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Greetings and Great Peace to the people and the nations of the Earth!

The phrase HOLY BIBLE, when read in reverse, inscribes the phrase El BIB YLOH (al-bab ilah). Literally, this translates as “The Gate or Door of God.” The bible has a total of 66 books. The book is partitioned into old and new testaments. Currently, there are 39 books in the old-testament and 27 books in the new-testament. This division is in tune with the differential rotation of the Sun at the poles (39 days) and at the equator (27 days). Also, the numbers 39 and 27 are multiples of the number 13 and 9 accordingly. When these factors are multiplied, the result is 117. As I mentioned throughout the years the number 117 is the alphanumeric value for NUWAUPU and DIVINE LOVE. The value is also the product for the light-mass-energy equivalence relationship “Energy = MC^2,” when the letters M and C numerical positions in the Standard English alphabet are taken into thought. The Great Pyramid of Gizah, which is at the center of all land masses, has a perimeter of 3,024 feet and a height of 481 feet. Not only is the structure’s perimeter and height factors of 9 and 13 accordingly, but also their sums reflect the said factors (3+0+2+4 = 9; 4+8+1 = 13). When one ponders the bible once more, he or she will discover that the center chapter of the entire book is the 117th chapter of Psalms. At the heart of the bible is Sound Right Reason (Nuwaupu), Divine Love (Chesed), and positive energy of compassion (E = MC^2). In addition to being at the Heart of the bible, Psalms chapter 117 is the shortest. Here, one can read about how the people of planet Earth and all the Nations of the world can seek divine love, mercy, generosity, giving, and positive energy of compassion through YAHUWA. The fourth sephiroth of the tree of life, Chesed (grace), is inscribed and stationed at the very heart of the book. As we learned in nuwaubu, in the word Yahuwa is HUWA, which constitutes the word Love. Love is the message. Rise into Radiance (Wabanoo). Praises be to Anu.

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice

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