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Default The Flat Earth Paradigm Fact or Fiction?

Greetings and Goodwill,

It is apparent that The Ancient Ones had a uniform message for conveying the flat earth paradigm. From ancient Mesopotamia and the Nile to the Americas of the extreme west (Maghrib Al-Aqsa), the flat earth paradigm is/was a universal representation and communication of cosmogony; just as the layout of Gizah (Egipt) is uniform with the layout of Teotihuacan (Mexico), which corresponds with the belt of Orion in the great expanse called FIRMAMENT (as above, so below). However, the contemporary world sees the world through the lens of "Renaissance Man" and not True Man (naba). The lens of man can get distorted in time and thus he must be calibrated to a Standard (cosmically). Sufism teaches man about gradients of certainty (yaqin). There are three gradients of truth to arrive at accurate, doubt-free knowledge through exact verification. In Nuwaupu (13 x 9), all Nuwaupians experience this verification process through the acceptance of FACTS and the scientific method (ontology) known as “The Science of Sound Right Reason (Evidence, Experience, and Reason).” One can learn more about the testing of knowledge in the scroll “What is Nuwau-Bu?” In the Moorish American paradigm, the Holy Koran Circle 7, Chapter 7, Moors learn the meaning of TRUTH (Facts). In it, there is also a uniform and redundant lesson about arriving at TRUTH, in the context of SALVATION. What man thinks, perhaps, is truth is called belief. What man knows is truth is called faith. Knowledge of self (Man Know thyself), the truth, is called fruition. Belief is lost in faith, which it (faith) is then lost in fruition. One must learn how to defy logic (gravity) to embark on the journey to be one with the ALL (El Kuluwm), the ultimate return and reality.

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice

Pa Neter Ra (Prince of the Great Peace, Pa Naba Ra, Son of Ra-Atum)
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