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You mentioned that NUWAUPU equals 13 x 9, what does that mean?

“After 13 heavens of waning choice and 9 hells of waxing doom the tree of life shall bloom with a fruit never known in creation; and that fruit shall be the new life-force of humanity”—People of the Cloud.

The numerals 13 and 9 are rife in the ancient Meso-American worldview (Kosmos). Your Holy Bible has these numerals embedded into its very composition mathematically. For instance, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. In days, each testament reflects the differential spin of the Sun of Justice at the poles (39 days) and the equator (27 days). The values are multiples of the number three and thus we can factor out the number three which then leaves 13 and 9 as numerical remainders. This is what I refer to as the “biblical sun code.” Moreover, the equation 9^9^9, the Nubian Number, the Nubian Mind, was solved in AD 1999 and was revealed in AD 2000 by Nebu: Atun-Re as the second point of light. The equation carried a center seeking mean value of 193 and a total sum of 342. Their first order sums are 13 and 9 respectively. As one can see, the numerals 13 and 9 are the common gnosis through these systems (i.e., 9^9^9, Sun of Justice, the Holy Bible, and Prophecy).

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