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You mentioned being consumed by fire. Is that literal?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re):

The book of John chapter 1 verse 9 reveals that there is a True Fire (True Light) that illuminates each man that enters the world. In each instant in a man’s life on planet Earth (eridu), he is being consumed by this sacred truth whether he is cognizant of it or not. Fire is the element of the Manipura (Solar Plexus). Manipura literally means city of gemstones (i.e., the crystal city). Manipura in classical tantra is associated with the color of the gemstone sapphire. In addition, Manipura is the golden section of the human body where which some refer to as the Center of Gravity. PTAH (pth|htp) stands on Justice and clenches a scepter or staff at the solar plexus region of the human body that bears the unified symbols for life, stability, and power. As I had mentioned previously, the solar plexus (manipura) is the golden section of the human body.

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