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Arrow Great Balls Of Fire Cast At The Earth Scroll #192 ( M.Z.York )

Ques ; What Is The Comet Hale - Bopp ?
Ans ; Comet Hale - Bopp Was Discovered By Two Astronomers Name Alan Hale And Thomas Bopp In The Summer Of 1995 A.D. One Thing Different About This Comet Was It Was Seen More Or Less 20 Months Prior To Its Closest Approach To The Earth And Sun . When It Usually Takes 3 Or 4 Months For This Comet To Be Spotted . According To The Astronomers , The Comet Is No Danger To The Earth . Certain Information Was Not Released About The Bright Light That Is Next To The Comet , Which Was Cited On November , 1996 A.D. And Officials Did Not Make Public , Such As ; When The Comet Was Still As Far Away As Halley's Comet , It Was 1000 Times Brighter ! *The Comet Was First Seen When Its Distance From The Sun Was Much Too Great For The Gaseous Coma Of The Comet To Form . Yet It Had A Huge Coma Larger In Diameter Than The Sun ! *Observations By The Hubble Space Telescope And Other Powerful Ground Based Scopes Revealed '' Unusual '' Details - Chunks Breaking Off From The Comet And No Natural Reason For This To Happen , Since The Comet Was Too Far Away From The Sun For Gravity Or Thermal Effects To Do This . *The Orbit Of The Comet Is Very Strange , As If Some Intelligence Had Engineered A Comet To Get Our Attention ! These Are Comments Made By Astronomers About This '' Unusual '' Object . This Object That They Are Talking About Is Nibiru , Which Was Made Known Many , Many Years Ago By Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re . The Comet Itself Is Not Nibiru . Nibiru Is Right Next To This Comet As Seen On The Following Page . There Is An Entire Book About This Comet By Alan Hale Entitled ; '' Everybody's Comet '' .

Ques ; Is Nibiru The Same Craft That Was Prophesied To Come In Different Countries ?
Ans ; Yes . Different Cultures Speak Of A Craft That Is Coming Such As The Dogons Of Mali , Africa . To The Greeks It Was Known As Typhon , The Mayans Called It Quetzalcoat , The Phoenicians Referred To It As The Great Phoenix , The Chinese Referred To It As The Great Red Sea And The Tama - Reans Referred To It As Afif ( Apep ) Or Seth . The Nation Of Islam Call It The Motherplane . The Christian Call It The Holy City - The New Jerusalem That Is Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven . To The Sumerians It Was Called Nibiru . The Sumerians Were The Group Of People That The Neteru Taught When They Crashed Down To The Planet Tiamat ( Earth ) Off The Shores Of What Is Now Called The Persian Gulf .

Ques ; Why Is It That Even Though Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Has Been Talking About Nibiru , Ufo's , The Neteru , Extraterrestrials For Years , It Is Now That People , Newspapers , Magazines , T.V. Shows , Etc , Are Revealing Their Experiences And Cover - Ups ?
Ans ; Because The Time Is Now ! People Who Don't Believe In Religious Prophecies Know That Something Is Going To Happen . We Have Been Told Over And Over Again By Neter ; A'aferti Atum -Re That He's No ; Talking About Some Mythological Rapture , Where Jesus Will Be Floating On Clouds As Taught In Christianity ; Or Islam / Muhammad Riding One Some White Donkey Called The Buraaq As Taught In Islam . He's Talking About An Earth Problem Where Different Beings And Forces From The Inside And Outside Of The Planet Earth Are Going To Cause Devastating Changes In This World As We Know It . Now That It Is Time , Information Is Coming From Everywhere Everything Is Information . According To The American Heritage Dictionary , Information Is Defined As ; In - For - Ma - Tion ( In 'Far ' Ma ' Shen ) N . Abbr . Inf . 1 . Knowledge Derived From Study , Experience , Or Instruction . 2 . Knowldge Of A Specific Event Or Situation ; Intelligence . See Synonyms At Knowldge . 3 . A Collection Of Facts Or Data ; 4 . The Act Of Informing Or The Condition Of Being Informed ; Communication Of Knowldge ; 5 . Computer Science . A Nonaccidental Signal Or Character Used As An Input To A Computer Or Communications System . 6 . A Numerical Measure Of The Uncertainty Of An Experimental Outcome . 7 . Law , A Formal Accusation Of A Crime Made By A Public Officer Rather Than By Grand Jury Indictment . - - In 'For ' Ma ' Tion - Al adj .

