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Question: Is NUWAUPU a new idea or new concept?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light, Wadji):

As a point of reference in Earth’s history, NUWAUPU existed before the great deluge. NUWAUPU is the archetype of science and mathematics that had generated archetypal forms or shapes. A form or shape is an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Moreover, shapes or forms are products of vibrational phenomena that have given rise to holistic archetypes in human memory as ATUM (The All), ATOM (Integrated thought), and ADAM (true man), which in turn became the germs, seeds, or sparks of sentient beings (Nuwaupians). The word NUWAUPU has a numerical overtone value of 117, which yields the product 9 x 13. The integers 9 and 13 are the rudiments inherent in the cycles of space, matter, and time (SMAT).

Question: In what way are the numerals 9 and 13 rudimentary integers of the cycles of SMAT?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light, Wadji):

As ratios, the fractions 9/13 and 13/9 oscillate through all things and produce mathematically the complementary forces in the natural world known as Yin and Yang. The cycles of precession and the cycles of NIBIRU (NEBU RA) governs the cycles of change or renewal.

The Great cycle of 5200 years (1/5 of precession) coupled with the Shar of 3600 years produces the resonant pulse/frequency in and about your earth-solar system:

5200:3600 = 13:9 = 1.44 (Yang).
3600:5200 = 9:13 = .692307 (Yin).

The above is the universal life force in mathematics, the energy grid, the pulse of the universe, Prana (Constant Movement). Yaa Qawiyyu, Yaa 'Alyun!

In Love, Peace, and Friendship

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