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Arrow Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )

Ques ; What Exactly Is Nibiru ?
Ans ; Nibiru means '' Planet Of The Crossing '' or Planet That Crosses The Skies '' . The word Nibiru comes from The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) root word Nabara . Which means '' To Raise , Elevate , To Go '' It is a derivative of The Aramic ( Hebrew ) word Nabresh . Which means '' To Give Light , To Shine , '' Nibiru Is A Craft That Is A Motherplane , And a movable throne called Markabah ( El's Holy Tehillim ( Zabuwr ) Psalms 118 ; 5 ) . When you look into the word you see 'Mer ' Which is The Kemet way of saying Pyramid , And Ka'aba , The Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) word for Cube . So there is an attempt to describe a cubed shape object that is a Tetrahedron as A Pyramid Moving Across The Skies . Today its being cited in the vicinity of Hale - Bopp . It is 3 Times The Size Of The Planet Earth . Thus , Making it too large to come into the earth atmosphere . Today . It would be explained as '' A Shuttle That Is Self - Sustaining And Life Supporting ''. The Crystal City comes from Nibiru , Which is spoken about in Revelation 3 ; 12 And 21 ; 2 Called the '' New Jerusalem '' or The Kingdom Of The Most High , As it is referred to in Biblical Terminology . From The Crystal City comes smaller passenger craft called Shams , Some call them Shen . Shams Means '' Up There '' . On June 26 , 2003 A.D. Nibiru will be entering near the asteroid belt on its normal route of 25,920 years which The Elders Call Aam .

Nibiru is something That Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re has been telling us for over 20 Years . When he first mentioned Motherships and Crafts , As usual everyone thought he was a Nut . However , Now NASA ( National Aeronautics And Space Adminstration ) Scientists are saying that there are more Than 9 Planet and with the use of Time Machines . They can travel to other part of The Universe . It's No Coinidence that soon after he first spoke about A Planet Ship Called Nibiru , There were finding all over The Media of how Satellites are picking up Radar Signals from something that is The Size Of Jupiter coming into The Earth's Atmosphere . This information was broadcasted on The Sci - Fi Channel ( Science Fiction ) During 1995 A.D. And is referred to as Rylo 7 By Some Scientists . The most recent discovery is the sighting of two New Planets . That sustains life and is 40 Light Years Away . Which is close according to Space Time . One of The Planets Is Located Orbiting The Stars 70 Virginis , In The Virgo Constellation and the other 47 Ursae Majoris . A Star Within The Big Dipper . Each of The Planets , As Scientists are calling them . Are about The Size Of The Sun . They know that it is Too Large to enter The Earth Atmosphere , Sounds Familiar ??? And it doesn't stop there .

There is an Article taken from the '' Sun '' , February 20 , 1996 A.D. Issue , Page 20 - 21 , Written by Sam Martin World To End In Year 2000 ! And it states ; NASA Scientists' Secret Plan To Intercept Rogue Star With Missiles From Moon Base '' An Outer Space Traffic Accident Is Threatening To Destroy The Earth When A '' Rogue Star '' Sidewipes Us Within The Year 2000... '' It Will Not Actually Hit Us , But Will Come Close Enough To Pull Our Planet Out Of Orbit And Send Us Hurtling Toward The Sun , '' Top U.S. Astrophysicist Rodney Meltons Disclosed To The Sun . Evidence Backing The Prophecy Is So Impressive That World Government Have Been Secretly Working With The White House And A Special Task Force Of Elite NASA Scientists To Deflect The Runaway Star , Which Has Been Code - Named Wormwood , As Mentioned In Revelation In The New Testament . ....

But , Despite The Urgency , World Leaders Have Tried To Keep The Project Top - Secret For Fear Of Causing An International Panic . American , German , Russian And British Scientists Located Wormwood In The Oort Cloud At The Edge Of Our Solar System , In The Black Vastness Of Space Beyond Pluto . And Have Been Tracking It For The Past Four Years . Wormwood Is About Five Times Larger Than Earth And Will Pass Within 25 Million Miles . Or About Half The Distance Between Earth And Mars .... '' It Will Appear As Large As The Full Moon Even From That Distance , '' Says Dr . Melton . '' It Will Also Cause Hell On Earth . '' The Gravitational Pull Alone Will Cause Incredible Storms , Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions , He Predicts . Depending On The Actual Heat Emanating From The Star - Which Is Quite Small As Stars Go - The Ice Caps . Oceans , Seas And Rivers Will Turn To Steam . Finally . The Earth Will Be Ripped Out Of Its Orbit Around The Sun And Either Hurled Into The Sun Itself Or Into Outer Space . '' Of Course , By That Time There Won't Be A Living Thing On The Planet .... American And Russion Military Scientists Are Working Desperately To Build An Arsenal Of Monster Nuclear Missiles In Hopes Of Blasting Wormwood Away From Us And Back Into Outer Space ... '' Computer Calculation Confirm That The Runaway Star Is Currently Destined To Enter The Solar System Just About The Turn Of The Century .
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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