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Question: Can you expound on the notion of "Revolution of Science"?

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet Sutukh El, Nebu Atun-Re, The Golden One of Atun-Re, True Human):

Science and religion are two sides of the same thing. By spinning a coin about its principle and most stable axis, one side will appear to spin clockwise; whereas, the obverse side will appear to spin anti-clockwise. This may appear to be a paradox at glance, but this presents evidence of confluence in consciousness. The relationship between the nature of religion and the nature of science brings to mind the question of whether both approaches to a comprehensive or apprehensive conception of the kosmos are in conflict or in accord. The etymology of the word religion can be traced to the Latin word religio (supernatural constraint), which ties into the Latin term religare (to restrain, to tie back). Etymologically, what we have is a restraining or confining force; similar to the clinging or pulling characteristic of the interactive forces known in nature. On the other hand, the word science comes from the Latin term scire (to know), which is akin to the Sanskrit term chayti (he cuts off) and the Latin term scindere (to split). So, what we have here are two words with contrary etymologies. In other words, religion wants to tie (bond); but science wants to cut (liberate). This may explain the subtle conflict between the nature of religion and the nature of science; especially when it comes to receiving a comprehensive and apprehensive worldview in a new environment. At times of revolution (procession and precession of mind), as one moves from a sphere that is limiting to one that is ever inspiring, he must be re-educated in the perceptions of the new environment (worldview). This explains why men guided by different paradigms lack common ground on which to make reasonable comparisons in exploration.

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