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Smile Modern african history:

Pants — Modern Suspenders Archia Ross 11/28/1899 638,068
These suspenders, called “trouser supports and stretchers,” included practical and stylish features such as metal clasps.
Pencil Sharpener John Love 11/23/1897 594,114
(The) “Real McCoy” Elijah McCoy 4/2/1843 Born
The term “The Real McCoy” is used to describe anything that is of excellent quality. People began using that term about 130 years ago in honor of one of the most talented and skillful inventors in American history, a man with more than 50 patents beginning in 1872. (Although his year of birth is often listed as 1843, it might be 1844. The exact year is unknown because his records, like the records of most Africans during that period, were often inaccurate because of the indifference of slave-holding and other racist whites.)
Refrigeration Transport System Frederick Jones 7/12/49 2,303,857
Although he patented it in 1949, he actually invented it in 1935.
Security System — Home Marie Brown 12/2/69 3,482,037
This home protection system was the first to include television and video surveillance.
Statue of Liberty — A Black Female 1875
French historian Edourd de Laboulaye, who was the chairman of the French Anti-Slavery Society, proposed to the French government that the people of France present to the people of United States, through the American Abolitionist Society, the gift of a Statue of Liberty (with construction beginning in 1875) in recognition of the abolition of American slavery and also therefore obviously in recognition of the major role played by the approximately 150,000 Black soldiers who helped abolish slavery by winning the Civil War. When the statue, sculpted by de Laboulaye’s close friend and fellow French Anti-Slavery Society member Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, was presented in 1884 to a U.S. official, its color was black and it had broken chains at the feet and left hand of the female-modeled sculpture. Later, the hand chain was removed. It must be noted that the original design of this statue was for a lighthouse project in Egypt (meaning Kemet) and it featured an Egyptian (meaning Kemetic) female with broken chains of slavery at her feet.
Thermostat and Temperature Control System Frederick Jones 2/23/60 2,926,005
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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