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Question: Are the three principles that make up the Law of the Great Peace the same in the Science of Nuwaubu?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun, 11th Elder, Enoch):

As Nuwaubians the world have learned over the space of an half hour, Nuwaubu is the Science of Sound Right Reason. It is the effective spiritual science for inspiring and uplifting the minds of the so-called Negro, black people, coloreds whom in law are civiliter mortuus (i.e., dead in the eyes of law); and according to science black means death. On the other hand, the word NUWAUBU comes from the medu neteru verb wbn (waban) or wbnw (wabanoo), which means to “rise in radiance (light).” This is the other side of Nuwaubu. In the west (Amenti), Turtle Island, Waban mean WHITE. Wabanaki means “people of the first light” or simply “white people.” This attribute is not relaying the notion of skin complexion but rather exemplifies the people's/tribe's/clan's status par excellence on the planet Earth (The Land). We were taught that White means purity, purity means God, and God means ruler of the Land. A nation that is unpure, a nation void of God, a nation void of Land, by default, is a nation of serfdom ruled by tyrants. The Feathered Serpent, Quetzal-Coatl, Kukul-Kan, Tepeu-Gucumatz, has landed.

Yaa Latuf, Yaa 'Alyun!

In Peace, Friendship, Unity, and Power

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