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greetings to you Paa Neter Ra

Quick question to you.

Dr Malachi identified himself as a channel of ancient entities, spiritual masters and great teachers of times past as the source of the many levels of nuwaubu, sound right reasoning. Yet without spookism the conditions conducive to the burning called life in the physical body must be in place in order that a being can be conscious of his environment. Therefore all the necessary components of his anatomy must be in place and in proper working condition to do the work of Re-former. In order for a man to achieve the gold of master scribe and sit in the seat as Tehuti; researching, gathering and compiling so much "complex" levels of information then condensing it in such a seemingly simple form, his brain must be working at an optimum level in order to accomplish such task. Along with the other works that accompanied each school. His neurons would have to be firing off at speeds beyond that of light called living mind.

Paa Neter Ra have you reached the level of living mind? What substances and materials ingested would support a brain functioning at this capacity? Are you vegetarian, vegan, meat eater or a combination of all?

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