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What role(s) had Man and Woman (Adam and Eve) played in the account of life on planet Earth?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re):

The so named Adam and Eve of the scriptures had collectively become soothsayers, diviners, fortunetellers, and seers. Further scrutiny of the word NAKED, reveals that it is a translation of the Aramaic-Hebrew word ‘eyrom. This word comes from the primitive root word ‘aram, which carries the significance “to be subtil.” Both terms begin with the letter ‘AYIN, which means “eye”, “to see”, and via extension “primeval light.” Adam and Eve had become like the serpent (Nakhash, Nagas, Nicoh) who was more subtil than any living thing in the garden of Eden. Thereby they (Adam and Eve) made themselves APRONS as adepts in the garden. The apron is a symbol of the Master Mason. The eye on the apron represents the ancient pictograph of the letter ‘aiyn. Moreover, the letter ‘aiyn is a silent letter that sees but does not speak. ‘Aiyn is often described as having two eyes that connect to a joint optic nerve that tethers to the seat of the intellect called the Brain. These two eyes govern volition or the actions (good and evil) of the will. Life is full of paradoxes (dualities). For instance, a spinning wheel is seen spinning counterclockwise in one frame of reference, whereas in another frame of reference 180 degrees to the other plane, the same wheel is seen spinning in a clockwise motion. In another take, one can choose to see the glass of water as half-full or half-empty. When you see the illuminated eye over the unfinished pyramid are you looking at the good eye or evil eye of volition?

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