates it as Jews when it is Judah , Because the word Jew did not come into existence until the year 1000 A,D, After the existence of the Qur'aan , In a variety of forms ; Iudea , Gyu , Giu , Iuu , Iuw , Iew , Which developed the word Jew . So The Red Desert Arabs migrated in Africa , Mixed

amongst The Donogla , Seeking out The Faatimites to eliminate The Black Seed Of Muhammad , And Replace it with Islam as you see it today . They changed It from Diyn Allah -- Millah Ibraahiym , To Diyn'ul Islam Sunnah of Muhammad . The Faatimites were protected by the Beja tribe . The Ja'aliyan Abbassites settled in The Northern part of Sudan and because known as

The Khadmiya and Sanousi , Which is The Mixed Seed Of The Nuwbuns and Arabs , Which Produced Nubians . The Ja'aliyan came in from Arabia up The Hejaz , Who was from an Arab named Ibraahim Ja'al . A descendant of Al - Abbass . The uncle of As Sayyid Muhammad , Who mixed in with the children of Abu Bakr and his daughter A'iysha . She is one of the wives of As Sayyid Muhammad ,

Then they mixed in with The Nuwbuns . These Al Abbassites were mixed with The Caucasian Ottoman . Who chased The Faatimites up The Hejaz and tried to Eliminate The Dark - Skinned . Woolly - Haired family of the prophet as Sayyid Muhammad . The Al Abbassites plotted to make Abu Bakr The successor to Muhammad . They wanted to replace Ali , Who is a Dark - Skinned

Woolly - Haired Descendant of Ishnael through Kedar , With Abu Bakr . Who is a Desert - Red Arab . However , A'iyaha Didn't have any children , Unlike As Sayyid Muhammad's other Dark - Skinned , Woolly -Haired Nubian Wife , Mary The Coptic Christian. She bore him a son called Ibraahiym ; And this son was killed by the midwives under the orders of Abu Bakr , In order not

to become As Sayyid Muhammad's Successor . They were trying to Eliminate any traces of As Sayyid Muhammad's true descendancy back to the Ishmaelite Kedar , Qedar '' Dark - Skinned ( Genesis 25 ; 13 ) Because they were Black - Skinned . So , The birth of As Sayyid Muhammad's daughter , As Sayyidat Fatima and her family , As Sayyid Ali . Hassan and Hussain , .

Muhammad put A warning against these Arabs in the Qur'aan 9 ; 97 - 98 and 9 ; 101
As Sayid Al Abbass Son Of Abdul Mutallib ( 568 - 654 A.D. ) .... A'iysha Daughter Of Abu Bakr ( 622-678 A.D. ) ..In a book that was written in The Ninth Century in The Arabic language Entitled . '' The Book Of The Glory Of The Black Race , Kitab Fakhr As - Sudan 'Ala Al - Bidan '' .

It is clear that As Sayyid Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin , The Prophet of Arabia was a Dark Brown to Black Nappy - Haired Man . This book was written by Abu 'Uthman Ibn Bahr Al - Jahiz ( 776 - 868 A.D. ) More than two hundred years after the death of As Sayyid Muhammad , Which Was A Thousand Years Ago . It Was Translated Into English By France Preston .

Page 50 of this book says , And I Quote ; They Said '' Abd Al - Muttalib Fathered Ten Lords , Black As The Night And Magnificent . Amir Ibn At - Tufayl Saw Them Circling ( The Ka'ba ) As If They Were Handsome Jinn , And He Said 'With These ( Present ) , The Gatekeeper ( Of The Ka'aba ) Is Useless . Abd Allah Ibn 'Abbas Was Blackest In Magnificeence , And The Family Of Abu Taalib Were The Most Noble Of Men ; And They Were Black , With Black Skin . They Said , The Prophet ( Blessings Of God And Salvation Be Upon Him ) Said , ' I Was Sent To The Reds And To The Blacks , ' You Are Aware That It Was Not Said The Zinjs , The Ethiopians Or The Nubians Were White Or Red - For They Have No Name Other Than Black '' .

