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Default Flat Earth Theory Fact or Fiction?


Long, long ago, my ancestors of turtle island viewed the earth as a flat disc of water with a very large land mass floating in the middle. The earth is suspended by four cords (north, south, east, and west) from an arch in the sky made of crystal-quartz. The four cords are similar in application to the four fundamental interactions in Physics, and to a lesser frequency, echoed in the book of revelations as the four winds held by the four angles. Earth is the middle or inner-world stationed between over-worlds and under-worlds, so to speak. Kosmically, there are 13 over-worlds and 9 under-worlds. Protective spirits of true humans (naba) live in the over-worlds, from which they move into the inner-world to restore balance and order (ma’at) upon the earth in times of disaster, pain, and chaos. The women have called for messiahs. That time has now come. And many protective spirits have incarnated in true humans to help guide humanity and restore order on turtle island and teach of the Great Peace. Wadu Tamareans.

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