You Can Look Around And That Very Word Inform Is The Root Of The Word In - Form - Ation ( Information ) , Which Is This Era We Are In Now , Called The Information Age , Principalites In High Places Try To Call It The New Age . See , Anytime We Nuwaubians Say Something , They Call It The New Age ; However . It's The Information Age . The Computer Is The Information . If You Are On The Internet , You Are Being Informed . When They Do Something With Computers They Call It Information . However , Computers Are New Age , Because They Were Not Created Until 1943 A.D., So It's New Age , Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re In His Modest Way Of Informing Us Has Said That His Job Is To Get Us In Formation , Or In Format .

He Came In Order To Inform Us , In Order To Re -Form Us , Which Is Who He Is , The Reformer , And What He Has Always Claimed To Be ( Refer To Scroll #153 , Entitled ; Does Dr Malachi Z . York Try To Hide The Fact That He Is Imaam Isa ? ) . You See , We Have To Be Informed In Order To Be Reformed , Because The Information Is The Reformation Of Our Transformation . There Are So Many Things That Our People Don't Know About Because They Don't Read . This Is Why Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Writes Books , In Order To Make Nuwaubians Read And Educate Themselves . Our Miracle Is That Our Organization Has The Ability To Make Our People Read , And With Right Knowldge You Will Be Able To Decipher The Truth From The Falsehood When Someone Confronts You About Anything .

'' Now '' Is An Actual Event Of Removing The Spell Of Sleep , And From That Point In Time On Became '' Now '' ; Or Now Is The Time For All Good People To Come . '' Now '' Does Not Refer Simply To Living In The Present Days And Times , Although That Is Strongly Recommended . When The Dimensional Shift Occurred , Time Began Collapsing To Create A New Dimensional Shift . Space Is Collapsing To Create A New Dimensional Time , So Beings From Another Dimension Can Come Through Clouds , To This 3 Dimensional World . Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Came From A 9 Dimensional World . In Other Words , The Time And Space Relationship Is Linked To Human And Earth's Bio - Rhythm , And Determines How Many Dimensions For Which World ; In Our Cases A Third - Dimensional Reality Is For Grabs .

'' Now '' Does Not Just Refer To Living In The Present Moment . Although That Is Also A Reality . Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re Was Talking About A Time Warp . It's Really Truly Occurring And Has Been Accelerating Since 1970 A.D. Until '' Now '' Has Fully Reached , Which Is August 12 , 2003 A.D. When The Vortex Will Open Once Again . When He States , '' The Time Is Now '' They Are Reminding Us Of Our Genetic Agreement , As Well As Being Literal . Genetic Shift Is Taking Place . Children Are Being Born With The Barathary Gland And Even Some Adults Are Waking Up With It Re - Implaneted . Even Though We Have Lived Through Many '' Nows '' , The Degree Of Our Awakenings Is In Direct Relation To The Degree Of '' Now '' That We Are Experiencing Because A'aferti Atum - Re Is Here With Us '' Now '' , And That Determines The Awakening . ( Refer To Scroll #80 Entitled ; '' Man From Planet Rizq '' ) .

Great Balls Of
Fire Cast
At The Earth
Scroll # 192
Authored By Kefa - Sen Hotep
Student Of Neter ; A'aferti Arum - Re
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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