Let's make it clear that this book was originally written in the Arabic language by a man born in The Year 776 A.D. And who died in 868 A.D. Reflect on how long ago that was for a Minute , And how near it was to the birth and death of as Sayyid Muhammad . This Man , Al Jahiz , Who wrote this book . Was born in Basra in the country now known as Iraq . As Sayyid Muhammad Son Of Abdullah Amd Amina ( 570 -632 A.D. ) ... As Sayyidat Fatima Daughter Of Muhammad
( 610 - 633 A.D. ) .

IssaEl21 08:47 PM

Ques ; Where Did The Different Tribes Of Nubians Come From ?
Ans ; They created The Nubian tribes or Nubians by taking Arabs . And laying them up with The Nuwbuns , Creating The Ja'aliyan , Who have Curly - Hair and Thin Features .

They are now called Sudanese or Nubians , The Nubian Race is subdivided into three groups ; Dongolaway , Ja'aliyan and Shagiya . The Dongolaway have long facial features , Dark Eyes ,

Dark Skin , And Wavy or Curly Hair . The Ja'aliyan have round facial features , Kinky or Wavy Hair , Light Skin and Dark Eyes . And The Shagiya and combinations of both The Dongolaway

and The Ja'aliya . Now down into Yemen , You had Sabeans , Who were The Queen of Sheba's people . They were mixed in with The Hebrew Tribes of Judah and became The Israelites .

Yemen is short for Benyamin , Meaning , '' So Of The Right Hand '' . They Worship The Cresent Deity Allah , Whose wife was Allat . and they bore Children . Al Uzza , and Manat .

So the trying in The Vines started all the way back in Africa they realized that we had Progressive Genes , And they had Regressive Genes . They Created The Nubian ,

A Word that I indtroduced to you here in America , And as I've said , You Are Not Nuwbuns Anymore ; You Are Nubians .

IssaEl21 08:48 PM

Ques ; Why Did The Nuwbuns From Nuwba Travel To America ?
Ans ; These Nuwbuns or Nubas , Walked or trsveled Westward from their own land in search of other land and resources . They came over to a place that was once called the land of Frogs . They called the place in their Cushite language Utla , Which mean '' To Go Somewhere For

Vacation , '' Utla became Atlan , Making it Dual . And it signified North America ; And Beneath that was South America . Plato , The Greek Historian , Added The '' Tis , '' And you get Atlantis . These Nuwbuns were The Dogon of Mali , Africa . They traveled a long distance .

The Cushites , Hamites , Mizraimites , Shemites and Phutites , Are descendant of The Nuwbuns . Many of these tribes migrated as recently as just after the so-called Flood of Noah , Called by some the great earthquake , And And set up their own great empires when they came

To America . Some stayed in The East . Mongolians , Earlier than Hsu Shen mixed in with these Africans and produced Ab -Originals . Ab -Originals is anyone Not original . The violent ones amongst them became known as The Caribs . They were The Headhunters and The Meat - Eaters .

The Caribs are a member of a group of native Americans of North and South America , The lesser Antilles , And The Eastern coast of central America . The more passive ones were called Arawak . The Arawaks are a member of a south American people formerly Inhabiting much of

the greater Antilles and now living chiefly in certain regions of Guyana . Now again in The 4th Century came some Chinese descendants of The Teros who were looking for more land . They came Over here under Hsu Shen of The Shang Dynasty , Who were mixed in by now to The

Shores Of America during an exploration in 459 A.D. These Teros came into California and Bumped into The Olmecs , They lived and mixed amongst each other and produced what became known as Native Americans . The Olmecians gave them the lower land ( South America ) ,

Which became known as Amexem , Which came from the word Hexian , Which is just another name name for Hsu Shen ( Ho Shen ) The name Mexico come from the word Amexem , And the word Texas comes from the word Mexico . The Northern region of The Olmecs became Atlan .

