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Default El Holy Qur'aan By Dr M.Z.York

Taa Marbuta / Yaa / Miyn / Siyn , Taa ,

These five letter are a reminder to the faithful that Suwratu'l Fatihah was the fifth revelation given to The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) he said . Begin All Things With The Illustrious Name Of Allah You Yielder , The Most Merciful .

The Angel Gabrail ( SRA ) told him to put the Tasmiyah in from of every surah ( degree, chapter ) because this was the seal , and it added and it added up to be Nineteen ( 19 ) letter.

In its original script , which was Kufic , Al Kuwfiy , '' Bismi Allah consisted of only Seven ( 7 ) letters which are the same number of of ayaat ( verses ) contained in this chapter Suwratu'l Fatihah - Chapter of the Opening ) , Suwratu'l Fatihah was originally revealed as Suwratu'l Hamd , Degree of the Gratitude , or Praise . The word '' Al Hamd '' , like Tasmiyah also consists of five letters . The revelation of Bismi Allahi was a sign of the next seven verses which were to come . Al Hamd consists of the following five letters ; 1 . Alif = A , 2 . Laam = L , 3 . Haa = H , 4 . Miym = M , 5 , Daal = D , Inclusive of the vowels , - Bismi Allahi consists of twelve letters and these twelve letters refer to the 12 A'immah who are under Melchizedek ( Al Khidr , SRA ) . begin with the Baa - B - the second letter of the Arabic alphabet . It is important to note that when you translate Baa - B - as '' In '' or With '' , without the understanding you mean '' By Way Of '' , then it is wrong !!! Baa - B - does not mean '' In '' for what we know '' In '' to mean .

It means '' By Revernce Of ; And By The Worship Of '' To utter the invocation '' In The Name Of Allah The Yielder , The Merciful '' is called the Basmalah . It is the actual performance of the act . Basmalah is the utterance of the above invocation itself . It has been said that the reason why the Tasmiyah begins with Baa - B - is because it was the first letter pronounced by the progeny of Adam ( Pbuh ) in the world of the Spirits on the day when Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala took a covenant with them saying , '' Am I Not Your Sustainer ? They replied ; '' Yea , Of Course .

Al Qur'aan 7 ; 172
'' And When Your Sustainer Took The Back Of The Son's Of Adam , Their Offspring , And Made Them To Bear Witness Against Their Own Spirit , Is It Not I , Your Sustainer ? They Said ; Of Course We Bear Witness . You Will Say On The Day Of Ressurrection , Surely We Were Unaware , ( 172 ) .

It is also said that the essential message of all the scriptures is gathered up in Al Qur'aan the essential message of Al Qur'aan is gathered up in its opening chapter , Faatihah ; the essential meaning of Faatihah is gathered up in the . and the essential meaning of the .. is gathered up in the ... and the essential meaning of the ... with me All that was and with me is all that will be '' Some take it further and say the essential meaning of ... is gathered up in its dot . and that point to the unity of '' Allah which is absence of any plurality .

Al Qur'aan 2 ; 163

He Except Creates Nothing One Creator Your Creator And

'' He Is The Creator Of All Of You And He Is Alone In That Right ? Nothing Else Created Anything Except Him ... ( 163 ) .
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