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Question: What is Shekhinah?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun, 11th Elder, Enoch):

Simply, shekhinah is the divine feminine, the majestic presence or expression of God whom has appeared to "dwell" amongst the people. The word “shekhinah” comes from the root word shekan, which means “cause to dwell” or “have habitation (H7931).” The Aramaic-Hebrew word “Mishkan” means “Tabernacle,” which is a derivative of the same root word shekan. In the western hemisphere, people of such dwelling place or tribal habitation are called The People of the Longhouse. The social structure (government) of such dwelling place is solely reliant on the women of the tribe/clan, whom are custodians (caretakers) of the Great Peace.

Question: What is the social structure (government) of the People of the Longhouse?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun, 11th Elder, Enoch):

It is the good news of Peace, Friendship, Unity, and Power. It is the Law of the Great Peace, which has three scientific-spiritual components: (a) Sound, (b) Right and (c) Reason. It became the Great Law, the New Mind that has replaced the bravado of violence, perpetual war, and vengeance amongst the people (nabe) on Turtle Island. Government signifies the helm, which is an instrument used to direct a vessel with a wheel that controls the rudder. The helm signifies the Dharma chakra and the Dingir.

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has made herself ready. – The Apocalypse 19:7.

Yaa Rabb, Yaa 'Alyun!

In Peace, Friendship, Unity, and Power

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