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Great Peace!

Can you further expound on the concept “defy gravity”?

Pa Neter Ra (Khonsu Hotep)

Classically, gravity is a force. The acceleration of a falling body due to gravity is 9.81 meters per second per second or 32.4 feet per second per second. The acceleration due to gravity at the poles, at the equator, and all points in between varies slightly. For example, the force of gravity at the poles of the Earth is slightly greater than the force of gravity at the equator. Relativistically speaking, however, gravity is a curvature (warp) of space, matter, and time (SMAT), rather than a force. The Great Pyramid of Gizah, geometrically and structurally demonstrates both classical and relativistic ideologies of gravity as a process of renewal. The chief cornerstone of all pyramidal structures is the summit stone, known in metu neter as bannoo (bnnw). This concept is related to waban (wbn) or wabanoo (wbnw) i.e., to rise in radiance, “defy gravity (logic).” The various schools of Nuwaubu can be liken to stages of gravity (logic). For example, the school of Islamism was a doctrine of logic (gravity). The school of Christism was a doctrine of logic (gravity). The school of Judaism (Islamic-Hebrew) was a doctrine of logic (gravity). The school of sumerianism was a doctrine of logic (gravity). Egyptology is also a doctrine of logic (gravity). Many of us have gone through these schools and many more. However, many of our fellow man and woman became enchanted by these doctrines and thus were locked in their gravitational (logical) fields. Yaanuwn, the 19th of the twenty and four elders is the master teacher of the school of the bird. It is the lesson of the bannu, the soaring radiant ones (wabanoo, Nuwaubians). May Yaanuwn, the perpetual one, be with us now!

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