All of their children were allowed to mix in with The Olmecs . The first offspring was The Hopis . Who were given a rule not To Mix Their Seed this is much like The Rule Abraham had in Genesis 18 ; 1 , 28 ; 6 , ( Where He Was Commanded Not To Mix His Seed With The Canaanites , Because

The Olmecs Knew That The Hopi's Genes Were Regressive ) . So The Hopi was chosen to create a mystic order that protected The original Dogon Customs . This is why The Hopi to this day have the same exact rituals and ceremonies of The Dogon . The Nubas gave them Secrets of The

Stars , Which are held by The Dogons today , About The Sirius Star Constellation And The Alignment , That Happen Every 60 Years . Which is The Sigui . The Hindus , Esst Indians , Heard about these people , And they came across The Bering Strait and mixed in with Native Americans that moved north who are called The Eskimos and who are Mongolian or Mongoloid . The word Mongoloid is a compound of the greek word Mongoloid , Meaning '' Shape Or Form , ''

According To '' The American Heritage Dictionary '' The Word Mongolian is defined as ; Mon Go Li An ( mong - gole - an , - gol'yan , mon - ) Adj . 1 . Of or relating to Mongolia, The Mongols , Or their language or culture . 2 . Also Mongolian , Offensive . Of or relating to down syndrome , --- Mon go li an n . I , A native or inhabitant of Mongolian . 2 . A member of the mongol people . 3 . Anthropology . A member of the Mongoloid racial division . No longer in scientific use . 4 . A subfamily of the altaic language family , Mongolian and kalmyk being the most important members . Any of the various spoken and written dialects and languages of the Mongols living in Mongolia and China . In this sense , also called Mongol .

The East Indians bred with these Eskimos and bred tribes like The Seminole of today . The Nez Perce tribe heard of The Secrets from The Ancient Ancient Ashuric Doctrine , And they started wearing The Nose Ring . They were Labeled Nez Perce , Meaning '' Nose Piercing '' .

Then various tribes broke away and started producting on their own . Creating The Mayans and The Aztecs . The Mayans were descendants of The Hindus and The Chinese . The word Maya itself is a Hindu word , Which comes from The Sanskrit word , And means Illusion.

The Mayans disregarde The Olmec traditions and kept to their Chinese traditions of Virgin , Blood , And children Sacrifices to their God's who were The Reptilians of The Dogons . Called Dogir , Meaning '' Ugly Water Beings , '' By The Sudanese from Nubia today .

So The Olmecs told them they are not having that . They made boats for them and sent them back across with The next tides to the area of what is now Vietnam . Phnom Penh . Guam , Malay , Etc . When they got there . There were people already there that had mixed in with The

Malian , The Chinese and The East Indian on this side . The Egiptian influence on these areas is seen at one of the great Temples of this region , The Temple of '' Ankor '' Ankh and Hor , Meaning '' The Key To The Life Of Horus '' . The Mayans mixed in and settled with these

people . They set up vast Civilization . One most commonly known is The Angkor , In the central plain of Cambodia , Also called Kampuchea . They Erected Giant , Huge Stones Called Nagas , Divine Snakes And Protective Spirits Of The Khmer Empire , Which they got from The Hindus .

The Nagas , Also Called Nagini and Naga , Were A Non - Violent Race Of Serpents , Reptilians . Who Are Benevolent Toward Humans . In the central plains of Cambodia . There are Ruins of an Ancient Angkor Civilization that is remarkably similar to The Mayan Ruins here in central

America . These Similarities exist because ( As Stated Above ) The Mayans were sent over to Phnom Penh . Which is The Capital Of Cambodia . This would explain why there are traces of The Mayan today in The Mayan cities of Tikal . Remember the word Mayan means '' Illusions '' ;

The Native American Tribes were always named after an incident . It was always said that The Mayans just disappeared. However , There was nothing Spooky to their disappearance . They were just removed from this side of the world . Notice how their crowns , buildings , Archways

and domes are shaped in Remembrance of their Ancestors - The Teros . Descendants of '' Elder God , '' Who came from The Planet Jomon in The Star Arcturus , In The Bootes Constellation called The '' Ploughman '' . Their culture flourished and eventually fell under what is known as The Mongolian Empire . In The 1200's , The Mongolian Empire Ruled By Genghis Khan Covered Most Of Asia .

