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Question: What is the path of the Soul?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light):

The path of the Soul is the path of life. The path of life is serpentine and/or helical in quality. This characteristic is the ideal path of life. Recall that the divinely prepared text known as the Circle Seven has 48 chapters. Mathematically, a 48-day period divided by a 30-day period renders a phase in the Fibonacci sequence. The ratio 48:30 or 30:48 generates PHI and inverse PHI respectively i.e., the Golden Spiral/Helix.
  • 48:30 = 8:5 = 1.6
  • 30:48 = 5:8 = .625
Geometrically, the golden ratio is the dynamic curvature for the building blocks (rectangles and squares) of life. Thy Kingdom come thy shall be done on Earth as it is in the skies.

In Freedom, Justice, and Equality

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