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Question: What is Logarithmic and Exponential Progression?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Nebu Khepri Ra-Atum, Karast Sa Iusaaset):

Logarithmic progression is the inverse operation of Exponential progression. A logarithm is a mathematical operation that determines how many times a number (base) is multiplied by itself to reach another number (base). For example, the number to base 9 of 387 420 489 is 9. Therefore, the numerical progression 387 420 489 equals 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 = 9^9 or nine to the ninth power. An exponent is a quantity that represents the power to which a given number (base) is to be raised. The Nubian Number, the Nubian Mind, nine to the ninth power of nine exemplifies exponentiation i.e., the power (sekhem) to raise a number or base from the horizontal to the vertical. The science to raise or uplift biological life forms through and through the Great Existence is called waban (wbn) and in tones wbnw (wabanoo). On planet Earth, this science came to you in the Message of NUWAUPU (9 x 13), the Science of Sound Right Reason, the effective spiritual science for Nuwaupians.

The opening and revealing of the equation nine to the ninth power of nine in the year of the nines (AD 1999) by the Nebu: Atun-Re, The Golden One of Atun-Re, the second point of light (Heru Neterkhet Sutukh El) sent a signal to the seats (axes) of power on planet Earth ushering in the paradigm shift, the revolution of science also known as the Dzhanibekov Effect. The Nubian Number, nine to the ninth power of nine is a decree (ME) of Divine Authority and the Law of the Great Peace (Ma'at).

Question: What is the relationship between PI and PHI?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Nebu Khepri Ra-Atum, Karast Sa Iusaaset):

PI and PHI describe mathematical values for expressing the natures of the circle and spiral respectively. The 78 numerical progression of the equation 9^9^9 represents the product of PI and PHI. For instance, by dividing the entire 78 digit sequence by an element of PHI (i.e., 5/8 or .625), the answer is a precise rational expression for PI (3.14603 x 10^77). Together, PI and PHI articulate the Dzhanibekov Effect in Space, Matter, and Time (SMAT).

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