IssaEl21 08:51 PM

Ques ; Who Is Genghis Khan ?
Ans ; Genghis Khan , originally Temujin . ( 1162 ? -1227 A.D. ) , Was a Mongol conqueror who united The Mongol tribes . In 1206 A.D. He took the name Genghis Khan , Meaning '' Supreme Conqueror '' He was born near lake Baikal in Russia . He is The Son of Yesukai , A Mongol Chief

and Ruler of a large region between The Amur River and the great wall of China . China was originally named Chung Kuo , After Chou , The Ruler of The Chou Dynasty . Chung Kuo Means '' Middle Country , '' In reference to the fact that Ancient Chinese thought that China was in the

center of the world . At the age of 13 , Temujin succeeded his father as Tribal Chief . His early reign was marked by successive revolit of his subject tribes and an Intense struggle to retain his leadership . But The Mongol Ruler soon demonstrated his Military Genius and Conquered not

only his intractable subject , But his hostil neighbors as well . By 1206 A.D. Temujin was master of almost all of Mongolia . In that year , A Convocation of the subjugated Tribes proclaimed him Genghis Khan ( Chinese Cheng -Sze , '' Precious Warrior '' . Turkish Khan . '' Lord '' ) Leader of

The United Mongol and Tatar Tribes . He Annexed Northern China , Central Asia , Iran , And Southern Russia . Kublai Khan , The Grandson Of Genghis Khan , Extended The Empire to its greatest height , And founded The Yuan Dynasty , Which lasted until 1368 A.D. After his death , The Empire eventually fragmented .

Ques ; I Thought You Said At One Point All Edomites Came From The Caucasians . If So , Where Do The Teros Fit In ?
Ans ; You Must OverStand That There Are Two Classes Of Edomites . There Are The Historic Edomites , And The Biblical Edomites . The Term Edomite Is The Biblical Name For The Mongoloids . The Biblical Edomites Came By Way Of Esau , The Son Of Isaac And Rebecca , Not Canaan , Esau . Contrary To What Most People Think , Does Not Mean Red , It Means '' Hairy '' .

Ques ; Where Did The Name Edom Come From ?
Ans ; The word Edom is an Aramic Hebrew word meaning '' Red '' . It comes from the same root word as Adam , Which is The Hebrew word Edown Meaning '' Brownish Red '' , In Joshus 19 ; 36 ,

The name Adamah , Which is a city in Naphtali ( Strong's Concordance # oi28 ) , Gives the meaning '' The Earth '' . And in Genesis 10 ; 19 , The name Adamah from the same root is

translated to mean '' Red Earth '' , Where they combine the Two , Red and Earth . This Adamah is a city in Siddim , A valley in Jordan . Throughout The Scriptures you will find cities that are

named after people . Thus , There were other people named Adam in The Bible . Esau's named as mentioned above , Means '' Hairy '' . However , He was also called Edom . His name was changed

to Edom Meaning '' Red '' . After he sold his blessing ( Birthright ) for a Bowl Of Red Stew To His Brother . Esau is thought to mean Red because Esau is called The '' Father Of The Edomite, ''

The Edomites in turn , Became known as having A Red Complexion , Which is not true because Edomites are not really A Red Color . They have A Creamish - Yellowish Skin Color . As mentioned previously The term Edomite is just the biblical term for Mongolians .

IssaEl21 08:52 PM

Ques ; Are You Saying There Is More Than One Adam ?
Ans ; Yes , That is what The Scripture say . They were plagiarized from The Ancient Tablets , But they want you to believe in it's teaching , In Genesis 5 ; 2 , It States '' Male And Female Created He Them , Blessed Them And Called ( Their ) Name Adam , '' Adam , whose real name is

Zakar , was told to '' Be Fruitful And Multiply And ( Replenish ) The Earth , '' As found in Genesis 1 ; 28 . Each time the planet was ( Refilled ) . That was a new Adam . Such as in the case with Adam of Genesis and Noah ( Genesis 8 ; 17 ) , Whose real name was Utnafishtim in

The Gilgamesh Epics , Tablet lll . He was also an '' Adam '' , In Genesis 9 ; 1 , Noah is told the same thing as Adam in Genesis 1 ; 22 -- '' To Be Fruitful And Multiply , '' Adam is merely a term meaning . '' Man , Or Mankind '' From The Cuneiform Adamah , Meaning '' Earthling '' .

