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The color “Black” alluded to a specific caste (race) in ancient Hindu society. Etymologically, the word CASTE comes from the Spanish/Portuguese word CASTA, which means RACE. According to the Manu Smriti (the Laws of Manu) it clearly recognizes four classes of people: (a) Brahmanas, (b) Kshatriyas, (c) Vaisyas, and (d) Sudras. Each of the four castes played its role in the preservation of natural order (dharma) in society. First, the Brahmanian caste was associated with the color white and its order was attributed to priests and scholars. Second, the Kshatriyan caste was associated with red and its order was attributed to warriors and kings. Third, the Vaisyan caste was associated with yellow and its order was attributed with merchants and landowners. And finally, the Sudran caste was associated with the color black and its order was attributed to artisans, laborers, and servants. At the outset, the arrangement of the ancient Hindu caste system appeared to be socioeconomically motivated rather than on the degree of one’s skin color in society. Contemporarily speaking, two of the castes (races) i.e. Black and White can be found in the U.S. Department of Education’s new definitions for race and ethnicity. One learns that the race and ethnicity categories do not signify scientific definitions of anthropological origins. The terms, however, are used to classify U.S. Citizens, resident aliens, and other eligible non-citizens. Recall, those people of African descent, living in the Western hemisphere, are classified as non-citizens per 13th Amendment with 20 sections (Article 13- section 12) and the Dredd Scott decision of AD 1857.

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