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Post Brothers in Arms - Where is the Love?

The Black Man has fallen from the loftiest heights in the galaxy. Proud, responsible, able, protective, divine guided, loving, caring, devoted, honest, truthful, trustworthy, mighty, strong, skilled, educated, spiritual Nubian Man. What has happened to us?

A chance encounter with the beautiful Gods of Earth and we were hooked!

A massive establishment of cultures and societies. Author of many schools of thoughts and builder of many monuments. The Nubian Man was indeed the cream of the crop.

So how can one so prominent fall so far from his position of greatness?

One can scream CONSPIRACY until their face turns blue but amidst all the conspiracy theories and accusations, the fact still remains that the Nubian man was a giant amongst mortals and if conspiracy was the issue, the perpetrators must have been something serious!

Instead of dealing with the "what happened's" and "why it happened's", I want to deal with the path of return. How do we become those spiritual and mental giants that we were once in ourstory again? How do we reverse the spiritual, social, genetic and cultural spell of sleep that has been perpetuated on us by most of the other denizens of this planet? How do we return to that lofty height again?

Spiritually -
We must become responsible for not only our individual spirituality but for the spirituality of our families and our communities and our race in general. Spirituality doesn't mean belief or religious structures but our connection with our ancestoral energies and the universal forces that we know exist. We can pull from religious doctrines but we can't become controlled by a man-made concept that was only created to keep a GOD being from being a GOD.

Socially -
We must realize and overstand that everything we do has an effect on the social structure of the Nubian. We are watched by every culture on the planet and they have patterned themselves after the best of us while at the same time creating concepts for us to fall into that only promotes the worst in us. We must overstand what the concept of protecting our families truly means and begin to build and re-establish the social structure necessary to rescue our women and children from the grasp of a society that works daily to destroy the essence of the Nubian.

Culturally -
We must let go of all things that don't represent us culturally and create an environment where our children can feel comfortable being proud of who they are and practicing the cultural instances of our ancestors. We must educate ourselves about ALL of our cultural concepts so that we can stop fighting and arguing amongst each other as to whose culture is right and whose culture isn't.

Genetically -
We must learn to accept the Nubian as the beautiful beings that we are again. We must stop making excuses as to why we "step away" from our Nubian sisters and through the strengthening of our social, cultural and spiritual selves, begin to show our women that we do acknowledge their greatness and we work to illuminate that greatness. We must strengthen our genetic seed so that we can be biologically in tune with all that is Nature. Nature is our ancestor which is why from Nature you get Neter or Nazdir or NTR.

Mathematically -
All the solutions to our problems are likened to mathematical equations that are missing exponents and variables. When we insert the missing factors, the equation is not able to be solved. Mathematics is universal and everything has a mathematical formula. Our plight as Nubians is a formula that needs to be learned, reversed and re-applied so that the agreeable result is acquired for our legacy, for our future. 1 + 1 = 2 or 11.

Make no mistake, the genetic potential of the Nubian man is still legendary. We just need to be reminded on a daily basis. If all I see in my environment tells me that I am royalty, then my thoughts and eventually my actions will echo the thoughts and actions of royalty.

Build for the children...
"He who hasn't carried your burden, doesn't know what it weighs."
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