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Arrow Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )

Dr . Dreher Says ... ''' Fortunately , Wormwood Is Not A Star In The Strict Sense Of The Word , '' Says Dr . Melton , Who Has Been With The Project From The Start , '' It Never Fired Up Into A Full - Blown Star Like Our Sun Because It Was Too Small And Didn't Have Enough Fuel . It's A Lot Like Saturn And Jupiter , '' But It Still Contains A Great Deal Of Heat And A Very Powerful Gravitational Force . If Wormwood Was A Real Star , No Amount Of Human Intervention Could Deter It , The Scientists Agree . If It Crashed Into Our Sun , It Would Cause It To Go Supernove And Burn Up The Entire Solar System . Discovery Of Wormwood Came As No Surprise To Some Astronomers . However . '' We Have Long Suspected The Existence Of A Huge Planet Or Maybe A Dwarf Star Out In The Oort Cloud , '' Dr . Melton Explain . Scientist Usually Refer To The Mysterious Body As Planet X . The Oort Cloud . Or Belt , Is A Vast No - Man's Land Surrounding Our Solar System And Separates Us From The Closest Star , About Eight Light - Years Away . It Contains All Sorts Of Interstellar Debris , Scientists Suspect - Leftovers From The Creation Of Our Solar System And Other Junk Gathered Over The Billions Of Years Sine . Comets Are Born In This Region Entering The Solar System When They're Pulled In By The Combined Gravity Of The Sun And The Planets , '' Dr . Dreher Adds . ''Astronomers Have Feared Something Like This Looming Catastrophe Could Happen For The Past 50 Years . Now , Is This Your Confirmation That It Does Exist ?

On the evening of April 22 / 23 . 1986 A.D. Witnesses saw what they described as the '' Thinking '' Fireball . The Fireball displayed A Multiple Of Colored Lights And Moved Very Fast . This Is A Simulation Of Nibiru . As far back as 1915 A.D. They knew about Nibiru . They just weren't telling us . Go do your research and you'll come across a magazine entitled '' The Electrical Experimenter '' . Published in 1915 A.D. And you'll see a picture of a simulation of Nibiru on its front . In a pamphlet written by Dr . Frank E . Strange titled '' The White Planet '' He quotes a mane named Carl Sagan , Who Says That '' In The Northern Part Of The Sky . Someplace Where There Seems To Be Less Stars Than Anywhere Else ; There Is An Object That Keeps Moving Eratically And Dorsn't Stay On A Steady Course . That Object Is Unlike Any Heavenly Body In The Sky ... Unlike A Planet , Sometimes It Looks Like A Star . It Does Not Change In Configuration ; It Seems To Be Surrounded With White Sometimes Bluish , Sometimes A Greenish Light , '' Dr . Stranges Further Describes The Object As A Cube With A Forcefield Around It . And On The Cover Of The Pamphlet , This '' Object '' Is Also Depicted As Having Clouds Around It .

Again , This Is No Coincidence That Description Of This Craft Is Very Similar To The Description Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re Has Been Giving Us For Years . This Object That Dr . Stranges Is Speaking Of Is Nibiru . But Ask Yourselves , Why Is He Telling Us Now ? So For Those Of You Who Think That Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re Is Just Making Things Up . You Are Wrong ! Everything That He's Been Telling Us , Is Being Told To You Everyday . You Don't Want To Accept It Coming From Him . If You Still Don't Believe Him . Check It Out ! ( Refer To '' Holy Tablets '' , Chapter 1 , Tablets 4 - 5 ; Scroll #80 Entitled ; '' Man From Planet Rizq '' Scroll #82 Entitled '' Mission Earth And Extraterrestrial Involvement '' ; Scroll #154 Entitled ; Nibiru And The Anunnaq - Fact Or Fiction '' , Scroll #94 Entitled ; '' Is God An Extra - Terra - Astral ? ( Extraterrestrial ) .

However , In The '' Weekly World News '' , March 16 , 1999 A.D. Edition Page 20 , Article Entitled '' Astronomers Say Holy City Of New Jerusalem Is Headed Toward Earth ! '' By Mike Foster States And I Quote ; '' Cape Canaveral , Fla . - A Leading Astronomer Has Come Under Fire After Claiming That A Bible Prophecy About The Final Days Is Coming True ; The Holy City Of New Jerusalem Is Descending Toward Earth ! '' .... It Is A Perfect Cube - A Shape That Cpuld Not Be Formed By Any Natural Process - And It Measures The Equivalent Of 12,000 Furlongs In Length . Just As Described In The Book Of Revelation , '' He Said Furthermore , It Is Composed Of Exactly The Kinds Of Stones Detailed In The Bible ,... The Mystery Object , Which Is Expected To Enter The Earth's Atmosphere Sometime Early In The Year 2000 , Verily Resembles The Prophet's Description Of That Heavenly City , The Astronmer Claims ... There Are Even '' Crop Circles '' That Represent And Talk About Nibiru . For All You Doubters , That Still Think Nibiru Is A Figment Of Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re's Imagination...

This Article Is Taken From The '' Unicus '' Magazine Communication Pages 22 - 23 - 24 , Entitled '' Crop Circle Astral Symbology '' By Steve Repetti , And He States ; '' ... I Discovered That The Knowledge Conrained Within The Essential Elements Of The Enuma Elish Was A Model Code Providing The Key To Describe Graphic And Symbolic Interpretations Of The Crop Circles And The More Advanced Forms Of Pictograms . Gertain Major Formations Can Be See As Repetitive Graphic Keys To The Informational Aspects Which Are Represented In The Smaller Or Less Complex Pictograms ... A Planet At Least Four Times Larger Than Tiamat Approached From Deep Space . And Was Called Nibiru . Or Mardul In Babylon . Nibiru Was Gravitationally Attracted Into Our Solar System And Began Passing The Outer Planets So Closely That They Exchanged Moons ... Tiamat Was Cleaved In Two , Nearly Half Of Which Was Scattered Out And Spread Into What Is Now Called The Asteroid Belt . Just Beyond Mars .

The Surviving '' Head '' Of Tiamat Moved Closer To The Sun , Took Up Its New Orbit Ahead Of Mars And Was Renamed Eridu / Earth ... The Symmetry In Some Of The Most Complex Pictograms Are Repeating A Message ... In Types A And B , The Earth Appears To Be Circled By Way Of A Straight Path To A Larger Solid Body . There Are Two Broken Paths Resembling Equation Marks On Either Side Of The Main Connecting Pathway . As A Broken Path . It Would Appear To Represent A Transitional Object Or Event In The Transformation Or Exchange Of The Two Connected Spheres On Its Sides . This Represents The Role Nibiru Played Between Earth And Mars ... The Areas In Position 4,5,6, Are The Most Confusing . Because This Is Where Nibiru ( '' The Planet Of The Crossing '' ) Collided With Tiamat And Released Earth To A New Positing Replacing The Position Of Mars . It Is Important To Note Tiamat Existed Long Before The Collision With Nibiru Which Generated Earth And The Asteroid Belt ...
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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