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Post El's Holy Injiyl ~ The Book Of Revelation

Verse Twelve

So, for the sake of this truth be very happy, all seven of the Galactic Orion skies, consisting of three realms, Naasuwt, Malakuwt, Laahuwt including physical and spiritual planes up to Illyuwn the 19th galaxy; those messengers who dwell in it for their sake be happy. Plague is for the planet Earth and the sea because of Ibliys, the rebellious one who came down upon you all now on earth and is the reason for all the turmoil that exists here now; and for him, his seed who are in the physical form walking to and fro, living on the earth, there is a great wrath, a physical curse of leprosy, that are lesions on the skin, infectious and not curable, placed on the genes of the cursed seed, descendents of Libana, (Canaan), the first Albino. He will not even be able to live under the sun, that’s the reason so many are getting melanoma, skin cancer from the rays of the sun; because he has knowledge that a little time remains for him. The Evil One Haylal, Shakhar was granted respite until the end of time so he could prove man’s unworthiness of the favor of The Most High; The power to rule over man was for 6,000 years starting with the birth of Canaan which is the physical manifestation of the Devil, Ha Satan, Shaytaan that occurred 4,004 B.C. plus 2,000 A.D., which is the point we have almost reached now, meaning his reign is almost up. The end of the Devil’s reign started June 6, 1996 A.D.

Verse Thirteen

So, when the Reptilian Zuen saw that he, himself was cast down to Planet Earth, he persecuted the confidante wife, Hadrat Faatimah, who was a symbol of purity and righteousness who gave birth to that male child. It is the woman who gives birth to the righteous Nubian seed and to the descendency line of the many prophets and guides from which, the Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad, son of Abdullah, was born. He was born 150 years ago, a very spiritual being, who authored the prayer book called the Raatib. In it there is the strength to bind hearts, m9s and communities. The Raatib is an expression of the Mahdi’s feelings about The Most High and the gratitude and respect for mother nature and an apology for abusing her, with the warning for human beings to stop or mother nature would take revenge as she is doing today with her hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes in additionto those that aren’t artificially made by man.

Verse Fourteen

So, the wife, Hadrat Faatimah and her way of peace, Al Islaam, which is what is called that “old time religion” the rites of Abraham. She was given two wings of a great eagle, the United States for protection by Eloheem, Anunnaqi, so that she, her seed, the Nubians in all nations, could fly into the wilderness of North America to a place where she is sustained, New York. The same trials and tribulations of fleeing that the Children Of Israel went through while fleeing from Egypt, that Mary the mother of Yashua went through, and Hadrat Faatimah and her children, all were fleeing from the Devil is the same with the righteous of today; and the Most High will protect them for a time and two times and a half a time, to hide from the face of the snake, that serpent that deceived Hawwah (Eve) and Qadmon (Zakar, Adam) in the Enclosed of Garden of Delight, eastward in Eden.
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