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Post What Is Potential (19x2) = 38

What Is Potential?,
What Does Potential
Mean To You And
Your Life? And What
Will Make You
Overstand What
Potential You Have?

2. The Word Potential, As Used In English,
Is Taken From Many Other Languages.

3. Look At It In Middle English,
Potencial, From Old
French Potenciel, From Late
Latin Potenti3Lis,
Powerful, From Latin Potentia,
Power, From Potent-, Present Participle Of
Posse, To Be Able.

4. Now Look At The Word Potentate, Used
In The Higher Ranking Masters Of Freemasons, As
Grand Potentate.

5. What Does

6. The Word Potentate
Means One Who Has
The Power And
Position To Rule Over
Others; A Monarch, Or
One Who Dominates
Or Leads A Group Or
An Endeavor:”

7. Now Look At
Potent. Potent Is
Adjacent To Other
Words, Or What They
Call An Adjective, To
Have An Effect On
Something, As To Color It Or
Change Its Size Or Appearance In
Any Form Or Fashion, To Improve
Upon It, Or To Take
Away From It.

8. First Let’s Look At
Potent, Meaning
“Possessing Inner Or
Physical Strength;
Powerful, Exerting Or
Capable Of Exerting
Strong Physiological Or
Chemical Effects: Potent
Liquor; A Potent Toxin.
Exerting Or Capable Of
Exerting Strong Influence;
Cogent. Potent
Arguments . Having Great Control
Or Authority, A Male
Able To Perform Sexual

9. Now Lets Look At
Impotent Lacking
Physical Strength Or
Vigor; Weak. Lacking
In Power, As To Act
Effectively; Helpless:

10. They Want To
Make You Impotent.
They Want To
Remove Your

11. They Don’t ‘Want Know That
You Are Part Of The OM, Also
Spelled Aum, The Very Source Of Things.

12. They Can't Let You Find Out That
You Are What They
Call The Omnipotent.

13. Let Me Define That: The Word
Omnipotent Means "Having Unlimited Or
Universal Power, Authority, Or Force;

14. One Having Unlimited Power Or Authority,
To Be In Control, A Title Given To God, Or
Allah, Or Yahweh Or Adonai, Or Thehos, Or
Hashem, Or Dios.

15. That's Right When It Says That
The Creator Breathed Into You Of His
Own Spirit Or Essence,
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

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