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Post El's Holy Injiyl ~ The Book Of Revelation

Verse Fifteen

And the snake spat out his mouth water as a flood, the news media will paint an ugly picture of Al Islaam, The Peace. The peace makers are seen as terrorists, and inhumane killers; when it is actually Shakhar, Tarnush, Ha Satan is causing chaos. This flood sent out after the confidante wife, tabernacle, so that he will cause her to be carried away by the flood, through his web of lies, the Evil One will try to chase the purified ones Al Mukhlasiyna away.

Verse Sixteen

And the Planet Earth, the people helped the wife, Tabernacle of The Most High and the Planet Earth, the people, opened up its mouth, spoke on our behalf and swallowed up the flood, by putting a stop to the lies and slander, which the serpent, Reptilian, Shaytaan, khannaas threw out from his mouth.

Verse Seventeen

And the Reptilian and his children, black and white devils were angry with the wife, woman the tabernacle of The Most High and he went to make a fight to the death, by eliminating as many Nubians from the planet as possible in forms such as genocide, birth control, abortion, biological warfare, drugs, and guns, etc., along with the rest of her seed, which stems from the enmity that started from the fall of man and the serpent in the garden, and because of their sin the Yahweh of the Eloheem who was Kalka’el, also known as Rudwaan and Uri’el, said he would put enmity between thy seed and her seed.

This lets you know the Evil One actually has a physical seed. Only those who keep all the commandments of El Eloh, Anu and bear witness or proclaim faith in the Messiah Yashua, who are a willing sacrifice, will be worthy to be taken up, and will become sons of El Eloh, those that will not suffer the plagues poured out by the Anunnaqi Eloheem of a command from the Most High who is called Thehos, Anu, El Eloh, or Eli ,

Translated By
Dr. Malachi Z . York
For H . T . M
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

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