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Default Nazduru Technology

Greetings Grandchildren of oorthaa (planet Earth).

Hadrons are considered to be subatomic particles e.g. protons and neutrons that are composed of quarks. One of the four fundamental forces of nature that govern protons and neutrons is the strong nuclear force (divine love, 'ishq, ashuq). The word "hadron" comes from the Greek word for "thick (hadros)." The reasoning is that thickness describes something that is closely packed with units or individuals. Moreover, thickness underscores something that is relatively great in depth or complexity. It is interesting to note that in science hadrons are considered to be subatomic particles. Under scrutiny, the word "sub," in the word subatomic, means below or under. This renders an understanding relative to the word atom itself. To acquire an overstanding of the current matter, the Nuwaupian should strive for a sphere of knowledge that is superlative in nature i.e. the super-atomic.

10. Thus he released his divine nature which revealed to him the mysteries of the transcendental spheres. 11. That are the spheres above the material plane (Actual Fact # 10, Zdahuti’s Vision, pg. 4).
Additionally, the spheres, in Paa Paut (The ALL), are not limited to what is considered subatomic on the material plane. One must learn to defy gravity or defy logic to behold the presence of the super-conscious mind (Paa Nazdur Asar) i.e. knowledge by presence. This is an example of Nazduru technology.

35. The name of that word HuHi is reason of life who opened its way Ptah (Path); Reason is the offspring of thought [italics added] (Actual Fact # 10, Zdahuti’s Vision, pg. 8).

Inscribed by: NeterKhet Ra El (Divine Body of the Sun)
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