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In Response To All Da Positive Show Of Strenth & Support Pics Doing Da Rounds On Da Net & Myspace Blogs On Our Brothaz Held Captive In Ah Place Called Jena:

Ya C Wen We Com 2Gether/2Gather Within Our Community/Common-Unity Gr8 Thangs Can Be Established! Power 2Da People Who Hav NEVER Surrenderd Their Divinity !
Oh & By Da Way:
"JENA"(J & G Interchangible) Deriving From Da Greek/Geek Word "Geh-en-nah"/Gehenna Defines As: A Place Of Future Punishment Called 'Gehanna' Or Fire, Gates Of Hell! Jena/Gehenna Was Originally Da Valley Of 'Ghi-Hinnon' South Of Y/Jerusalem Where Da Filth & Dead Animals Of Da City Were Cast Out & Burned! But Lets Stay Positive "Jenna/Jena" As Translated Fru Da Arabic Means "HEAVEN" Or "Paradise"!
Now Ya'll May Think Eye'm Playin Word Games Here HowEver Da So-Called Government & Washington/Wa-Shaaytan = & Da Devil Base Their Very "CON"cepts On It(Phonetics/Phonetric$) & Juss Luv Da Fact They Gots Our Peoples Screamin Out Free Jena 6/Three 6s! (Do Da Flippin Math) We Need To Call Da Very "Names" Of Our Six Brothaz So Dat They Aint Never 4Gotten!
So Can SomeBody Please Start Postin Da Names!!!!!!!! Heres 1 Ya'll Name De Rest:
1. Brotha Mychal Bell
Free Mumia Abu Jamal
& Please Remember Never To 4Get We Hav To "Free Dr. Malachi Z. York" aka H.E. Sunu Bawaba Bassa Afriqa bka(Better Known As) "Amun Nubi-Re Ankh Ptah"
bka "Ah Innocent Man"! Hotep/Peace

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