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Great Peace!

Can you elaborate a little further on Energy versus Existence?

Pa Neter Ra

Energy is the Static side of conservation principles. In Physics, Energy takes on a myriad of applications (e.g., chemical energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, thermal energy, radiant energy, et cetera). Energy is governed by the Law of Conservation. On the other hand, Existence is the Dynamic side of universal principles. In Nature, Existence takes on a myriad of expressions (e.g., bees, mountains, seas, people, animals, et cetera). Existence expresses the work of the Living Mind. The bridge between Energy and Existence is Beauty. Remember the saying, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line? Well, I am here to inform you that the shortest distance among all points is a circle or sphere. The Khufu pyramid encoded the arithmetic of 2PI (6.28 radians) relative to its structure’s height and base circumference. The ancient height of Khufu’s pyramid was 481 feet. This value is a multiple of the number 13. Moreover, the base length of Khufu’s pyramid is 756 Feet. This value is a multiple of the number 9. Once again, the arithmetical meme on the planet Earth is the pairing of the numerals 9 and 13 in cosmology, architecture, engineering, biology, history, et cetera.

What do mean by “arithmetical meme”?

Pa Neter Ra

Like cultural things that are communicated by repetition and replication in a manner comparable to the biological transmission of genes, the living mind replicates mathematics (arithmetical formuli) through and through the great existence. The word BEAUTY has the alpha-numeric sum of 74, which is a multiple of the number 37, which is a multiple of the original height of Khufu’s pyramid (481 Feet), which in turn is a multiple of the number thirteen (13 x 37 = 481). So, the height of Khufu’s pyramid is a harmonic of the word BEAUTY i.e. the bridge between the static (energy) and the dynamic (existence) principles of physics and nature respectively. The principle of thirteen levels (13 x 37 = 481) incorporated in the height and the principle of nine levels (9 x 84 = 756) manifested in the base of the Great Pyramid of Gizah expresses the work of the Living Mind, the Living Spirit, in a way to allow man to re-connect with existence.

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Beauty

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