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Question: How is the structure of the Holy Bible related to the differential rotation of the Sun?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Sa Ra, Son of the Sun):

First, the Holy Bible contains two components: (a) Old Testament and (b) New Testament. The Old Testament contains 39 books and the New Testament contains 27 books. This composition alludes to the differential rotation of the Sun (Shemesh). Second, the gasses and plasma (9 ether) near the Sun’s equator rotate around the sun’s axis every 27 days. As one observes movement towards the sun’s poles, the rotation speed is slower and therefore near the north and south poles, the gasses and plasma of the sun rotates once every 39 days. Hence, the ratio or solar pitch of the Sun and the testaments of the Holy Bible are tuned to 39:27, which can be reduced to the ratio 13:9. Once again the numbers 13 and 9 are components of the arithmetic and assures proof of the ancient worldview of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, the Ancient Ones. The differential rotation (13:9 or 9:13) of the Sun is a twisting or braiding dynamic that governs the braiding of DNA. The phrase HOLY BIBLE when mirrored in the consciousness of a living mind renders the idea EL BIB YLOH or EL BIB ELOH (The Gate of Strength). The word ELOH or ILAH comes from the unused root word UWL, which means to twist or to braid. This implies strength, power, might, etc. These implications are what mortals refer to as God or in tones Gods. All praises be to ANU and on Earth El Eloh whom is known by many different titles, the best of which to you is ALLAH. Neter Aa!

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