Also Meaning '' Of The Ground '' , The Hebrew Phoenician Translation of it became Edom , For '' Ruddy Or Reddish Brown '' So When The Prophet Noble Drew Ali Stated that the inhabitants of Africa are The descendants of Ancient Canaanites , It is confirmed by the fact that several

Grandsons of Noah moved westward before the natural Fret . Which is what created The Red Sea , Originally called The Reed Sea . Noah begot Shem , Ham and Japheth , Triplets according to the scriptures ( Genesis 5 ; 32 ) It clearly states that Noah was 500 years old when he had

these three sons , That's all in the same year . You're only 500 once , Just like you're only 50 once . The son Ham ( Genesis 10 ; 6 ) Have birth to Cush Mizraim , Phut and Canaan .

Ques ; So How Did Esau Produce A Mongoloid Race , If He Was A Nubian ?
Ans ; Esau's seed was curse with Mongoloid because he mixed his seed with The Canaanites and this was going '' Against The Commandment As Found In ( Genesis 28 ; 1 ) And 28 ; 6 , Which Was A Commandment From The Most High . However , Out Of Spite , Esau Took Canaanite Wive To Get Even With His Father For Giving His Blessing To His Brother Jacob Instead Of Him
( Genesis 27 ; 28 -29 ) . He Mixed His Seed With These Canaanite Tribes , And A Curse Was Placed On Esau Through His Genes .

IssaEl21 08:54 PM

Ques ; What Does Canaan Mean ?
Ans ; The name Canaan means '' Lowlander . And you should Ask . How can a child's name mean Lowlander , In fact . A Child couldn't be named lowlander . This child would have grown into Adulthood and moved into the lowlands from the high lands to receive that name . Just as Abram was changed to Abraham in Genesis 17 ; 1 .

Ques ; Then What Was His Real Name ?
Ans ; His real name was Lebana meaning '' Milky , White '' Was also called Adam

Ques ; Who Was This Canaan's Father ?
Ans ; Canaan's Father's name was Ham ( Genesis 19 ; 18 ) , Which Means '' Burnt , Blackened , Or Hot , Scorched '' ,
Ques ; What Was His Father 's Nationality ?
Ans ; Canaan's Father's Nationality was Aramaean , The original Arameans or Assyrians . So Canaan was Aramaean or Syrian by nationality , Which today is north east Turkey inhabited by invading Russians , Called Turks , From the altaic mountains in The U.S.S.R. Making them mountain dwellers . They were Caucasians who invaded the lands of The Aramean , Assyrians , and took over the land of these Dark - Skinned , Woolly - Haired Arameans and Assyrians . Who are from Aram ( Genesis 10 ; 22 ) .

Ques ; What Was The Original Name For The Land Of Canaan ?
Ans ; The original name for the land of Canaan is Kadmon . In Genesis 15 ; 19 It Reads ; The Kenites , And The Kenizzites , And The Kadmonites .... '' Kadmonites is also spelt Kadmonee , And Means '' Easterners . '' They were the original inhabitants of the land of canaan according to Strong # 6935 . So the origial land of Canaan was called Kadmon , Which happen to be the name of the Adam of 49,000 Years Ago , As opposed to Lebana , The Adam of 6,000 Years Ago .

