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Question: What is the foundation of the Psychology of Time?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Nebu Khepri Ra-Atum, Karast Sa Iusaaset):

The Ontology of Time. Ontology is the inquiry into the nature or context of being, becoming, existence, and reality. The basis of Ontology is the Theology of Time. Theology is the study of the nature or context of the divine.

Question: What is gestalt?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Nebu Khepri Ra-Atum, Karast Sa Iusaaset):

The whole is unique to the sum of all its elements. Through and through all manifestations is a substantial reality. In the Heliopolitan paradigm, ATUM is the substantial reality behind and under the manifestation of the Great Nine (Ennead). The word ATUM stems from the word TEM, which means ALL, complete, totality, etc. In religious doctrines, Atum is Adam, and in quantum physics, Atum is the Atom. These concepts are the three initiates (Atum, Adam, and Atom) of the plane of things, the substantial reality behind all the outward manifestations and appearances which is known under the ancient word NETERKHET (God Particle, Divine Matter).

Question: What is the God Particle?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Nebu Khepri Ra-Atum, Karast Sa Iusaaset):

The God Particle (Neterkhet) is a localized object to which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties such as volume, density, specific gravity, or mass on the plane of things. Nonetheless, this phenomenon of existence is spirit/breath and is a mental creation of The All having its existence in the infinite living mind of The All (Atum, Adam, Atom).

The Gods who appeared long ago fashioned Adam of the dust of Adamah and blew into its face (countenance) the wind and divine inspiration of Life and thus Adam became a Living thing, active with Mind, Will, Emotions, and Character (Genesis 2:7) - Calibrated by: Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King).

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