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Are you saying that Fact and Truth are not the same?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re):

FACT is an actual mental/physical occurrence in the mind of the All. All is mental (abstract) and each has a mind, which is the ability to Will. By his Will, Ptah (pth) thought the world into existence. The world was first formulated by the thought and fulfilled by the Word. The harmony or agreement of thought and reality renders Truth. In al-Islam (e.g., Sufism) the most advanced station of knowledge builds upon the transcendent nature of knowledge. The summit of mindfulness is called the “Truth of Certainty” (haqq al-yaqin, Quraan 69:51). In Nuwaupu (13 x 9), this splendid station of consciousness is known as: “Right Over-standing.” Moreover, “Truth of Certainty” is also referred to as “Knowledge by Presence.” This type of knowledge partakes openly of the ultimate reality and crosses over ('ibree) the bio-synaptic interfaces of the nervous system of the human mind; thereby one transcends both cognitive reasoning and intellectual insight concurrently. In Nuwaupu or Nuwau-Bu, “knowledge by presence” is liken to the EXPERIENCE TEST, which is not practical for all knowledge.

Why is the EXPERIENCE TEST not practical for all knowledge?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re):

The “Truth of Certainty” is “Knowledge by Presence ('ilm landunni, Quraan 18:65).” It is a special type of knowledge or certainty that partakes directly of the ultimate reality by crossing over ('ibree) the synapses of the nervous system, which makes up the human mind on the physical plane (naasuwt). As one participates directly in the ultimate reality, both cognitive reasoning and intellectual insight are rendered impractical; and thus there is no need to resort to logical proofs. However, we know that Nuwaupu or Nuwau-Bu is the science of Experience, Evidence, and Reason for nine ether is the power of the faculty of the mind called Sound Right Reason.

How can the Truth Seeker attain “knowledge by presence”?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re):

One must learn to defy logic (gravity). Lets take fire as a symbol of truth and pose the quest-ion: How would one know what fire is, if he or she has not been consumed by it? Refer to the book of Matthew chapter 3 verse 11. In ancient Tamare, Kemet, Mistrayim, Cush, etc., the means to defy gravity or logic was known as wbn or wbnw (wabanoo) i.e. “to rise in radiance.” In the western hemisphere, this ancient science is called Noo Wa Ba or Nuwau-Bu, Nuwaupu, Wu-Nuwaupu, etc. For as the flash of lightning came out of the east, and shines even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be (Matt. 24:27).

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