Ques ; What Was The Curse Of Ham For Looking At His Father's Nakedness ?
Ans ; According to Genesis 9 ; 25 , the curse was on Ham's Son, Canaan . Some call Ham , Kham , And other's Kemet . Yet , The seed of Abraham and Moab dwelled with The Canaanites as found in Genesis 28 ; 1 . Where it is clear that The seed of Abraham and Lot lived with The Canaanites , But was forbidden to marry them . And this was repeated to Abraham's Son , Isaac
( Genesis 28 ; 6 ) . The Canaanites , According To Leviticus Chapter's 13 & 14 , Which collates with Genesis 9 ; 25 . Had A Curse placed on them . The curse is explained as a form of Leprosy , A contagious disease . It is discoloration of The Skin and hair texture . Leviticus 14 ; 33 Tells you that The Land that The Israelites were going to take over . Was Canaanite Land . The description of these Canaanites in Genesis 13 ; 30 , ( In Part ) is that They Had Yellow ( Blond ) Thin ( Straight ) Hair . And their skin is described in Leviticus 13 ; 24 . It is clear by Leviticus 13 ; 11 , That this is '' Old Leprosy '' , Not something new . Also Qur'an 20 ; 103 use the word for Curse or Guilty in Arabic ( Al Mujrimiyna ) , Which describes as being Blue , Using the word Zurqan , However , One of the sons was fortunate of the seed of Canaan . To not be born Colorless or Melanin Recessive . He was Hamath , The Eleventh Son of Canaan ( Genesis 10 ; 18 ) , And the name Hamath means '' Blackened , Or Black , '' From the same roots as Ham . This is the very name that The Prophet Noble Drew Ali Made reference to in The Holy Koran Circle 7 , Page XLVll , Where he states ; '' These Are The Moabites, Hamathites , Canaanites , Who Were Driven Out Of The Land Of Canaan .... ' So he identifies his tribe of Canaanites and Moabites together , But along with The Eleventh Son Hamath . For he must have known being an advent studier of The Scripture that the other Seeds of Canaan were Caucasian , And that The Hitties Mixed in with The Hamathites . They later invaded Egipt during The Reign of Rameses ll . To be defeated and placed in servitude . Their women were Cohabited with , and produced Mixed Seeds In Egipt . Most Of The Pictures You See Today Are Last Ruling Dynasties . Thus You will See Light - Skinned And Wavy To Curly Hair , As A Result Of This Mixing With Foreigers . It Is A Fact That The Whole Of What's Called Africa Today . And That Is Inclusive Of Mauritania And Morocco , Alheria , Tunisia , Egipt , Were All Moors .

IssaEl21 08:56 PM

Ques ; When Did Esau Come In Contact With Other Canaanites ?
Ans ; Esau and his family eventually went to say in Mount Seir ( Genesis 36 ; 8 ) . When they went to Mount Seir . There were already beings living in Mount Seir . These Beings were The Shaggies Who were tall and who came from The Sirius Star Constellation .

The others were The Duwanis , Who are short and hairy and came from Canis Major - Both were called Horite . They eventually bred and mixed with The Teros , Who were also Tall . They came to the surface and created A Breach Of The Mongoloid Race .

This is why there are some Tall orientals and some Short Orientals . The mixture of The Teros and The Shaggies caused a defect of forty and Seven Chromosomes , Producing what is commonly called down Syndrome . The Tero's Chromosome structure is so different than that of

earthlings , That the mixture caused this disorder . The Eskimos are an Off - Breed from this mixture of Tero and The Shaggies also . These Teros Also mixed in with The Duwaanis , And this caused The Disease called Hirsutism . Where the body is fully covered with hair this is very

common among The Mongoloids today . In the teachings of The Hopi Native Americans , They Acknowledge the existence of The Shaggies , Or Bigfoot , Whom they call Massau . They believe That Masau is the greatest Spirit person who walks the surface of This Earth .

They state that he is '' The First , The Last , The Eternal '' . They believe that Bigfoot was here First , Then Human Beings Were Planted Here . The Vietnames Also Hold These Same Beliefs ; They call The Shaggies Also known as Lei , Which refers to The Monkey - Man .

Only they say he is not A Monkey And he is not A Man . He Is A God . They also say that he is The Most Powerful Human - Type Manifestation On The Surface Of The Earth , Calling Him The Monkey - God In India . The Father . It is believe that in 1992 A.D. Bigfoot Started talking to

people in Europe and America in Intelligible Words . Ordinarily , He communicate by thoughts , Or with visions , Dreams , Or in body language , Sometimes called Indian Sign - Language . He is now coming down from The High Mountains And Appearing In Broad Daylight At The Edges Of

Villages . The Native Americans say that he is really giving us every opportunity to bear witness to the fact that he's here . And from The Native American Viewpoint , It's The Behinning Of The Fulfillment of his Prophecies that he would come back to Re - Establish Justice On This Land .

