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Smile El Holy Qur'aan By Dr M.Z.York

Al Qur'aan 43 ; 1 - 3
Ha - Hakim ( Wisdom ) ; Miym - Muhammad ( Wisdom Of Muhammad ) And Swar By The Scriptures Which Makes Things Clear . Surely We Made It A Reading ( Qur'aan ) In The Arabic So Perhaps You Would Use Your Understanding . ( 1 - 3 ) ''

The previous quote from Al Qur'aan is put in the plural tense and it is not making a distinction between any group of people . The Scriptutes of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala were revealed for all men to take heed to . In this explanation of Qur'aan , you will be enlightened concerning the relationship between the Scriptures previous to Al Qur'aan ; The Injiyl of Jesus the Messiah ( Pbuh ) ( Evangel , Revelation ) , and the Torah ( 5 Books of Moses ) . You will discover that this is not just another scripture , but a confirmation of previous scriptures .

Al Qur'aam
Al Qur'aan is a literal revelation from Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala , dictated to The Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) through the Angel Gabriel ( SRA ) . It is perfect in every letter . Its miraculous quality lies partly in its style , so perfect that neither man nor jinn could produce a single chapter to compare with the briefest chapter of teaching or prophecies about the future . Qur'aan is the title given to the portion of Scriptures which was given to the Beloved Prophet - Apostle Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) . Al Qur'aan is recognized by all Muslims as the '' Last Testament '' of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala , revealed to the '' Seal of the Prophets '' The word Qur'aan is derived from the word '' Qarr'a , meaning '' He Read or Read '' . When the dual tense of Arabic language - Nuwn - Fat-hah = '' An '' os attacched to the end of a word it denotes ( Two ) .... Kitaab ( Scriptures ) -- Qalam ( Pen ) ....... Kitabaan ( 2 Scriptures ) --- Qalamaan ( 2 Pens ) .

The dual tense attached to the word '' Qara'A '' thus makes it Qur'aan . In essence , this means '' Two Reading '' . These two reading refer to Al Qur'aan on Earth , and Al Qur'aan Paradise . Al Qur'aan on Earth , is a recording in the heart of the Noble Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) . This divine inspiration was embedded into his heart , then related to his faithful Sahaban ( Companions ) who inscribed verses and recorded Al Qur'aan so the world would not fall short of the words of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala . Several years after the Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) passed to a higher life , these recording were correlated into one Scriprure . Al Qur'aan in Paradise , which resided with Al Khidr ( The Green One SRA ) was revealed to The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) by way of Angel Gabriel ( the Angel of Revelations , SRA ) The Angel Gabriel ( SRA ) came to him at Mount Hira in 610 A.C. On The 19th night of Ramadaan , know as Laylatu 'l Oadr ( the Night of Power ) . Upon receiving the first Revelation ; Suwratu'l Alaq ( Chapter of the Cells Separation ) the Angel Gabriel ( SRA ) said to him '' Iqraa ! ( Read ) . This proves . that something had to have been written preaviously in order for him to read it ( Al Qur'aan ) . Laylatu'l Qadr is the glorious night in which the heavens opened and the Angels and Ar Ruwhu ( the Soul , SRA ) descended from the gates of Paradise to Earth . The Angels came down to witness this final text that was sealed , the Criterion which would be necessary for man to make it to the other side . Today , the Qur'aan that we read has been altered in number and translation for the sole purpose of confusing and misleading all would - be Muslims . Thus , It is our job to bring Islaam back to its purest state . Al Qur'aan and the Scriptures which came before it , were revealed in the original tongue of Arabic not Hebrew or English as may believe .
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