IssaEl21 08:58 PM

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Let's Set The Record Straight
Inceribed By ; The Imperial Grand Potentate
Noble ; Rev , Dr . Malachi Z . York El 33 / 720
'' Amun Nebu Re Akh Tah ''
More In Next Post

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Ques ; Where Did The Descendants Of Noah Migrate ?
Ans ; Cush moved to Aksum , Which became known as Ethiopia by the greeks ( Ezekiel 30 ; 5 )
. Mizaim moved to Ta-Marra , which became known as Egipt by the greek . ( Ezekiel 17 ; 15 ) Phut moved into Libus , And it became known as Libya by the greeks ( Ezekiel 30 ; 5 ) ,

And Canaan moved into Filistim and it became Palestine by the greeks . So it is safe to assert that the statement made by Peophet Noble Drew Ali in Chapter 47 Of The Holy Quran Circle 7 Page 136 Under the title '' Egipt The Capital Empire And Domain Of Africa , Is for the most part true .

Being Canaan was the son of Ham , And Ham Fathered Cush , Mizraim , And Phut , From The North Eastern Part Of Nuwbun , Now called Africa . However , When they arrived there , It has been proven by Archeological findings that Pre-dates The Birth Of Cush , Such as The Ugandian findings ,

( Morotopithecus Bishopi ) and The Kenya findings , ( Kenyapithecus ) That people already inhabited that land . At The beginning of verse 2 , Prophet Noble Drew Ali States '' Old Man Cush ... This takes us to Genesis 2 ; 10 - 13 . Where it speaks of The Rivers Flowing Out Of Eden

And Down Encompassing The Whole Land Of Ethiopia . There you'll find the word Cush . This was before Genesis 10 ; 6 , Where Ham gives birth to a Cush ; So there must have been more than one Cush . In the Sumerian teaching , We find in The Tablet Of Etana , Tablet 1 , Kish

Being used as a form of Cush , For one of The Seven Lands set up by Engi ; 1 ) Sippar , 2 ) Kish , 3 ) Kutha , 4 ) Shuruppk , 5 ) Uruk , 6 ) Isin And 7 ) Ashkolan ( Alkebu - Lan ) . These were Two Sons Of Anu , The Most High Deity of The Sumerians . Who came to This Planet

From Nibiru , And according to those Ancient Tablets In Cuneifoem , Of these Ancients Ones , They are your Eloheem of The Torah , Genesis Chapter 1 , Nefillians of Genesis 6 ; 4 , Your Malaaikaat of Koran 15 ; 28 , Your Angelos of your New Testament Matthews 1 ; 20 ,

And The Neteru of The Egiptian Book Of The Dead , Chapter 1 , Verse 1 . So it is clear that '' Old Man Cush '' Could be referring to the Ancient Land Of Kish ( Cush ) . For you see in Verse 3 . The Prophet Noble Drew Ali States '' His Father Ham And His Family Was Second '' .

That means they were not the First Cushites . Ham's Cushites of Genesis 10 ; 6 , Would be The Second Cushites . Ethiopia is one of the dividing lines for The Sons Of Ham , For the introduction of The Word Africa , Which Is An Arabic Word Ifriqiya From The Root Faraqa , '' To Divide '' .
The Ottoman Arabs set out to divide Africa into separated lands . And one of the names given in this pursuit is Ethiopia . Amexem is from Hexian , A Chinese word , A name The Orientals who sailed across The Pacific Oceans to these shores , called Whole Land . Which To Them Included

Africa . These Oriental Asiatics who migrated from Shang Dynasty under Hsu - Shen ( Ho -Shen ) . Called it Hexian , Which became in time Amexem , Combining America and Hexian to give Amexem , Where the word Mexico is derived from . The Son And Father Divided . Canaan Stayed in The Palestine Vallys . While his Nephews moved Westward to North East Africa .

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